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The Odyssey: Penelope’s Test By Alex Connelly and Edward Kim.

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1 The Odyssey: Penelope’s Test By Alex Connelly and Edward Kim

2 Summary Odysseus returns from the Challenge, and returns to Penelope. Although he claims he is Penelope’s husband, Penelope tests him. After the last test, Penelope tests on how their bed was built. When Penelope orders her maid to move the bed, Odysseus flares, and says it cannot move, as it was built with an Olive tree. By this point, Penelope knows this man is truly Odysseus, because Penelope and Odysseus are the only mortals who know this.

3 Characters Penelope: Clever, skeptical, spouse of Odysseus. Odysseus: Brave, strong, heroic, strong, King of Ithaca.

4 Penelope’s Motivation Her motivation was to test Odysseus, as he appeared younger than he was thanks to Athena. Penelope was also skeptical, because for 20 years, men have attempted to convince her that Odysseus was dead. Both she and Telemachus still believed he wasn’t dead.

5 The Theme/Lesson Despite tests and trials, Odysseus and Penelope learn that they are equally devoted to each other.

6 Significant Passages “Her heart is iron in her breast.” (Page 702) This shows that Penelope is cautious; after 20 years of holding down the kingdom by herself, she is skeptical and distrustful. “Her knees grew tremulous with eyes brimming tears, she ran to him, throwing her arms around his neck and kissed him.” (Page 703) This shows Penelope and Odysseus’ devotion to each other. After Odysseus proves himself, Penelope lets her guard down, and her emotions pour out of her.

7 Discussion Questions Why did Odysseus not tell Penelope who he was after his plan? What contact did the gods have with Penelope and/or her son regarding Odysseus? How were Odysseus’ and Penelope’s their emotions in seeing how Penelope changed?

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