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Quality control of TB Programme Anthony Duignan SVI.

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1 Quality control of TB Programme Anthony Duignan SVI

2 Object of Presentation Brief outline of Irish programme Management structures Brief outline of Delivery Quality Control of the TB Programme

3 Quality Control Issues 1.Equipment 2.Tuberculin 3.Veterinarians 4.Laboratories 5.Meat inspection

4 Eradication Programme Requirements under 64/432 EU Annual herd test of all herds 123,000 Single intra-dermal cervical comparative tuberculin test Prompt removal of reactors 2x60 Day Reactor Retests 6 Month Check Tests Contiguous Herd- Tests Special Check Tests

5 Management Committee Chaired by Asst. Secretary General Includes administrative, veterinary and technical staff, including regional representatives Monthly meetings Determines overall TB eradication policy Resolves operational issues

6 District Veterinary Offices Programme is implemented by 28 local District Veterinary Offices (DVO) Each DVO under supervision of SVI DVOs divided into 4 regions supervised by 4 Regional Senior Superintending Veterinary Inspectors Close liaison between administrative and veterinary officers at regional level and between regional and HQ

7 Programme Instructions Veterinary Inspectorate VI Manual Amendments by circular pending manual review Private Veterinary Practitioners (PVP) Testing instructions (Document ER4) Revised annually Written acknowledgement required

8 V.I. Manual for management of TB infected herds –Test interpretation –Herd categorisation –Contiguous Programme –Depopulation –Factory Lesion –Inconclusives –Supplementary Testing Revised 2007 Policy Standard Operating Procedures

9 Private Veterinary Practitioner Registered with The Veterinary Council of Ireland Authorised by Minister Approved to carry out TB Testing by Department of Agriculture

10 Approval for testing New applicants for approval must attend formal training And display competence at supervised test Familiarity with ER4 instructions Contract

11 Quality Controls McLintock Syringes Manufactured at Barr Knight Mclintock, Scotland Individually identified Annual service requirement of 2 Syringes per PVP per annum, certified by approved companies (3) Service companies laboratories, equipment, procedures and records inspected annually Service personnel must have been trained at Barr Knight McLintock

12 Animal Health Computer System Electronic Communication between PVP and District Veterinary Office View lists of herd tests for testing Input itineraries and get test approval Download herd profiles Record and report electronically Access herd history of clients

13 DVO monitoring of the quality of TB testing a) Annual visit to PVP premises. b) Administrative checks on PVP performance based on analysis of testing data (Specialist report ER13A) c) Supervisory field inspections carried out by a Veterinary Inspector (VI report ER13).

14 Administrative checks of PVP performance 1.Syringe Certification 2.Declaration relating to ER4 Instructions 3.Submission of Advance itineraries (ER 9). Details proposed time and date of test Electronic submission up to previous day

15 Administrative checks of PVP performance 1.Applications for private test approval and submission of private test reports. 2.Punctuality of submission of test reports. 3.Entry of test details such as date stamping, herd number and signature of PVP on passports. (Monitored routinely at marts, export points and slaughter plants).

16 Supervisory Field Inspections Technique Disinfection of foot-ware protective clothing on arrival and departure Recording details of animals presented for test Testing of properly identified animals only Location of injection sites Clipping of injection sites

17 Supervisory Field Inspections Technique Measurement & recording of skin thickness pre- injection Intradermal injection of tuberculin – production of “pea” Collection of animal passports Palpation, measurement & recording the skin measurement at each injection site for each animal tested at 72 hours (+/- 4 hours)

18 Disease Detection Performance APT Animals Positive per Thousand Tested Inconclusive Reactor Animal disclosure Rate TB lesions found in recently tested animals Reactor animals disclosed in recently tested animals

19 Bacteriology Laboratory National Reference Laboratory ISO accreditation Diagnostics ~5,000 samples per annum Anamnestic ELISA Gamma Interferon at UCD & Sligo RVL ~12,000 samples per annum DNA fingerprinting Strain typing Research Potency trials

20 Summary Brief outline of Irish programme Management structures Brief outline of Delivery Quality control issues 1.Equipment 2.Tuberculin 3.Veterinarians 4.Laboratories 5.Meat inspection

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