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South Carolina EOCEP Fall/Winter 2014-15 Technology Coordinator Training for Online Testing Link to presentation with audio:

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1 South Carolina EOCEP Fall/Winter Technology Coordinator Training for Online Testing Link to presentation with audio: dio/ldr.php?RCID=d02febd9d8e391da897fcf114e7b98b7 October 22, 2014

2 Agenda Online Testing Resources Changes from Spring 2014 Key Dates System Overview Network Requirements Testing Site Manager (TSM) Desktops, Laptops, and Netbooks

3 Online Testing Resources INSIGHT TECHNOLOGY USER GUIDE eDIRECT: https://sc.drcedirect.com Found under General Information/Documents Reference for software installation and troubleshooting CUSTOMER SUPPORT Direct Line: For any technical online testing questions, STCs, TAs, and Technology Coordinators may contact DRC, with the DTC’s approval Fax:

4 Technology Coordinator Contact Information DRC has a list of District Technology Coordinators These people are included on all online testing related communications If you haven’t already provided this information, or if your Technology Coordinator has changed, please send the following in an to the SC Project Team: Name Phone Number Address

5 Changes from Spring 2014 If a site used the INSIGHT software in spring 2014, a new installation is not required; however, updates are necessary TSM (version 7.0.X) Testing Engine (version 5.2.X) Automatic Updates for TSM TSM Progress Bar Accommodations Available for Fall/Winter

6 Key Dates DATEDELIVERABLE Nov. 3INSIGHT Technology User Guide available on eDIRECT Software Installers – Windows and Mac (eDIRECT account and “Online Testing – Secured Resources” permission needed to access software) Tutorial and OTT TSM Updates Nov. 17Test Setup Available Week of Nov. 17Content Available to “Update Content” on TSM Dec. 1 – Jan. 28STATE TESTING WINDOW Feb. 2 – Mar. 27ALTERNATIVE TESTING WINDOW The SC Project Team will send s when functionality is available. DTCs and Technology Coordinators should not attempt to download or update software until the is received.

7 System Overview Web Browser SC eDIRECT Testing Site Manager (TSM) Student Workstation SC Online Assessments (Student Interface) System Readiness Check SC Online Tutorials Link = Used by Technology Coordinator = Used by Student

8 Tutorial Available via eDIRECT link under Test Setup/General Information (login not required) Also available via desktop link once software has been installed Video presentation that guides TAs and students through testing experience Includes functionality of testing tools and system navigation May be viewed in a large-group setting

9 Online Tools Training (OTT) Allows TAs and students a hands-on opportunity to practice using the testing tools Can be used to check that the testing engine and HVA are working correctly Available via INSIGHT software Oral administration (HVA) version available for all subjects OTT sessions should be scheduled prior to and separate from the operational testing time

10 Helpful Hints – Oral Administration (HVA) Ensure the appropriate number of working headphones are available for students Adjust the volume on each workstation to a comfortable level Check student accommodations in Test Setup (eDIRECT) to ensure oral administration has been assigned Do not use student test tickets to test that software is working. OTT logins should be used for these purposes.

11 Helpful Hints – Oral Administration (HVA) DURING TESTING When a student logs in, he/she should see audio buttons on the Welcome screen Students will hear a human voice for directions and test items. A text-to-speech (synthesized) voice will read the Help content. If a student needs to adjust the volume during testing, they should click the ‘Options’ button and select ‘Audio Settings.’

