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MCAS Prep Math ForumMath Forum graphing coordinates NCTM websiteNCTM website problem of the week Math CatsMath Cats from Linda Santry Math Page for TeachersMath.

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2 MCAS Prep Math ForumMath Forum graphing coordinates NCTM websiteNCTM website problem of the week Math CatsMath Cats from Linda Santry Math Page for TeachersMath Page for Teachers tons of math sites, online graph paper, manipulatives, loud music

3 MATH Illuminations: Welcome to Illuminations DictionaryDictionary of math terms MathsNet Number cruncher: Number gridMathsNet Number cruncher: Number grid interactive number line eManipulatives Grade 4 National Library of Virtual ManipulativesNational Library of Virtual Manipulatives emanipulatives Elementary Math Unit Lesson PlansElementary Math Unit Lesson Plans for use with plan book Mathematic LinksMathematic Links interactive sites for all ages, math dictionaries, geometry stuff AAAKnow Index of ExercisesAAAKnow Index of Exercises lots of different topics including conversions A Maths Dictionary for kidsA Maths Dictionary for kids animated, interactive math glossary with 500+ terms Me and My MathMe and My Math math definitions for use with InFocus projector

4 GEOMETRY Math NetsMath Nets Use the display and the slider to see how shapes up made up from their nets. Folds before your eyes! Math NetsMath Nets vertices, faces, Rotating shapes NCTM NCTM tangrams online Online GeoboardOnline Geoboard interactive geoboard for whole class demonstration or indep. ShapesShapes quick online quiz on shapes, perimeter, self correcting Learning MathLearning Math classifying polygons activity with interactive venn diagram Learning MathLearning Math finding and identifying hidden polygons Learning MathLearning Math definitions and graphics of polygons, good for whole class introduction or follow up lessons MathNets Number CruncherMathNets Number Cruncher online geoboard activity

5 GEOMETRY 6th Grade Demo Game6th Grade Demo Game interactive game about angles Geometry-Vocabulary MatchGeometry-Vocabulary Match short interactive, good vocab practice Venn Diagram Shape Sorter Perimeter of a RectanglePerimeter of a Rectangle interactive Fun Brain Shape Surveyor GameFun Brain Shape Surveyor Game interactive game for finding area/perimeter Beacon Learning CenterBeacon Learning Center present wrapping interactive game Math LeagueMath League congruent, similar, rotation, folding, reflecting Harcourt PublishersHarcourt Publishers similar and congruent sorting game; quick and easy Billy Bug GameBilly Bug Game interactive coordinates game

6 MEASUREMENT FunBrainFunBrain measurement game; online ruler, inches and metric BBC - KS2 Revisewise – MathsBBC - KS2 Revisewise – Maths shapes, measurement, angles video, fact sheet, test

7 Illuminations: Welcome to IlluminationsIlluminations: Welcome to Illuminations several lesson plans COMBINATIONS

8 FACTS PRACTICE Fun BrainFun Brain math baseball Maggie's Learning Adventures HomeMaggie's Learning Adventures Home 2 math facts games BBC SkillswiseBBC Skillswise several games and fact sheets (tricks) BBC SkillswiseBBC Skillswise two mental multiplication games Arithmetic FourArithmetic Four connect four game CyberchallengeCyberchallenge math facts on timer Multiplication FlashcardsMultiplication Flashcards timed flash cards Hidden Picture Game Hidden Picture Game multiplication facts reveal hidden picture Math Flashcards Practice Times TablesPractice Times Tables interactive flash cards, click to see answer mystery picture gamemystery picture game click on the math facts to reveal hidden picture A Plus MathA Plus Math Multiplication Math game, times facts practice AAA MathAAA Math math facts, several sites

9 FACTS PRACTICE (CONT) Mad Math MinutesMad Math Minutes online facts tests with online answers FunBrainFunBrain order of operations game Harcourt PublishersHarcourt Publishers multiplication mystery grid game BBC SkillswiseBBC Skillswise two mental division games Division 12Division 12 mini division problem game MathNetsMathNets Numbers cruncher multiplication products game, difficult rules BBC RevisewiseBBC Revisewise clickable video, fact sheets, activities Multiplication ClassroomMultiplication Classroom list of games for teaching the times tables, bingo template

10 FACTORS AND MULTIPLES BBC - Skillswise Numbers - multiples, factors and sequences BBC Education-Maths File-Grid GameBBC Education-Maths File-Grid Game whole class

11 FunBrainFunBrain mental math - guess a number Maths problemsMaths problems word problems BBC RevisewiseBBC Revisewise under “problem solving” – interactive video, fact sheet, test WORD PROBLEMS

12 MONEY AAA MathAAA Math 8 games under “consumer math” Fun BrainFun Brain Change maker game, figure out your change Money Central StationMoney Central Station games, info about money

13 FRACTIONS Fun BrainFun Brain equivalent fraction game BBC - Skillswise BBC - Skillswise introduction to fractions BBC – SkillswiseBBC – Skillswise two games for ordering fractions Fraction Sorter Equivalent FractionsEquivalent Fractions interactive BBC RevisewiseBBC Revisewise video, quiz, fact sheet, test Learning PlanetLearning Planet Fraction Frenzy game is difficult but fun BBC EducationBBC Education fractions and equiv. decimals Kids Online Resources Kids Online Resources good review or whole class lesson

14 TIME BBC - Skillswise Calculating timeBBC - Skillswise Calculating time converting minutes/hour E-Lab, Elapsed Time on a ClockE-Lab, Elapsed Time on a Clock need printed recording sheet

15 PLACE VALUE BBC - Skillswise BBC - Skillswise multiply and divide by 10, 100, 1000 BBC - Skillswise BBC - Skillswise ordering large numbers FunbrainFunbrain Place Value Puzzler Place Value Place Value online quiz – give the place value of the five in each number Kids Online Resources Kids Online Resources whole class lesson BBC RevisewiseBBC Revisewise number system section has video on place value The Place Value GameThe Place Value Game whole class Interactive Mathematics ActivitiesInteractive Mathematics Activities short quizzes online

16 NUMBER SENSE/PATTERNS Fun BrainFun Brain order of operations activity, fill in numbers to make sentence true Missing Number in a SequenceMissing Number in a Sequence 1 st level Missing Number in a SequenceMissing Number in a Sequence 2 nd level Missing Number in a SequenceMissing Number in a Sequence 3 rd level FunbrainFunbrain Number Cracker game, guess next number in pattern BBC SchoolBBC School clickable video about patterns Shodor InteractiveShodor Interactive pattern interactive game

17 DATA & GRAPHING Fun BrainFun Brain game for learning how to plot coordinates on x, y MathsNetMathsNet Number Cruncher activity to create different graphs BBC RevisewiseBBC Revisewise data handling interactive video, fact sheet, test

18 ENRICHMENT SITES Brain TeasersBrain Teasers weekly problems to solve MathcatsMathcats thinking games

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