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Medical Cosmetic ConclusionBibliography What is animal testing? Medical research on animals is the use of animals to test new drugs or toxic substances.

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2 Medical Cosmetic ConclusionBibliography

3 What is animal testing? Medical research on animals is the use of animals to test new drugs or toxic substances that could affect or kill a human. NextHome

4 Why do people test on animals? Tests are performed on animals to prevent or stop serious illness that can kill or seriously injure people in the modern society. HomeNext

5 Where are animals tested? Animals are used for medical research in some University campuses such as La Trobe, Government organisations that specialise in the scientific aspect animal research, non-profit organisations and of medical facilities in hospitals that have science departments. HomeNext

6 What is the history of medical animal testing? Animal testing for medical research has a long and brutal history of killing animals and giving them painful diseases. The first recorded animal testing started in the 3 rd and 4 th BCE in Greece when a physician named Galen dissected pigs and goats. In 1822 the first animal protection law was made and the legislation was promoted by Charles Darwin who is famous for linking humans to animals through evolution. HomeNext

7 What happened to the animals after the testing? Scientists find that releasing the animals after the testing can be dangerous so after the testing, outcome positive or negative, the animals have to be euthanized to prevent a new disease forming and the chance people dying. There are strict rules at all institutes that have animal testing, some as simple as not taking the animals home and some as complex as long applications on every test that a scientist performs. HomeNext

8 What is the alternative? Unfortunately there are not many alternatives to medical animal testing. A member of the animal ethics committee at La Trobe University made a statement saying that “we can only hope for the alternative in the future but at the moment there is nothing we can do except use some quantities of animals to spear millions of people. Home

9 What is cosmetic animal testing? Cosmetic animal testing is when untested products are put into the eyes, mouth or nose of an animal to record the affects. Cosmetic testing is a very controversial topic because people don’t think that there is a need for it when people are not dying from big diseases such as malaria like there is in third world countries. HomeNext

10 Why do scientists test on animal? People test on animals to record the damage to the animal’s nose, eyes or mouth from the cosmetic. The animals are tested on to prevent the damage to a human if the same substance is put on the human. In the past people have had untested cosmetics on their faces or bodies and have died from a result of the drug. NextHome

11 What happens to the animals? 50 to 100 million animals such as rats, mice, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds and other animals are used every year in medical and cosmetic tests. Some untested drugs that can cause intense emotions are injected or force fed into animals such as rabbits or mice to record the behaviour of the animal in question. In some rear cases the animal would wake up from some anaesthetic and would get stressed enough to try and get out of the carers grip and would kill itself when it fell. HomeNext n.htm

12 What tests are used on the Animals? Two of the most common tests are the Draize, named after Dr John Draize, and the LD50. The Draize test is when a substance is dropped directly into an animal eye (normally an albino rabbit) and the results are recorded. The LD50 tests stands for Lethal Dose 50 and it is when a substance is force fed to animals until 50% die. HomeNext

13 What is the history of animal testing? Experimental testing started in the early 17oo’s when Philosopher Jeremy Bentham (1748-1832) wanted to prove that animals did not have feelings and did not suffer. Bentham’s philosophy was that "The question is not, can they reason? Nor, can they talk, but, can they suffer? “ When cosmetic animal testing was most common; the ratio of an animal surviving the tests were 1 in a thousand. HomeNext

14 Why are substances tested on animals? The first cosmetic testing started in 1933 when a woman used eyelash darkener and the chemicals burnt at her eyes causing blindness and eventually killed her. In 1938 the first cosmetic animal testing started to stop civilian deaths from some substances. Now drugs, cosmetics and even foods are tested on animals to prevent the deaths of other humans and even animals. HomeNext

15 Where does Cosmetic testing take place? Cosmetic testing usually takes place in a company’s science lab or away labs paid for by big companies who don’t have the facilities. Many companies such as Gillette, Johnson and Johnson, Colgate and Palmolive are notorious for using animals when testing their substances. NextHome

16 What conditions are the animals kept in? The animals are treated much better now than then in past times in history. A member of the La Trobe animal ethics committee made a statement saying that “The animals that are tested in the labs are treated better than the common domestic animal”. He stated that the rabbits are kept in cages and are always monitored for pain or anything needed. HomeNext

17 What Brands don’t use animals for testing? As time has gone on big brands have turned to other ways of testing. One of the biggest brands that don’t use animals for testing is the ‘Body Shop’ who are an international brand famous for great moisturisers and sprays. HomeNext Logo for no animals tested

18 HomeNext

19 What is the Alternative? Cosmetic testings alternative is mainly to stop because it does not have a vital need but even with mass amounts of protesters all over the world, there are still many cosmetic brands that use animals for their main tests. One of the main reasons in why companies don’t use animal testing is because it costs a lot for cosmetics to be tested without animals. Home

20 Animal Testing - Is there still a need? At the moment; animal testing still has its need but technology is becoming more common in medical research. Using copied skin cells; cosmetic drugs and other substances that can be lethal to humans are tested on the skin cells. As more technology and other new ways of testing substances are made there will be less and less use of animals for testing. Home

21 Information (for PowerPoint)        Chris Adde, on the council of the animal ethics committee. Images (for PowerPoint)    know/ know/  almost almost   Home

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