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Herwin van Welbergen, Yuyu Xu, Marcus Thiebaux, Wei-Wen Feng, Jingqiao Fu, Dennis Reidsma, Ari Shapiro.

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1 Herwin van Welbergen, Yuyu Xu, Marcus Thiebaux, Wei-Wen Feng, Jingqiao Fu, Dennis Reidsma, Ari Shapiro

2  Testing the adherence to the BML standard by realizers  (and, by this, also testing for weaknesses in the standard)  Better software engineering practices for virtual humans ◦ Daily automated testing (regression, acceptance, …)



5  bml1 starts (globaltime=10)  gaze1 starts (localtime=0)  gaze1 ready (localtime=1)  speech1 start (localtime=1)  …  speech1 end (locatime=10)  bml1 ends (globaltime=20)

6  BML Realizers are complex software components  They form the backbone of virtual human applications by research groups  Yet their testing has so far been limited to time consuming manual inspection of the execution of BML scripts

7  Automatic tests are automatic ◦ No wasted developer time  Automatic tests can be run often ◦ Early error detection

8  A realizer provides standardized interface ◦ BML goes in ◦ Feedback comes out  Several realizers implement this interface  We can make automatic tests for this interface  These tests can be used for all realizers implementing the interface

9  Message flow and behavior execution  Adherence to time constraints  Error handling  Acceptance testing

10  Send BML to a realizer, capture all feedback  Wait until the realizer has executed the BML  Verify assertions on the received feedback

11 Hey punk what do ya want? What can we assert about the expected feedback? - All default sync points remain in order for all behaviors - The head nod will start within |ε| seconds of the start of “what” - Speech1 starts within |ε| seconds of t=6 - There will be no exceptions or warnings - The block will end …

12 Hey punk what do ya want? @Test public void testSpeechNodTimedToSync() { realizerPort.performBML(readTestFile("testspeech_nodtimedtosync.xml")); waitForBMLEndFeedback("bml1"); assertSyncsInOrder("bml1", "speech1", "start", "ready", "stroke_start", "stroke", "s1", "stroke_end", "relax", "end"); assertAllBMLSyncsInBMLOrder("bml1", "nod1"); assertBlockStartAndStopFeedbacks("bml1"); assertRelativeSyncTime("bml1", "speech1", "start", 6); assertLinkedSyncs("bml1", "speech1", "s1", "bml1", "nod1", "start"); assertNoExceptions(); assertNoWarnings(); }

13  A generic testing framework that can test all BML Realizers  Provides a set of tests + assertions  And functionality to easily author new tests ◦ Utility methods (e.g. waitForBMLEndFeedback) ◦ Custom assertions (e.g. assertLinkedSyncs)  Code and tests released on SF, together with a nice set of example movies to showcase various realizers

14  Using RealizerTester ◦ Additional tests for Elckerlyc specific functionality ◦ Regression testing ◦ Acceptance testing  Running all tests takes some time (~3 min.) ◦ This might discourage frequent testing by developers ◦ => Run tests automatically on a continuous integration server  Notify developers that commit a build that fails tests  Keep track of test result history

15  RealizerTester does not help in identifying the exact location of errors ◦ It tests a Realizer as a black box ◦ Elckerlyc uses additional white box testing at a smaller granularity to identify the exact location of errors  >1000 unit + mid range tests, running in <10s  RealizerTester helps in identifying locations that require more unit testing  Regular visual inspection is still valuable!

16  Visual regression testing ◦ Record a baseline ◦ Does it (approximately) look like the baseline? ◦ Automatically check difference with baseline ◦ If different  Bug: fix  New functionality: create new baseline


18  Visual regression testing: ◦ checks whether the correct motion is generated rather than whether the correct signals are sent ◦ is Realizer and character dependent ◦ does not provide acceptance testing  RealizerTester is complementary to visual regression testing

19  Dealing with BML versions  Took 1 day to implement  Found some unclarities in BML (e.g. feedback ordering) now addressed in 1.0  Found some minor implementation issues in SmartBody  Did not find any interpretation differences in the constraint satisfaction




23  Designing test cases + assertions ◦ Highlighted several cases in which the current BML specification lacked detail or was unclear  Setting up a video corpus ◦ Highlighted some expressivity issues in the BML standard ◦ Shows that several behaviors are executed in a semantically equivalent manner ◦ Created a healthy competition between the developers ◦ Motivated developers to move to better BML compliance

24  The modularity proposed by SAIBA enables the reuse of testing functionality  Designing a generic testing framework and a shared video repository helps move the standard forward  BMLRealizerTester provides a starting point for a BML compliance test suite

25  XML format to author tests using BML and assertions expressed?  Add more realizers (PLEASE CONTACT US!) ◦ Full BML compliance is not required ◦ Support for feedback is required  Include newest version of BML standard discussed last Wednesday  Continue extending our repository of nice example movies

26 contact:

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