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The angel of the Lord Yoshinobu Namihira MD FACG 3000 Halls Ferry road Vicksburg MS 39180 Ph 601 638 9800,fax 601 638 9808

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1 The angel of the Lord Yoshinobu Namihira MD FACG 3000 Halls Ferry road Vicksburg MS Ph ,fax

2 1/28/2006 General outline(1) Hagar gen 16:7 Abraham gen 16:7 Jacob gen 28:12 Moses Exod 3:2; 13:21 Gideon Judges 6:13 Elijah 1 Kings 19:4 (40 days, 40 nights detour)

3 1/28/2006 General Outline (2) David 1 Sam 17:45 Assyrians Isa 37:33 Peter Acts 12:7 (spring feast, fall feast, pass over,detour) The same angel conclusions

4 Hagar gen 16:7-10 Was found by the angel Return to your mistress Submit(obey) {I} will multiply your descendants

5 Abraham Gen 22:11-13 Do not kill your only son(Isaac) Now {I} know You( Abraham) Fear GOD {I}=GOD will multiply Your (Abraham) descendants Formula: Obedience Blessing

6 Jacob Gen 28:12 Jacob’s dream Angels of the Lord ascending and descending Promises: 1).many descendants-multiplication of Number 2).{I} =God will be with you(comfort,inside) 3)I will KEEP you(protection,outside)

7 Jacob (2) How awesome is this place? Set up a Pillar(stone)=Bethel Memorial=reminder=remembrance Point of Origin= Home Base 10 % tithe = Expression of appreciation = thanksgiving

8 Moses Exodus3:2 Do not Draw Near Take off your sandals Holy Ground

9 Moses Exodus13:21 14:13-19 The LORD went before them in a pillar of cloud by day, and in a pillar of FIRE by night The Angel of GOD moved back The pillar of Cloud-Darkness for Egyptians but LIGHT for ISRAElites!!!!

10 Gideon Judges 6:13-22 Gideon and Strangers Fire rose out of the Rock and consumed the meat The Angel of God –face to face Gideon and 300 mens Trumpet Torches confusion Night Gideon defeated Midianites=final outcome= GOOD !!!

11 Elijah 1 king 19:4-8 Tired and exhausted-no energy Angels of the Lord 1.arise and eat (very polite and kind) 2.touch 40 days and 40 nights journey Destination: Mount Horeb

12 40 days (and 40 nights) (1) 1. gen 7:17 length of flood=40 d 2.Gen 50:2 Joseph instructed egyption physian to embalm Israel(Jacob) for 40 d 3.Exod 24:18 Moses, Mt Sinai. 6 day:the glory of the Lord on the Mountain and the cloud day 7:God called Moses out of the midst of the cloud ( at the foot of the mountain) 40 days: Moses on the top of the mountain

13 40 days (and 40 nights),(2) 4. Num 13:25 Joshua,12 spies to the Canaan, duration of spying out=40 d 5. Deut 9:25 Mose’s prayer” prostrated before the Lord for His mercy” duration of prayer(prostration)= 40 d 6. 1 Sam 17:16 Philistine’s arrogance,irritation against Israel(king Saul) duration=40 d David,5 little stones,sling,+ Goliath David=victory Goliath=defeat

14 1 Sam 17:45 “You come to me with a sword,with a spear, with a javalin. But I come to you in the name of the Lord of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel whom You have defied” Goliath=sword, spear, javalin (physical, tangible, visible) David= the name of the Lord(spiritual, non physical, intangible, invisible)

15 40 days (and 40 nights),(3) 7. 1 king 19:8 Jezebel (Queen), Elijah Elijah’s flight, Escape for life into the wilderness,Mt Horeb, duration of fast,wilderness wandering=40 d 8. Jonah 3:4 Jonah’s sermon”Ninevah shall be overthrown” duration of probation=40 d 9. luke 4:1 Christ’s temptation,torture,trials,hunger,thirst in the wilderness by Devil (Satan)=40 days

16 Luke 4:4 (1) “ Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word of God”

17 Luke 4:4 (2) Bread (food, physical, tangible, visible)

18 Luke 4:4 (3) Word of God = (spiritual, intangible, invisible)

19 40 days (and 40 nights),(4) 10. Act 1:3 Christ’s ministry after His resurrection, duration from resurrection to ascention=40 d

20 Assyrians ISA 37:33-36 The Angels of the Lord Killed 185,000. All the corps –dead Assyrians-very defiant and ridiculed Hezekiah(Israel) Judah- was already taken over and conquered by Assyrians Assyria-overpowering and strong Israel-weak position

21 Peter Acts 12:7-11 (1) Herod killed James Pass Over feast Peter-arrested Day 15 Feast of Unleavened bread(bitterness,hardship,difficulty)-7days Day 21

22 Detailed instruction,pass over(1) 1mo-10 day ( 1-10 ) select pass over lamb, 1 year old, male, without any blemish 1mo-14 day (1-14) At midnight, kill the pass over lamb Blood on the door post, on the lintel of the house Pass over meal:1 flesh 2.unleavened bread 3.bitter herb

23 Pass over (2) Manner of eating:1. a belt on your waist 2.sandals on your feet 3. your staff in your hand Eat it in haste It is the Lord’s Pass over

24 Pass over event,exod 12:12 (3) God will pass through the land of Egypt on that night, and will strike all the firstborn in the land of Egypt, both man and beast; and against all the gods of Egypt.God will execute judgment:I am the LORD. Now the blood shall be a sign for you on the house where you are.

