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FCAT TEST-TAKING TIPS Reading, Reading,Mathematics&Science.

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1 FCAT TEST-TAKING TIPS Reading, Reading,Mathematics&Science

2 Reading and Answering Multiple Choice Questions

3 First Preview your passage and questions Number your paragraphs if you need to monitor yourself. Pay attention to Text Features: Words in bold, italics, UPPERCASE, underlined, (in parenthesis); graphics- maps, tables, graphs, captions, glossaries, pictures and footnotes.

4 Underline or circle new words or phrases in each question that tell you what you need to consider when answering the question. You can write brief notes in the margin of long paragraphs to remind yourself of the main idea or points in the paragraphs.

5 Read each part of the test carefully to understand what is being asked of you. Read all your answer choices before choosing an answer. It is good to eliminate choices that you think do not answer the question (Process of Elimination). Remember to re-check your answer choice by referring to the passage to find stated or implied supporting details

6 When changing answers make sure to erase completely Allot about two minutes to answer each multiple choice question. If a question seems difficult, skip it and go on to another question and return to it later. Answer All the questions on the test. Do not leave any answer blank.

7 Computer Test: Re-Takers, 10 th Grade Math & 9 th Grade Algebra Become familiar with the tools on your screen before the Test at www. Use your highlighting tool as much as possible to note important details. Practice the process of elimination with your Elimination Choice tool (X). Use the Note Pad to write marginal notes about questions and paragraphs.

8 Computer Test Pay attention to all Text Features - maps, graphs, tables, pictures, italics Use the icons to locate the Math Reference Sheet and Calculator. (A Calculator and hardcopy of the Reference Sheet will be available to you, if you prefer these.) To input numbers on the Math Grid click the bubbles or use the keyboard.

9 Computer Test Answer all questions given to you. Review your Test questions and wait for the Test Administrator’s instructions before you submit your Test.

10 Reminders Dress comfortably and appropriately. Have a good sleep the night before the Test. Eat breakfast on the morning of the Test Secure all electronic devices as instructed Remember to follow all instructions given by the Test Administrator. Good Luck Eagles!

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