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New York State’s 2014 High School Equivalency Test.

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1 New York State’s 2014 High School Equivalency Test

2 Context: September 2012: NYS Board of Regents set directions that will transform adult education 1. Competitively bid to select a new HSE to replace the current 2002 GED® test in 2014 after full discussion of proposed 2014 GED® test concerns (for-profit vendor monopoly, double the cost, 100% CBT at Pearson Vue test centers, immediate common core rigor) 2. By 2017, ramp up instruction to Common Core State Standards (CCSS) 3. Increase online assessments to replace paper- based testing 4. Blue ribbon expert panel to approve multiple assessments leading to NYS High School Equivalency diploma

3  NY co-chairs HSE Options workgroup of state adult education directors with 42 states free  NY the first state to release RFP(s) to select a new HSE test in time to inform state appropriation and legislation: $2.8 million added to keep 2014 test free to New Yorkers – 22 other states and USDOL Job Corps following in various stages, including California, Texas and Massachusetts – So far 6 states have approved TASC: NY, Indiana, NJ, Nevada, Wyoming, West Virginia

4 * NYS has a new, subsidized test leading to a NYS High School Equivalency Diploma for January 2, 2014! TASC replaces 2002 GED® as the only free, state subsidized assessment leading to a NYS HSE diploma TASC will serve as a gateway to postsecondary, training, and employment opportunities for over 24,000 out-of-school youth and adults in NY each year 43,000 adults and youth seek the high school equivalency diploma each year

5 * March 2013: CTB/McGraw-Hill’s TASC Selected for 2014 English and Spanish tests Aligned to Common Core standards for ELA and math with gradual introduction of science next generation standards and social studies as appropriate over the three year contract New test each of three years with raised academic common core rigor and more complex test items each year Based on technology survey of 269 testing centers and 251 preparation programs, paper-based tests with gradual ramp up in online Computer Based Testing (CBT) Up to 20% CBT in 2014 Up to 40% CBT in 2015 Up to 60% CBT in 2016

6 * March 2013: CTB/McGraw-Hill’s TASC Selected for 2014 Scoring by CTB McGraw-Hill National accommodations process by CTB McGraw-Hill Testing at all 269 approved test centers Paper and online readiness assessments and open source to instructional publishers; official guide as well. Every region will have access to written format.

7 – National high school equivalency passing score normed on 2013 high school graduates (40 percentile) and national “aspirational” College and Career Readiness score – Measures Reading/Language Arts, Writing, Math, Science & Social Studies – Available in English, Spanish and special formats (large print, Braille, and audio) – Available in paper/pencil and online formats—269 approved test centers; every region will have access to written form 7

8  Operational test includes – Multiple-choice items – 3 Forms each for English and Spanish – Writing prompt (evidence-based writing) – Gridded-response items (Mathematics) – Stimulus-based science and social studies item sets – 3 new test forms each year 8

9  Operational test (and years beyond) includes an increased coverage of the CCSS through inclusion of additional item types and increased rigor – Constructed-response items – Technology-enhanced items 9

10 10 Recall of a fact, information or procedure Level 1 Recall Use information or conceptual knowledge, two or more steps, etc Level 2 Skill/Concept Requires reasoning, developing a plan or sequence of steps, some complexity, more than one possible answer Level 3 Strategic Thinking Level 4 Extended Thinking Requires an investigation, time to think and process multiple conditions of the problem or task

11 * TASC: Mathematics * Items assess examinee ability to solve routine and non-routine mathematics problems using the application of conceptual and procedural knowledge * Mathematics test consists of a calculator section and a non- calculator section * (Science will also require a calculator) 11 Calculator: TI-30XS

12 Plans for NYS online testing * Ramp up plan provides flexibility: pilot in 13 sites in 2014 * Lessons learned and any bugs corrected will be built into system-wide PD and information to ramp up to 40% CBT test administrations in 2015 NYS Communication and Professional Development * Preparation program webinars on NYSED’s ACCES websites: and * is CTB’s site * Also check out LAC website: * 269 test centers will receive CTB webinars on test administration followed by SED regional face-to-face training---testing end of January/early February * CTB accommodations process webinar was held and recorded and placed on NYSED websites * SED creating a new website for teaching staff: * Regents have requested legislature provide $5 million in 2014 to support PD and purchase of new instructional materials * NYSED processing MOU with CUNY to train Master Teachers * Flyers being printed and distributed later this year

13 CTB/McGraw-Hill Communication Plan TASC Website Social Media Training 2 web-based test administration trainings 1 onsite test administration training CBT training Accommodations training

14 * Availability of Materials * CTB is collaborating with divisions in McGraw-Hill to produce TASC and Common Core materials * The Official Guide to the TASC * Common Core Basics and Achieve * CTB is providing support to a variety of publishers * Readiness assessments both online and written coming in February * Additional information will be posted on CTB website as it becomes available * Information and Resources on the New York State Common Core Learning Standards available at:

15 * Regents adopted grandfathering GED® scores * Regents approved grandfathering current GED® subtests: 410 or higher on any subtest; if less than 2250 total, must pass any sub-test on new TASC * All new test takers will take all sub-tests on the new TASC * Last year, 27,000 New Yorkers passed at least one sub-test but not the full GED® test * Potential for evening out capacity and helping transition to social studies and science content since there are most often passed sub-tests on 2002 exam

16 Patience and understanding as we transform our enterprise * In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life. “ It goes on.” Robert Frost

17 NYSED ACCES Adult Education Robert Purga CTB/McGraw-Hill Mike Johnson

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