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It's just an all around awesome web site. – Alan, KD8CAJ (age 10)

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1 It's just an all around awesome web site. – Alan, KD8CAJ (age 10)

2 If an 81 year old woman can do it... anyone can! – Ricci, KI4RRC

3 I passed all elements tonight! I owe it all to HamTestOnline! – Ken, ACØDQ

4 I passed the Extra test and got 50 out of 50. Thanks. – Gus, W1GUS/AE

5 Would recommend this method of study to anyone. – David, W8ORT/AE

6 Thank you! Now an EXTRA! – Rich, W4NMH/AE

7 During the exam, the answers just leaped off the page at me. – Sidney, KC0OSB/AE

8 The adaptive learning to focus on your weak areas really helps. – Everett, KE5MMT/AE

9 At the young age of 75, I passed my General Exam with flying colors. – Don, KA6NIL

10 HamTestOnline is the most effective training I have used. – Wayne, AE4WF

11 Scored 100% Your site works 1000% better than anything else! – Craig, NZ0R

12 Seniors I've been starting and stopping my quest for a ticket for almost 45 years & FINALLY the stars aligned and I found this software. – Ken, ACØDQ

13 After just ONE week with your adaptive site, passed my Tech (100%), General (100%) AND Extra (98%, missed ONE stinkin' question)! – Jason

14 The best learning tool I have ever used. – John, KD5SRW

15 Passed element 4 with an outstanding score. – John, K8NLL/AE

16 Accomplished more in three days with HamTestOnline than in three years lugging around the study guide. – Gregg, W0MPR/AE

17 A very Great Website. – Kim, N8FY

18 HamTestOnline presented the material in the way my brain works. I passed my Extra exam without missing a single question! – Greg, KC0URX/AE

19 This is the best study site I have ever come across!!! – Arthur, KG6TGD/AE

20 After using your study program for a couple of weeks, passed the Extra with a score of 96%. – Bob, K6MBY/AE

21 Scored 100% A perfect score on the element 3 examination and impressed VEs. – Jim, KB1MPD

22 If you get a question wrong several times, it keeps repeating it until you learn it. – Lexi (age 11), KB1JFN

23 Thanx for providing such an amazing means of studying! – Paul, KA1GIJ/AE

24 Your “smart” program which re-tests on missed questions really helped hone the weak areas. – Bob, K6MBY/AE

25 Scored 100% on the Extra exam. This program is a real winner. – James, K5GKR/AE

26 HamTestOnline made it EASY! – Robert, KI4PQE

27 Books This was the best course I spent money on. I was more than ready for the test. – Joseph, KI6BWP

28 Passed Element 4 with a perfect score after only 17 hours of study. – Ace, K9ACE/AE

29 You're never too young... Tycho (age 9) passed his Technician exam on the first try. – Tom (Tycho's Dad!)

30 Passed all three exams with a perfect score. – Owen, KB3MVH/AE

31 Multiple Test HamTestOnline made studying a lot easier. – John, K8NLL/AE

32 Scored 100% I was blown away how the right answer just leapt off the test booklet page. – Steve, KE7HLS

33 The VEs did not tell me my score, but I know I got 100%. – Jack, KD5UVF/AE

34 Worked quite a bit with the license manual but found myself “zoning out.” Two months with HamTestOnline, and I passed my Extra exam with 100%. – Paul, KD2MX/AE

35 Yours is the best website out there. – Myles, KC0VPZ

36 Everything you told me about the program at Dayton is true. It is great!! – Jim, N0DNY/AE

37 Passed Element 4 after only two weeks studying on your site. – Scott, KD7NCY/AE

38 My 12-year-old passed his Tech license, and we are working on getting some more Scouts involved from the troop. – John, KC0UYC

39 Passed the General Test today, 100%! – Gary, KB2TZK

40 After a week of hard study, passed my General today. Not too shabby for an 80 year old disabled person. – Peter, N7PLP

41 Thank you for a GREAT software package. It is the very best I have seen for technical instruction! – Dick, K1DPM/AE

42 Senior Your site is awesome. – Scott, KD7NCY/AE

43 Passed Element 4 with no problem. Thank you for your encouragement. – Rose Marie, WA2RMD/AE

44 Passed Element 4 this morning. Got 100%. – Mike, W4KTX/AE

45 Learned more in several weeks with HamTestOnline than in the several years I have owned the “...Talking” book! It's been great! – Randy

