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What  The issue is about people in Slavery Where  It happen in Cambodia.

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2 What  The issue is about people in Slavery

3 Where  It happen in Cambodia.

4 When  It happen in the year 2011.

5 Who  Children: Victim  Adults: the one who ask the children to do the work but without paying them.  Organizations: Ankuram Woman and Child Development Society in India, Asociación el Refugio de la Niñez in Guatemala and Home of Hope in South Africa.

6 Why  Because of poverty, socio-economic imbalance between rural and urban areas, increased tourism, lack of unemployment, education, and safe migration

7 How 1.Parents, relatives, friends, intimate partners, or neighbors don’t have any money so they sell kids and also adults so that they could get money 2.They are being sold and usually go to another country. 3.They are asked to work hard but being paid a little.


9 CRCIdeal applicationResponsibilities CRC: Article 35 (Abduction, sale and trafficking): The government should take all measures possible to make sure that children are not abducted, sold or trafficked. This provision in the Convention is augmented by the Optional Protocol on the sale of children, child prostitution and child pornography. Children’s should get protection from being trafficked or sold because children should have time to play and not work for many hours a day. After the children’s are saved from being trafficked they should try to take care of them selves and do good things and not doing something inappropriate. Article 32 (Child labour): The government should protect children from work that is dangerous or might harm their health or their education. While the Convention protects children from harmful and exploitative work, there is nothing in it that prohibits parents from expecting their children to help out at home in ways that are safe and appropriate to their age. If children help out in a family farm or business, the tasks they do be safe and suited to their level of development and comply with national labour laws. Children's work should not jeopardize any of their other rights, including the right to education, or the right to relaxation and play. Children shouldn’t do something dangerous or something that could harm them because they are our future generation and they also have rights. If children didn’t do something dangerous or something that could harm them they shouldn’t do something inappropriate for their age. Article 36 Children should be protected from any activities that could harm their development. Sometimes if children experience something bad in their life they will have trauma. Children’s should stay away from the things that scares them if they know. Article 11 Governments should take steps to stop children being taken out of their country illegally. Children’s should be near their parents and protected by their parents because children doesn’t really understand much thing and they still need adult’s help. If they stay with their parents they need to respect their parents and obey them.

10 UUPAIdeal applicationResponsibility MEMUTUSKAN : Menetapkan :UNDANG- UNDANG TENTANG PERLINDUNGAN ANAK. BAB I KETENTUAN UMUM Pasal 1 15. Perlindungan khusus adalah perlindungan yang diberikan kepada anak dalam situasi darurat, anak yang berhadapan dengan hukum, anak dari kelompok minoritas dan terisolasi, anak yang dieksploitasi secara ekonomi dan/atau seksual, anak yang diperdagangkan, anak yang menjadi korban penyalahgunaan narkotika, alkohol, psikotropika, dan zat adiktif lainnya (napza), anak korban penculikan, penjualan, perdagangan, anak korban kekerasan baik fisik dan/atau mental, anak yang menyandang cacat, dan anak korban perlakuan salah dan penelantaran. Children need special protection because children doesn’t really understand things and they need to know things that they shouldn’t do like using drugs, alcohol, and other dangerous things. Children should obey what the things they shouldn’t do and learn well to do something good.

11 Biography  in-slavery.html?ref=childlabor in-slavery.html?ref=childlabor  a a  fight-human-trafficking/ fight-human-trafficking/

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