25 Pass over (4) Now the blood shall be a sign for you on the house where you are. And when I see the blood I will pass over you; and the plague shall not be on you to destroy you when I strike the land of Egypt So this day shall be to you a memorial; and you shall keep it as a feast to the lord throughout your generations. You shall keep it as a feast by an everlasting ordinance

26 Pass over (5) (7 day) = Unleavened bread and bitter herb Starting point =1-14, midnight Ending point =1-21, midnight 1-52 = Pass over to Pentecost

27 Pass over (6) Participation in the pass over 1. Redemption through the pass over “At midnight, the Lord struck all the firstborn in the land of Egypt” exod 12:29 But solution= blood on the doorpost and the lintel, the death angels pass over the house and no harm !!! Salvation=redemption= Good news=Joy=(+)

28 Spring feast (52 days) 1mo-10 th:pass over lamb selection 1-14 :pass over lamb killing, unleavended bread, bitter herb, duration=7 d 1-16:first fruits, sheaf waving, Starting point of 50 days for Pentecost (1)-50:pentecost,: 50 days from wave sheaf 52 days from pass over

29 Fall feast ( 52 days) 7-1:trumpet 7-10: day of atonement 7-15:feast of Tabernacle, duration=7 d 7- 22: (7)-52: 30 days !!!

30 Absolute and firm requirements All males in Israel= required to attend three feasts in Jerusalem without exception 1. Pass Over (spring) 2.Pentecost (spring) 3.Tabernacle(fall)

31 Peter Acts 12:7-11 (1) Herod killed James Pass Over feast Peter-arrested Day 15 Feast of Unleavened bread(bitterness,hardship,difficulty)-7days Day 21

32 Peter (2) Herod-ready to kill Peter Peter-sleeping before execution night!!! Awesome scene!!! 4 4=16 soldiers Chance of escape= 0 % !!!! Prayer= Key !!! The Angel of the LORD

33 Peter (3) The Angel of the LORD 1.Stand by(near,close) 2.Light 3.Strike, raise (gentle touch) 4Chains Fell off Hands (release) 5.Gird,tie Put on(instruction) 6.Follow me(the Angel of GOD)

34 Peter (4) Now I(Peter) know for certain the LORD has sent HIS ANGEL and delivered me(Peter) from the hand of Herod and from the EXPECTATION of the JEWISH PEOPLE Conviction=firm decision=tested & proven=belief

35 Man’s extremity=God’s opportunity Man ’ s extremity is God ’ s opportunity AA 146

36 The same Angel (1) The same Angel who had come from the royal courts to rescue Peter had been the messenger of wrath and judgment to Herod. The Angel smote Peter to arouse him From slumber: it was with a different stroke that he smote the wicked king,laying low his pride and bringing upon him the punishment of the Almihty.

37 The same Angel (2) Herod died in great agony of mind and body, under the retributive judgment of God. AA 152

38 The same Angel (3) Peter : Rescuer,deliveror,Saviour, welcome, life giving Positive (+) =============================== Herod :Destroyer,Wrath,fearful,death, unwelcome, Negative (-)

39 Various Experiences Philip :directed by an angel from heaven to go to the place where he met one seeking for truth. Cornelius :visited by an angel with a message from God Peter: In prison and condemned to death, led by an angel forth to safety

40 Angels All show the closeness of the connection between heaven and earth The record of these angel visits should bring strength and courage. We can not see these Angels personally; never the less they are with us, guiding, directing, protecting

41 Jocob’s Ladder (1) Heaven is brougt near to earth by that mystic ladder, the base of which is firmly planted on the earth, while the topmost round reaches the throne of the Infinite ( God). Angels are constantly ascending and descending this ladder of brightness, bearing the prayer of the needy and distressed to the Father above, and bringing blessing and hope, courage and help, to the children of men

42 Jacob’s ladder (2) Who is and what is the Jacob’s ladder?

43 Jacob’s Ladder (3) Jacob’s ladder= Jesus Christ

44 Angel of Light These Angels of Light create a heavenly atmosphere about the soul, lifting us toward the Unseen and the Eternal (God) We can not behold these Angel’s forms with our natural sight; We discern heavenly things only by spiritual vision The spiritual ear alone can hear the harmony of the Heavenly voices AA 153

45 Conclusions (1) 1.God uses the Angels of GOD 2.Stranger= could be angel of God 3.Now I know( God-Abraham)--- confirmation=conviction 4.Formula:OBEDIENCE BLESSING 5.The place of Remembrance=place of RETURN=home base

46 CONCLUSIONS (2) 6.GOD’s Presence=Holy Ground!!! 7.The pillar of Cloud Darkness for Egyptians Light for Israelites 8.Gideon-Humble,Honest, Prayer-really saved Israelites from Midianites

47 CONCLUSIONS (3) 9. Surprise tactics 1.night (darkness) 2.torches(light) confusion 3.trumpet(sound) 10. God destroyed 185,000 Assyrians(not spears,swords,chariot,horse,bomb, airplane,warship ect)

48 CONCLUSIONS(4) 11. God’s Method man’s method 12.Peter’s calmness before execution night-awesome!!! 13. Constant,ceaseless prayer by church for Peter= Key!!! 14.Man’s extremity is God’s opportunity Jacob’s ladder=Jesus Christ

49 Man’s extremity=God’s opportunity Man ’ s extremity is God ’ s opportunity AA 146

50 The End Thank you !!!

51 Places of visit Vicksburg ms, Tallulah, prison, Edward puckett, tallulah,

52 Worship service order 1.Opening hymm- 327(I ‘d rather have Jesus) 2.Scripture reading- Acts 12: Special music: the Namihira’s 4.Sermon: The Angels of the Lord 5.Closing Hymn: 532 (day by day)



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