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Taking the Password Maths Test for Bahrain Polytechnic.

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1 Taking the Password Maths Test for Bahrain Polytechnic

2 Candidate Details Complete this section with information about yourself. You will be asked for your name, date of birth, identification details and first language. WAIT for the invigilator to check your candidate details.

3 Test Overview 41 questions (timed) 90 minutes 4 sections You may use paper and/or a calculator to work out your answers

4 Test Overview When expressing a number or a symbol raised to a power, use the carat symbol (for example x^3 is x 3 ) When expressing a fraction, use the forward slash key (for example ½) When writing a formula, do not put any spaces between numbers or symbols Answers should be in number format (for example: 34 not thirty four)

5 Section: Example The following slides will show examples of some, but not all question types in the test

6 Section: Example Calculation Calculate (14 x 5 x 4)/(28 x 2) Percentages Express 3/20 as a percentage Calculate 15% of 36, to one decimal place Ratios Divide 180 into a ratio of 2:3

7 Section: Example Algebra Calculate the value of x. 7x + 8 = 29 Calculate the value of x. 2x 2 + 4x – 4 = 0 Solve 7 3x = 21, give your answer correct to two decimal places Equations Simplify (a 3 b 5 )/(abc 3 ) Rearrange V = lwh/3 to make h the subject

8 The Screen You can see how much time you have

9 Navigation A black box will appear around the question you are currently on. When you answer a question the colour of the box will change to white. If you do not answer a question the colour will stay yellow. This will remind you to go back to this question before you click finish section.

10 When you have answered all the questions in a section click FINISH SECTION. This will take you to the next section. You CANNOT return to a finished section.

11 Warning Message If you click Finish Section before you have answered all questions, you will get the message below. If you cannot answer any more questions and you wish to finish the section, choose “OK”. If you did this by mistake and wish to complete answering the questions, choose “Cancel”.

12 Good luck!

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