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Part Two: Written Examination Tips for Preparing and Taking the Written Examination.

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2 Part Two: Written Examination Tips for Preparing and Taking the Written Examination

3 2 The Written Examination Second part in examination process Candidate invited only if passed application screening - Application - Met minimum requirements - Written Exam - Pass with a score of 70% or better. - Oral Interview - Pass with a score of 70% of better.

4 3 The Written Examination The written examination may include: Multiple Choice Test Writing Proficiency Essay Performance Task(s) The type of examination will be stated on the “Notice of Written Test” that invites you to the written examination.

5 4 Multiple Choice Test Select the right answer from several possible answers for each question.  Sample Question: 2 + 3 = ____ a) 2 b) 3 c) 4 d) 5 Correct Answer: d) 5

6 5 Multiple Choice Test abcde On your answer sheet (e.g., Scantron), find the circle corresponding to answer choice D.  Fill in the circle completely using a #2 pencil. d

7 6 Writing Proficiency Write a brief essay to demonstrate your writing skills.  Read the instructions and prompt carefully.  Write a brief essay responding to the given prompt. Answer essay prompt thoroughly in the space and time allowed. Use correct spelling, punctuation, proper grammar, and sentence structure.

8 7 Preparing for the Written Exam Review the job description! Exams are based upon: Job Duties Job Knowledge (i.e., food health and safety regulations) Skills and Abilities (i.e., mathematical calculations)

9 8 Preparing for the Written Exam Practice taking timed multiple choice tests Borrow practice exams from the library Search for free test preparation materials on the Internet from reputable sources Note: We do not endorse any specific practice exam.

10 9 Preparing for the Written Exam Know the location of the exam Find directions to test site before the day of the exam. If needed, visit the location beforehand. What to bring to the exam:  Picture ID (e.g., driver’s license)  Eyeglasses (if needed)  Calculator (if allowed)

11 10 Taking the Written Exam  Listen to proctor’s instructions  Listen carefully to avoid making costly mistakes.  Budget your time  Do not spend too much time on one question  Return to the question when you have time

12 11 Taking the Written Exam  Read questions carefully and completely.  Eliminate obvious wrong answers.  Narrow down your possible correct answers.  If all else fails, make educated guess.

13 12 Taking the Written Exam  Mark your answer properly on the Scantron sheet. Use the #2 pencil provided at the test site Fill in bubble of your answer for the appropriate question number

14 13  Check your work If time permits, review your answers before the timer rings.  Do your own work! You may be disqualified from this and all future recruitments if caught cheating. Taking the Written Exam

15 14 Taking the Written Exam  Stop when timer rings! Put pencil down. DO NOT fill in answers on Scantron or continue to write. Failure to stop may result in disqualification.

16 15 After the Written Exam Notice of Test Results sent to candidate Everyone should receive notification of test results Contact the Personnel Commission Office if you: have not received a notice by the business day before the oral panel technical interview must cancel your appointment

17 16 Questions?? Please contact the Personnel Commission Office 2335 Plaza del Amo, Torrance, CA 90509 (310) 972-6342 Visit the District website

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