46 Your site ROCKS! – Danielle, KC9IFY

47 I particularly like the adaptive learning feature. – Wayne, KB2EMM

48 I'm 12 years old and recently passed the General exam! – Zach, KG6YPM

49 Passed my Extra test with flying colors!!! You are welcome to use my jumping up and down remarks! – Scotty, K6ZNL/AE

50 At first I was skeptical of the "adaptive learning" claims, but once I got into it, I was amazed how fast I was mastering the material. – John, KE7KYG

51 After 40 years I finally upgraded from Advanced. – Clyde, WB0RTA/AE

52 An excellent study system. This program is the only way to go. – John, WB6VWG/AE

53 Passed the tech test with 100%! – Hank, KG6WSY

54 I am drawn to study Ham questions rather than relax any other way. – Milt, KC0YYN

55 Thanks a million! – Marty, KI4IRP

56 I have used two print sources and found your “study source” to provide clearer explanation of difficult points. – Bill, K5YEM

57 Took elements 2, 3, & 4 the same day. Scores were 100, 97, & 96. – Charles, AI4WD

58 The automatic repetition in trouble areas eventually made it sink in. – Sidney, KC0OSB/AE

59 You have a GREAT product. It made preparation for the extra exam easy and enjoyable! – Harry, W0PIY/AE

60 Your study program was very effective. Only missed two of the fifty questions on Element 4. – Clyde, WB0RTA/AE

61 Your site is top notch. – Dennis, KI6GWS

62 Passed the EXTRA. Made 100% and took only 15 mins to do it. – Robert, K4ITP

63 Upgrade Spent about 12 hours studying on your site and passed my Extra with flying colors. – David, KI4ESE/AE

64 What a great way to learn! – Eric, KC6WXZ/AE

65 Books Studied the book for 2 yrs and didn’t do too well. Took the test twice and failed. Started using HamTestOnline and passed the FIRST time. – Bill, K0WCM, EXTRA

66 Learned NOT Memorized I brag you up every chance I get. – Bob, N8YGG/AE

67 After 35 years as an Advanced class, finally the Extra. See you on the low ends of the bands!! – Roger, WA7BOC/AE

68 Passed the Technician exam with 100% without any other study materials. – Stephen, KB1NUF

69 An “A One” program. – Roy, VA5RKL

70 You're never too young... After trying Now Your Talking and free online tests, I subscribed my 12-year-old daughter to HamTestOnline. After 2 to 3 weeks, she became KD7WIN.

71 After about 2 weeks of 15-20 minutes a day, passed Element 4 on the first shot! Can't beat those results! – Gil, K1GIL/AE

72 Passed Extra @100%. – Randy, KD7VIU/AE

73 It's a lot of fun, kind of like a game. Makes learning interesting. – Thomas, N7KCX

74 Passed my Extra exam after being subscribed 12 days. – John, KB1IKD/AE

75 Thank you for a great product. Well done! – Howard, N6HRA/AE

76 The guy next to me is a double EE and came in with a bunch of ARRL study books and still failed by missing one question. – Jim, KB1MPD

77 Thank you for this outstanding site! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! – Paula, KD6TJH/AE

78 By concentrating on your weak areas, it makes your memory better while helping you UNDERSTAND the theory behind the questions. – John, KD5SRW

79 Passed element 2, 3 and 4 with no problems. Your system has allowed me back in as an amateur after being away for 33 years. – Bert, WD5VR/AE

80 A very powerful learning tool. – Chuck, KE5FIK/AE

81 Zero to Extra in one Day Passed element 4 (Amateur Extra) with a 100% score! – Mike, KE7FJB/AE

82 Multiple Test Your website is wonderful. I do not think it would have been possible without you! – Ed, K7JET/AE

83 Instead of memorizing, I’ve learned. – Sidney, KC0OSB/AE

84 Finished in about 5 minutes and did not miss a question. What a resource! – Phil, KE7KWB

85 Passed the General with 98%. Look out Extra! – Jeffrey, KI4LLE

86 Studying from a book is boring for me, and I do not learn as well as with your system. – Jerry, KD5JHE

87 Scored 100% You guys are awesome! – Steve, KE7HLS

88 Have all 3 books and was having a hard time. Now I’m not. – Charlie

89 Your material made the difference. – Bob, KA9GHC/AE

90 Got 100% on the Tech and only missed one on the General. – Bonnie, KB3NUH

91 Your site made it easy and fun. I really did learn the material, not just memorize it. – Paul, KD2MX/AE

92 At 68 I am probably older than most, and my short- term memory is very bad... I passed my EXTRA test today 50/50. – Dave, NN5DW/AE

