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1 of 22 DLM Science Alternate Assessment Additional Training Module 8.

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1 1 of 22 DLM Science Alternate Assessment Additional Training Module 8

2 2 of 22 Learning Objectives Goals of Science Pilot Test Science Content Framework Testlet Delivery & Design

3 3 of 22 Goals of Science Pilot Test Evaluate the new science testlet content. Evaluate a plan for using student information to determine what level of test to deliver. Gather feedback from educators about opportunity to learn and perceived difficulty of assessed content as well as general testlet structure.


5 5 of 22 DLM Science Standards Framework Life Science Physical Science Earth & Space Science Domains 11 Core Ideas Core Ideas 40 Topics Topics Target Precursor Initial Essential Elements & Linkage Levels

6 6 of 22 DLM Science States’ Selected Topics for all Grade Spans Physical ScienceLife ScienceEarth/Space Science Structure & Properties of Matter Structure & FunctionEarth & the Solar System Forces and MotionGrowth & DevelopmentEarth Materials & System Conservation & Transfer of Energy Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems Weather & Climate Wave PropertiesInheritance & Variation of Traits Natural Resources AdaptationHuman Impacts on Earth Systems

7 7 of 22 DLM Projects Comparison ELA and Mathematics Comprehensive learning maps Essential Elements written to all college and career readiness standards Five linkage levels Supported by federal grant Science Map development planned for future work Essential Elements written for selected set of science standards Three linkage levels Supported by partner states

8 8 of 22 Linkage Level Comparison ELA & MathScience Initial Distal Precursor Proximal Precursor Precursor Target Successor

9 9 of 22 Example from Science Essential Element: EE.MS-PS2-2 Target Level: Investigate and predict the change in motion of objects based on the forces acting on those objects. Precursor Level: Investigate and identify ways to change the motion of an object (e.g., change an incline’s slope to make an object go slower, faster, farther). Initial Level: Identify ways to change the movement of an object (e.g., faster, slower, stop).


11 11 of 22 First Contact Survey Survey used to collect background information about students For the Science pilot, it will be used to determine which linkage level will be assessed for each student. – It is a fixed test which means that the assigned linkage level will apply to all testlets administered to the student.

12 12 of 22 Testlet Information Pages The Test Administrator will be provided with a Testlet Information Page (TIP) for each testlet. TIPs are described fully in the T EST A DMINISTRATION M ANUAL.

13 13 of 22 Computer Delivered Testlets Used for Target and Precursor level testlets Student is able to interact independently with the computer – May use special devices Some technology may or may not work

14 14 of 22 Teacher-Administered Testlets Designed for administration to the student outside the DLM system Test administrator records responses in the DLM system Used for Initial level testlets only Testlet Information Pages (TIPS) – Print images prior to test administration!

15 15 of 22 Test Administration Practices Test Administrators may need to use their best judgment and be flexible while administering the assessment. Test Administrators may provide additional supports beyond PNP options. Supports described in the Allowable Practices section of the T EST A DMINISTRATION M ANUAL are allowed in the science testlets unless exceptions are noted in the Testlet Information Page (TIP).

16 16 of 22 Accessibility Supports Most supports available in the system for ELA & Math are also available for Science. The spring pilot test is not designed for students who are blind or have visual impairments.

17 17 of 22 Structure of a Testlet Begins with engagement activity – Motivate students – Provide a context – Activate prior knowledge Science: – Longer activities presented twice; questions embedded and at conclusion on 2 nd read – Shorter activities and single topics presented once; questions at conclusion

18 18 of 22 Test Design Each testlet contains items from one Essential Element Science: – 3-4 items + engagement activity – Total of 9-10 testlets

19 19 of 22 Testlet Delivery Part 1 IPT Part 2 IPT Part 3 IPT Part 4 IPT System has testlets available at three linkage levels for every part of the test Students take one testlet from one level across each group The same level will be assessed for all parts of the test

20 20 of 22 Testlet Delivery Part 1 IPT Part 2 IPT Part 3 IPT Part 4 IPT

21 21 of 22 Teacher Survey An essential component of the Science pilot test is the teacher survey. If a survey displays in KITE for the student, please complete it after the student has finished the assessment.

22 22 of 22 Science Supplement to the Test Administration Manual About Science Pilot Test ce-pilot-test-admin Other Resources

23 23 of 22 The present publication was developed under grant 84.373X100001 from the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs. The views expressed herein are solely those of the author(s), and no official endorsement by the U.S. Department should be inferred.

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