12 Network Requirements All testing devices should have access to the Internet and DRC servers using HTTP/HTTPS protocols on ports 80 and 443 All firewalls should allow connectivity on ports 80 and 443 Whitelist the following file types, both internally and externally: enc, exe (for updates), gif, html, jar, jpeg, xml Prioritize/whitelist INSIGHT traffic on: firewalls, Internet packet shaper, routers, switches, proxies, other network devices Whitelist theses URLs on content filtering systems or other proxy/firewall software that is used locally: for HTTP for HTTPS (secure HTTP)

13 Testing Site Manager (TSM)

14 TSM What you need to know… Allows students to continue testing if internet connection fails (response caching) Reduces Internet traffic by approximately 50% by caching test content (content caching) Offers ping trends and load simulation tools 1 TSM recommended for every 150 simultaneous testers (utilization of HVA/TTS increases the number of TSMs needed) Highly recommended whenever possible Mandatory for oral (HVA/TTS) testing accommodations

15 TSM Diagram

16 TSM System Requirements

17 TSM Installation Access eDIRECT for software; Test Setup/General Information (Permission for Online Testing – Secured Resources is needed for access) Installed on a computer within local network using an installation wizard; requires administrative rights TSM computers should have static IP address Install TSM(s) and record server name and port numbers prior to installing INSIGHT on student testing devices

18 TSM Software Updates For TSMs already installed from a previous administration, the TSM may or may not automatically update based on previous installation settings If a manual update is needed, access this link: For newly-installed TSMs, software will update automatically if Enable Automatic Update (default) was checked during installation

19 TSM Test Administration PRIOR TO TESTING Launch the TSM and complete TSM Name field Download content via the Update Content button: Check the HVA and TTS checkboxes for oral administration DURING TESTING Monitor TSM for stored student responses; TSM will attempt to transmit every 15 minutes but responses can also be manually transmitted AFTER TESTING At the end of each day and testing window, confirm there are no stored responses on the TSM

20 Testing Devices Desktops, Laptops, Netbooks

21 Desktops, Laptops, Netbooks Supported Native Testing Devices Desktop Computers Laptops Netbooks Servers (iPhones, iPods, and other tablets are not supported INSIGHT testing devices)

22 Desktops, Laptops, Netbooks System Requirements

23 Desktops, Laptops, Netbooks System Requirements (cont.)

24 Desktops, Laptops, Netbooks Supported Configurations Standard single-user desktops Virtual desktops* *Oral (HVA/TTS) testing accommodations are not supported on virtual configurations.

25 Desktops, Laptops, Netbooks Virtual Desktop Configuration Supported Virtual Operating Systems and Devices INSIGHT should only be used with a supported device and operating system; ‘kiosk’ mode is used to lock down student access which prevents students from accessing other programs or the Internet

26 Desktops, Laptops, Netbooks Windows Configuration Windows 7 Font Size Setting: 100% (custom DPI) Taskbar Security Requirement: Auto-hide taskbar must be turned off to secure the testing computer Windows XP Enable Clear Type 1. Select Start-Control Panel-Appearance and Themes-Display 2. On the Appearances tab, click Effects. 3. Select the ‘Use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts’ checkbox and click ClearType in the list. Taskbar Security Requirement: Auto-hide taskbar must be turned off to secure the testing computer

27 Desktops, Laptops, Netbooks Installation Access eDIRECT for software; Test Setup/General Information (Permission for Online Testing – Secured Resources is needed for access) TSM(s) should be installed prior to installing the INSIGHT software on testing devices Installation wizard is available for single desktop installation; software can also be mass deployed; requires administrative rights

28 Desktops, Laptops, Netbooks Installation (cont.) WINDOWS SILENT INSTALL MSI installer is capable of running in silent mode Custom attributes can be found in the technical guide OTHER TOOLS Microsoft System Center Specops Deploy Symantec Altiris Apple Remote Desktop

29 Desktops, Laptops, Netbooks System Readiness Check Verifies a testing device meets all necessary requirements for testing by performing a series of tests Green status indicates tests have passed TSM content and response caching settings can be modified by accessing DRC INSIGHT Properties For oral (HVA/TTS) testing accommodations, ensure audio is working correctly by selecting Test Audio option; adjust volume on testing devices, as needed

30 Desktops, Laptops, Netbooks Automatic Software Updates If Enable Automatic Update (default) was checked during installation, user will be prompted to update software upon program launch, if outdated If automatic updates are not enabled, software must be updated manually, if outdated Settings can be modified via System Readiness Check by accessing DRC INSIGHT Properties

31 Questions

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