93 You're never too young... My 12-year-old daughter seems encouraged to give upgrading a go, largely because she enjoys how HamTestOnline presents the study to her. – W7DAH

94 Extra exam with 100%. Your site made it easy. – Paul, KD2MX/AE

95 Your web tutorial is tops. – Jim, KB1MPD

96 Studied for the element 4 for less than 2 weeks and passed. Your system is GREAT. – Gene, K3ASA/AE

97 Upgrade Thanks for a course that was “on target” with the exam questions. – Steve, KA4RKU/AE

98 Books After 15 years of failing to get through the books, I finally passed Tech to Extra in two months with much less pain. – Nate, KE7FAW/AE

99 Senior You have a great product that provides a great service to the amateur radio community! – Jeff, KE5APC

100 Passed the Extra exam with a 100% score. – Richard, N1ASA/AE

101 HamTestOnline kept me focused and spent time repeating areas of weakness. – Gene, KC0RXY/AE

102 I will be telling others about your wonderful program. – Jed, KE7FDT/AE

103 My son Justin (age 9) had failed the test twice and was getting discouraged. After using your service for 3 days, he passed!!!!! – Dave

104 Awesome! Another HamTestOnline Extra! – Trey, KI4ITV/AE

105 Passed all elements in one evening, so I'm starting my amateur career at the Extra level. The results speak for themselves. – Phil, AI4JF

106 Your study methods are truly the right way to learn the material and prepare for the tests. – Tedd, AI4WN

107 HamTestOnline is the greatest. I passed element 3 in August and element 4 today. – Jim, K8ELR/AE

108 100% on the 35 question General test yesterday. I started studying last Sunday. Since I am now a "General" I expect to be saluted! – Jon, KE6GFB

109 Efficient, effective, and well worth the price. – Nate, KE7FAW/AE

110 Passed my Extra! There wasn't a question on the test I didn't recognize. – Brett, KD7TBD/AE

111 Passed Extra with 100%. Excellent program, the best. – Tom, N5IKG/AE

112 Checked out several online testing sites. Liked yours the best. – Jerry, KC8LAU/AE

113 Proves even a 65- year-old can learn new tricks when they are properly taught. – Gary, W0EMS/AE

114 Best study guide I've ever used. – Gerald, KL1SX/AE

115 Senior Passed on the 1st try with only 2 wrong!!! – Paul, KB1HQI

116 Scored 100% I'm an Extra!! 50 questions, and not a wrong answer. Truly incredible. – Dewayne, WB5BNQ

117 I passed the Extra. Took me only 3 weeks. – Mike, W2JAR/AE

118 A learning tool that has no equal. – Peter, N7PLP

119 You're never too young... I couldn't have done it without your help. – Jeff (16 years old), KC2NSJ

120 It was great being able to access a web site that did not require a download to a specific system. – Paul, KB1HQI

121 The best thing that could happen to hams that “yearn to learn.” – Les, KC9HLS/AE

122 The best training/study guide for Amateur Radio. – Richard, KA4TIE/AE

123 After just a couple of weeks with your program, I went from 0 to Extra in one morning. – Bill, AE6RG

124 Completed the test in 8 mins and had only 1 wrong answer. THANKS!!! – Deb, KC0UYX

125 Passed Extra! I used your site to study and never needed to purchase the book. Great way to prepare! – Kevin, KC0TTY/AE

126 Took an instructor-lead class and failed the test. I was devastated, so my friend bought me a subscription to your website, and that changed everything. – Jeff (16 years old), KC2NSJ

127 Senior Since I could log in from wherever I was, I got more review time than I would have without the site. – Paul, KB1HQI

128 You are a lifesaver for people like me who could never have upgraded just by using the manuals. – Paula, KD6TJH/AE

129 Passed all three elements within 5 weeks. – Gordon, KE7ERY/AE

130 Multiple Test Great Study Program!! I have recommended your program to many. – Al, KG4ZNW/AE

131 Passed (actually aced - 100%) element 3. – Bob, KD5NDQ

132 Worth the Cost Your site is the best tutorial on the market today! – Jim, KB1MPD

133 I subscribed to help my 8-year- old daughter study for her Technician exam, which she passed. I saw how well it worked and decided to study to get my General and Extra as well. – Henry, KB1MSK

