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PSU 9.1 Focus Group Meeting User Acceptance Testing.

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1 PSU 9.1 Focus Group Meeting User Acceptance Testing

2 Introduction Project Objectives, Strategy & Approach NSF Community What is UAT? User Acceptance Testing Plan and Timeline Streams Next StepsAgenda

3 Timeline Review ‘As-Is’ Continuous Improvement Decide ‘To-Be’ Design 8.8 & 9.1 Implement 1 2 3 4 5 May Aug Sep Apr Change Management 2010 2011

4 Timeline The implement phase will involve – develop / retrofit customisations – configure functionality – system test – user test (UAT) – deliver training 1 2 3 4 5 2010 2011 May Aug Sep Apr

5 Electronic, straight-through transactions Automation and ‘Only Exceptions’ Handling Stronger controls and accountability Improve Standardisation, Repeatability, Reliability & Efficiency and Reduce Confusion Timely and relevant information for decision makers Project Objectives

6 Overall Strategy: Get the basics in place: – Clean master data – Enter transactions ‘Right First Time’ Progressively introduce: – New/advanced functionality and services – Efficient data access via ‘portlets’, screens and reportsStrategy

7 Implementation Strategy: Target high priority Finance wins initially Plan, manage and roll-out changes carefully, coordinating with IT, other projects and business imperatives Introducing changes via role-targeted ‘release packs’Strategy

8 Approach Feasible to be part of the upgrade? As is To Be Upgrade Project Roadmap into the future Yes No

9 NSF Community A NS Financials User Community of “champions” to provide its members with some of the following services: periodic meetings a newsletter a library of information an online presence (such as a website) technical support

10 The purpose of UAT is to ensure that the upgraded PeopleSoft 9.1 system functions equal to or better than the current 8.8 system The tests are to determine that the system is functioning as expected and that the users are ready to move the tested business processes into production Tests are intended to demonstrate to end-users that they will be able to successfully perform their business functions with the new system in place What is UAT?

11 UAT Timeline

12 Test Team for each stream Project Team to book rooms for testing sessions Project Team to supply test topics Test Team to add any test scenarios specific to their business Test Team to perform tests and record issues Project Team to be present during the sessions Project Team to collate issues and work with IT to resolve UAT Approach

13 Test scripts for every process defined during the design with scenarios, exceptions and variations Able to execute test scripts in a thorough, patient manner with attention to detail, including taking good notes where necessary Quality testing produces quality results What is required?

14 Test Example

15 Streams General Ledger Accounts Payable Accounts Payable eProcurement Accounts Receivable Accounts Receivable Purchasing Billing Credit Card Credit Card Expenses Reporting (nVision & Query) Reporting (nVision & Query) Purchase Request Tax Asset Management

16 Expense Stream eProcurement Helen Annuat (NSGLO) Harry Chambers ((MEDIC) Douglas Davison (ENGIN) TBA (SCIEN) Paul Nichol (DVCA) TBA(ADFA) Purchasing Helen Annuat (NSGLO) Socrates Mantalaba (SCIEN) Shauna Simon (MEDIC) Lisa Christie (PO) Jeri D’Ornay (IT) Paul Nichol (DVCA) TBA(ADFA) Credit Card Helen Annuat (NSGLO) Jia Wu (SCIEN) Linda Weir (AGSM) Socrates Mantalaba (SCIEN) Paul Nichol (DVCA) TBA (ADFA) Expenses Helen Annuat (NSGLO) Lana Strizhevsky (SCIEN) Socrates Mantalaba (SCIEN) TBA (MEDIC) Paul Nichol (DVCA) TBA (ADFA) Purchase Request Deleene Simpson (PO)

17 Expense Stream (Finance) Accounts Payable Maria Perkov (AP) Paul Nichol (DVCA) Mitchell Kwong (NSGLO) TBA (ADFA) Asset Management Achamma Kulekar (Assets)

18 Revenue Stream Accounts Receivable John Hilton (AR) Mitchell Kwong (NSGLO) Anthony Yager (ADFA) Billing Anthony Guerrera (AR) Helen Annuat (NSGLO) Steve Josanto (RFO) TBA(ADFA) Express Billing TBA TBA(NSGLO) TBA(ADFA)

19 GL & Tax General Ledger Allan Edmunds (RFO) Lynette McIntyre (MEDIC) Susana Widjaja (SCIEN) Jim Sialepis (RFO) Anna Polykarpou (ASB) Mitchell Kwong (NSGLO) Fitri Sukarti (GL) TBA(ADFA) Tax Eric McCallum (Tax) Mitchell Kwong (NSGLO)

20 Reporting nVision TBA (Finance) TBA (Fac/Div) Query TBA (Finance) TBA (Fac/Div)

21 When?

22 Next Steps Select the Testing Team Finalise the dates Provide a list of topics to test Test and Provide Feedback Collate issues and hand over to IT

23 Questions?

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