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RM01-5-000 June 1, 20051 Electronic Tariff Filings Docket No. RM01-5-000 –NOI issued March 14, 2001 –NOPR issued July 8, 2004 Comments on Proposed Regulations.

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1 RM June 1, Electronic Tariff Filings Docket No. RM –NOI issued March 14, 2001 –NOPR issued July 8, 2004 Comments on Proposed Regulations August 1, 2005 Comments on Software not set Target Implementation date not established

2 RM June 1, Agenda 9:00 – 9:30 a.m. Opening Remarks, Introduction –Pat Wood, Chairman, FERC –Reasons for requiring electronic tariffs and tariff filings –Process of eTariff software development –Current status of the software –Guidelines for technical conference/ issues to be discussed –Introduction of staff members

3 RM June 1, Agenda 9:30 – 12:30 p.m. eTariff Software Demonstration Items to be discussed during software demonstration: –Importing electronic documents into eTariff (demonstration) –The use of tariff sections rather than sheet numbers –Tariff text format –Meta data –Redline strike-out –Interface –Confidential information –The electronic tariff filing process Public Viewer 12:30 – 1:30 p.m. Lunch

4 RM June 1, Agenda 1:30 p.m. – 3:45 p.m. Additional Issues and Comments: –Scope of tariff filings to be filed electronically –Transition to electronic tariff filing –Additional Comments from interested parties 3:45 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. Closing Remarks

5 RM June 1, Why Electronic Tariffs and Tariff Filings Government Paper Work Elimination Act Benefits of electronic filing –Speed –Reduced filing costs Improved FERC maintenance of tariffs Improved ability to search and manipulate Improved public access to tariffs

6 RM June 1, Tariff Data Format Tariffs are a Data Base NOT a text document Example tariff section data –Company name –Docket number –Proposed effective date –Tariff section –Filing type

7 RM June 1, Other Formats Text Spreadsheet PDF HTML XML Each format offers specific benefits, such as editing, linking to billing, posting on web, legibility No single format satisfies all business req’mnts XML –Staff’s NOI suggestion; no industry support

8 RM June 1, eTariff Field Software  What is it?  Standard Windows application  Consists of a ‘program’ and a ‘database’.  General Items  Database approach allows for rules checking, searches, data organization, distributed processing and distributed database  Local application: reliance on FERC servers and Internet communication is minimized, best system responsiveness, flexible user interface options.  Internet used to file and to receive updates to the program and data  Multi-user access  Uses standard protocols (HTTP/FTP) for communication  Many filing rules and restrictions are table-driven in order to ease maintenance and expansion

9 RM June 1, eTariff Development Process Started July 2004 Release-review/test-update-release –Spiral development Volunteer companies for extensive testing and feedback Anyone with an interest in testing the software was invited to do so and make comments and suggestions to the team Occasional discussions with companies and organizations

10 RM June 1, Volunteer Test Companies as of November 19, 2004 Electric - Arizona Public Service Electric - MISO Electric - SCE Electric - Westar Resources Electric and Gas - Duke Energy Gas - NiSource Gas - Northern Natural Gas - Williams Gas/311 – DTE Energy Oil - Buckeye Pipe Line Company Oil - Shell Pipeline Company Oil – BP Pipeline Company

11 RM June 1, Current Status of Software Software in prototype and testing –~ 60 updates since initial prototype Major Field functionalities are mostly functional –additional enhancements based on user feedback being implemented The FERC-side software is in design phase –Changes to Field have domino impact Requirements in near future releases include –amendments –cancellations of sections and tariffs

12 RM June 1, When will eTariff be deployed? Not ready yet. Staff will not recommend its deployment until we are convinced that it is operational.

13 RM June 1, FERC Team Project Leader: Keith Pierce, OMTR Legal: Jamie Chabinsky, OGC Software: Bo Pierce, OMTR

14 RM June 1, OMTR Testers Bea Williams - FASTR Dora Harley – Central Keith Herbert – West Vincent Musco - East Kimberly Vendryes – South

15 RM June 1, Software Charlie Coleman –eTariff Field and Client Quentin Robinson/Richard Wainwright –Web-based Public Viewer Casey Nutsch – OMTR –FASTR –Extraction Applications

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