134 The adaptive learning technology reduced the time needed to study. – Bruce, KB7ZPJ/AE

135 Have never had such a positive learning experience. I didn't just pass, I “aced” it. – Joe, KC2LQ/AE

136 Senior HamTestOnline is the best place online for learning there is!! – David, KF4RQW

137 I went from zero knowledge about amateur radio to Extra in 5 weeks with HamTestOnline! – Buddy, K4JET/AE

138 Your site MORE THAN DELIVERS!! – Gary, KE5MAX/AE

139 The links and illustrations clarify the concepts beyond just studying for the test. – Michael, KI6BWH

140 Zero to Extra in one Day It keeps bringing up the questions I get wrong until I know them forwards and backwards! – Danielle, KC9IFY

141 I took my General and Amateur Extra and received 100% on BOTH. – Charles, KC0UXC/AE

142 Thanks for a wonderful site!!!!!! – Dave, KB3NCV

143 The VEs wanted to know what study guides I used. ARRL? W5YI? I told them HamTestOnline was all I needed. – Jim, KB1MPD

144 Senior I highly recommend your program for everyone. – Frank, KI4LHW

145 You're never too young... You have a very effective tool for learning. – Henry, KB1MSK

146 If a 78 year old man can pass the exams with your program, anyone can. – Frank, KI4LHW

147 The software is fantastic. – KE5BUS, Neil

148 Yes, your website really helps people pass! – Albert, WH7EN

149 Passed my Extra exam with a score of 100%. HamTestOnline made the test very easy. – Fred, N6BNQ/AE

150 Multiple Test Your site is FAR more user friendly than any of the books. – Johnne, KE7HGL

151 It was funny watching them grade the exams and say, “Oh, we must have the wrong key. You got them ALL right.” – Charles, KC0UXC/AE

152 An absolutely super program! – John, KD5SRW

153 Fast and efficient way to study. Much faster than going back and forth through pages in a book. – Jim, K8ELR/AE

154 Passed my General with a score of 100%. Fantastic site. – Gary, KE6GYA

155 The best way to study for a ham license. –David, KF4RQW

156 Compared to other TEST Methods If there is a more efficient way to MAXIMIZE every second of study time, I have yet to find it. – W3DCG

157 Compared to other TEST Methods Zero to Extra in one morning. – Bill, AE6RG

158 The way it automatically customizes itself to my weaker areas makes the difference. – John, KB1LTC/AE

159 The three examiners were surprised when I finished so quickly and quite amazed when they discovered I had only missed one question. – Bill, K3CUU/AE

160 The best study program I have seen. – Ken, KF1O

161 After looking over the ARRL General Study guide, I decided your web site was the best way to study. – Richard, K8RPM

162 Got the ARRL Extra manual and did not make any progress. Your adaptive learning technique works well with my style of learning. – Rich, WA3FPK/AE

163 100% score for Element 4. – Mark, W1MAD/AE

164 Can you bottle HamTestOnline and sell it for confidence pills? – Bill, N8PGX.

165 I liked the way HamTestOnline directed me to my weak points. – Larry, W5LJM/AE

166 Your site is one of the finest study resources I have seen. – Anthony, WA2YJX/M0CYQ

167 Spent a year struggling to learn with other courses, but with HamTestOnline I was able to pass. – Allan, KI4HRN/AE

168 After only 6 days of study, I passed the element 4 exam. Your study material is way too effective, hihihi. – Bill, AE5AW

169 Two Weeks = KE4CCI/AE. Enough Said. – John

170 Highly recommended to anyone starting out or studying for their upgrade. – John, K3GMT/AE

171 I tried the books. I tried a class. Then I tried HamTestOnline, and it put me across the line into the pass category. – Tim, WA4CLK/AE

172 Great way to learn the material, not just the answers. – KD8CIL, Joe

173 Passed the Extra. Since I will soon be 84 years old, it shows an old dog can still learn new tricks. – Oren, W4HDF since 1940

174 The intelligent repetition and active learning make studying a fun experience! – Scott, KA2QYF/AE

175 Your program made test preparation far easier than I would have thought possible. – John, KC9IED

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