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Autonomous Service Project Author: Natalia Bustos Pérez.

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1 Autonomous Service Project Author: Natalia Bustos Pérez

2 The Team We're volunteers of the project, We're volunteers of the project, “Lifting up Los Coipos”, a mix of students and professionals from Chile and abroad who have been working every weekend to assist the communities devasted by the earthquake

3 Fundamentals of the Project  We are youth with a calling for social service.  Gauging the magnitude of the castastrofe that occured in our country, we know that we need to act NOW.  We are aware that there exist small, rural communities in the interior that find themselves isolated, and/or receive little help at a major organizational and governmental level.  We know that there exist muncipalities with scarce resources and a large number of victims of the earthquake, as is the case with Hualañe.  We believe that we have to do something for these localities in need.


5 Background Information: Los Coipos (Northeast Zone of Hualañé) Number of habitants : 250 Number of families : 76 Number of homes : 55 Status of the homes after the earthquake: 37 are in the process of being demolished, 11 are reparable and 5 are habitable. There is potable water and electricity, but they have never had regular telephone coverage except for a satelite telephone.

6 General objective To assist the 79 families victimized by the earthquake in the locality of Los Coipos, in the following areas: Emergency Assistance Recreation and Distraction Census Seek funding and assitance Repairing a warehouse Reconstruction, Architects, Engineers Salvaging reusable materials

7 Completed tasks (Emergency plan: Stage 1) 1. Supplying foods, toiletries, and plastic tarps 2. Conducting a census

8 Completed tasks 3. Salvaging reusable materials

9 Completed tasks 4. Recreation and distraction

10 Completed tasks (Stage 1) 5. Evaluating the houses

11 Completed tasks (Stage 1) 6. Reparing a storage space

12 Completed tasks (Stage 1) 7. Workshops on reconstruction and applying for subsidies

13 2° phase Extending our assistence to the entire northeastern region of Hualañé along with the following additional goals: Addressing the medical and mental health needs Organizing community members for Leadership and advocacy A school for the villages of Hualañe Reconstruction of communal areas and help with applying for subsidies

14 In collaboration with Rotary Reina Alta, we request the support of all Rotary Clubs to help us build this school in Barba Rubia, Northeastern HUALAÑE


16 To LOLOL To CAONE, ALTOS DE CAONE, EL LLANO DE CAONE To PARRONAL Main paved Road The school's location

17 Building to be demolished (classrooms) Repairable rooms (Office and computer room) School campus's boundaries Main paved road

18 Present status of the school At Left: Wall of a repairable room Below: Poorly constructed structure in a building to be demolished



21 SPECIFICS CURRENT STUDENTS IN SCHOOL BARBA RUBIA Total: 66 Students: 26 PRESCHOOL, 40 ELEMENTARY ADVANTAGES OF THIS SCHOOL PROJECT IN BARBA RUBIA ADDITIONAL STUDENTS FROM: Los Coipos El Llano de Caone Caone La Palma Barba Rubia El Cobre Camarico Union and solution for 6 localities in the zone of Hualañé Utilization of the foresty resources in the zone Employment to the Communities Possibility to construct a Multi-purpose school to train workers who can work for their own community CONSEQUENCES OF CLOSING THE SCHOOLS IN THIS ZONE Less investment in education Migration of families to more populated areas The disappearance of the rural villages

22 School project implementation Macarena Rojas Sandoval is the architect who has volunteered her professional time for the school's design, planning, and budget. The school project will be constructed in 4 phases at an approximate cost of US $400,000: Stage 1: education Stage 2: services Stage 3: administration Stage 4: recreation

23 Rotary's Support We feel that this project embodies the principles of Rotary and the Rotary Ambassadorial Scholars program of extending cultural understanding and friendship between countries. Your investment will show support for the initiatives of Ambassadorial Scholars, youth, and professionals from more than 16 countries -- all of whom are passionate about rebuilding the lives affected by the earthquake in Chile. We ask that you contribute to this worthy cause for the protection of rural communities at risk and in collaboration with Rotary Clubs in Chile and internationally. With your collaboration, we can extend the reach of Rotary to isolated destinations in need of aid.

24 Rotary's Support We, the 2010 Ambassadorial Scholars in Chile, are currently seeking pledges of US$5,000 from various Rotary Clubs by the end of June 2010 in order to reach our benchmark of $100,000 and initiate the first phase of the project. Your support will be publicly acknowledged and each Rotary Club's contribution will be permanently recognized on the new school's campus. The specific budget and plans for the school are available. Please contact Macarena in English or Spanish: Macarena Rojas Sandoval, Coordinator of reconstruction, housing and communal areas Mail:, N° Móvil:

25 Photos: State of the houses in Hualañe




29 Contact Information Natalia Bustos Pérez, Project Lead Coordinator Mail:, N° móvil: Macarena Rojas Sandoval, Coordinator of reconstruction, housing and communal areas Mail:, N° Móvil: Rotary Ambassadorial Scholars and project volunteers: Daniela Görge, Rotary Club Jena, District 1950, Germany, Mail: Robert Palmer, Avon Park Noon Rotary, District 6890, Florida, USA Anna Shepard Daniel, Rotary Club of Charlotte, District 7680, North Carolina, USA Michael Thompson, Rotary Club of La Jolla, District 5340, California, USA Mohan Sakhrani, Rotary Club Point West, District 5180, California, USA Rotary Club Reina Alta, District 4340, Chile Vladimir Salvo, Manuel Alfaro Pérez, Katherine Benavente

30 Further Information Online Rotaract raises funds for Los Coipos project in Germany: http://www.rotaract- Background information: Videos, presentations, publications:

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