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TEST - 1 Pre-test.

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1 TEST - 1 Pre-test

In this section of the test, you will have the chance to show how well you understand spoken English. There are four parts to this section, with special directions for each part. Use your answer sheet to record your answers.

3 Part 1: Photographs Directions: On the following slide, you will see a photograph. You will hear four statements. Choose the statement that most closely matches the photo and fill in the corresponding oval on your answer sheet.

4 1

5 2

6 3

7 4

8 5

9 6

10 7

11 8

12 9

13 10

14 Part 2: Question-Response
Directions: You will hear a question and three possible answers. Choose the answer that most closely matches the question and fill in the corresponding oval on your answer sheet. Questions:

15 Part 3: Conversations Directions: You will hear a conversation. On the following slides, you will see three questions on each conversation and four possible answers. Choose the best answer to the question and fill in the corresponding oval on your answer sheet.

16 41. What does the man want the woman to do?
Help him remember something. Do some typing for him. Lend him a sweater. Read a letter. 42. When does he need it done? This afternoon. Before noon. On Tuesday. By 8:00. 43. Why can’t the woman help him? Today is her day off. She is leaving at noon. She has to help Mr. Brown. She’s busy doing something else.

17 44. What is the woman buying?
Shirts. Skirts. Shoes. Boots. 45. How much does she have to pay? $42.05 $45. $60. $245. 46. How does she want to pay? Check. Cash. Credit card. Gift certificate.

18 47. How many copies does to woman need to make?
50. 100. 150. 200. 48. When does she have to have them finished? Before 11:00. By 2:00. At 4:00. Tonight. What will she do when the copies are made? Mail them. Read them. Show them to her boss. Take them to a meeting.

19 50. Where does this conversation take place?
In a hotel. In a fish store. In a restaurant. In someone’s house. 51. How long will the man have to wait? Eight minutes. Nine minutes. Fifteen minutes. Fifty minutes. 52. What will he do while he waits? Have a drink. Sit and drink. Go fishing. Wash the dishes.

20 53. Where is Mr. Wu now? In his office. Out of town. At a meeting. On a flight. 54. What does the woman want to do? Get a message. Speak with Mr. Wu. Play ball. Find out Mr. Wu’s phone number. 55. When will the woman be in her office? 2:00. 2:30. 10:00. 10:30.

21 56. Where did the woman leave her briefcase?
At a meeting. In her office. On her desk. In a cab. 57. What is in the briefcase? Notes. A report. A cell phone. Phone numbers. 58. When does she need the contents of the briefcase? This morning. This afternoon. Tonight. Tomorrow.

22 59. Why does the man want to wake up early?
He has to catch an early train. He wants to make a phone call. He’s going to take a morning plane. He wants to hear the weather report. 60. How will the weather be tomorrow? Snowy. Rainy. Cold. Hot. 61. What time will the man wake up? 5:30. 6:00. 6:30. 8:00.

23 62. Where is the woman going to see the movie?
At home. At the college. At the theater. On the train. 63. What will the man do tonight? Watch the movie with the woman. Buy some tires for his car. Have dinner with friends. Go to sleep early. 64. When will they take the train tomorrow? Before breakfast. After breakfast. Before dinner. After dinner.

24 65. What did the man send the woman?
Some photographs. Some money. A report. A letter. 66. When did he send it? Sunday. Monday. Tuesday Wednesday 67. What does the woman ask the man to do? Pick up the mail. Buy her a new dress. Lend her more money. Send something to her home.

25 68. What sport does the man enjoy?
Golf. Tennis. Biking. Swimming. 69. Where does he practice it? At the hotel. At the park. At the exercise club. At the community center. 70. How often does he practice it? Two times a week. Three times a week. Four times a week. Five times a week.

26 Part 4: Talks Directions: You will hear a talk. In your test book, you will see three questions on the talk, each with four possible answers. Choose the best answer to the question and fill in the corresponding al on your answer sheet.

27 71. Who is the audience for this advertisement?
Airplane pilots. Business people. Tourists. Students. 72. Why is this computer useful away from the office? It’s portable. It can be rented. It has a long-life battery pack. It’s easy to use. 73. How can a customer get a discount on this computer? By ordering on line. By calling the company. By completing an application. By ordering next month.

28 74. What best describes the weather conditions the area is facing?
Cold. Fog. Snow and ice. Wind and rain. 75. What problems will this weather cause tomorrow? People will have trouble getting to work. People won’t have enough heat. Flights will be canceled. People should buy plenty of food. 76. How will the weather be tomorrow afternoon? Icy. Clear. Warmer. Freezing.

29 77. According to the study, who is expected to be the least fit?
A mail carrier. A construction worker. An oil rigger. An accountant. 78. Which is mentioned as a way to get more exercise? Doing aerobics after work. Riding a stationary bicycle during breaks. Walking during lunch. Stretching. 79. What advice is given about eating? Eat more at night. Don’t eat before bed. Eat fruit and vegetables. Don’t eat a lot of nuts.

30 80. Where would you be likely to hear this message?
At a government agency. On a personal phone. At a recording studio. On an intercom. 81. What type of message should you leave? Confidential. Clear. Detailed. Short. 82. What will happen if a caller dials ? He can apply for work. He will reach an office. He can leave a message. He will hear the time of day.

31 83. What can this company do for you?
Prepare your taxes. Claim your return. Write your financial records. Staff your accounting department. 84. How does the company determine its fees? By a flat rate. With a single price. By a prorated amount. By an hourly rate. 85. What should listeners do today? Provide financial records. Make an appointment. Return to the office. Pay their taxes.

32 86. What did the airlines do to increase sales?
Reduce ticket prices. Provide more polite service. Make partnerships with hotels. Serve better meals. 87. Why have these airlines lost customers? Fewer people are flying. The planes were always late. Regional airlines are competing. It’s off-season. 88. What percentage of its customers did Sky King Airways lose in the past year? 15%. 20%. 25%. 50%.

33 89. Who would be likely to call this number?
A salesperson. A computer user. A customer service representative. An accountant. 90. What will happen in the caller presses 1? She will get help. She can buy software. She will hear about new products. She can get an update. 91. What should you do if you want information not listed? Dial 10. Hang up and call again. Go to a local store. Stay on the line.

34 92. What is the destination for this flight?
Dallas. Houston. Madison. Wilmington. 93. What does the captain say about the flight? It will be late. There will be turbulence. It will be smooth. Thy flying altitude will be low. 94. What is the weather like there? Humid. Rainy. Breezy. Sunny.

35 95. What kind of problem does the area have?
There was an accident on the freeway. The area is flooded. There was a fire. There was an earthquake. 96. Why are local relief centers running low on food? Flood victims have filled the shelters. Food spoiled because of moisture. There was too much rain to grow food. They cannot deliver the food. 97. If you want to donate food, where should you take it? To the public. The relief center. The radio station. A food collection center.

36 98. What will take place in seven days?
The voic system will change. This customer will get a new telephone. This customer will get a new telephone number. The telephone company’s Web address will change. 99. How can a customer save a message? Press two. Press four. Press seven. Press nine. 100. How can a customer learn about all of the new codes? Press ten. Press the star key. Visit the company’s Web site. Listen to the entire message.

37 This is the end of the Listening Comprehension portion of the test.
Turn to Part 5 in your test book.

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