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Financial Management Line of Business DOD – ASMC March 3, 2015 1.

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1 Financial Management Line of Business DOD – ASMC March 3, 2015 1

2 2 Why Shared Services? Supports OMB Memo 3-18 Reduces redundant systems Reduces federal govt. financial management costs Good Government Relieve customer of process burden Focus on mission Focus on analysis and policy Proven across large customer base Compliant Allows all agencies to benefit from lessons learned Enhances collaboration Focus on Core Mission Leverage Standard Processes/Systems Leverage Best Practices

3 3 Shared Services Myths “The rigid standardization of shared services will not fit my needs” 2 “I will reap immediate savings by moving to shared services.” 3 “The parent agency of my provider will always receive first priority in terms of customer service.” 4 “I will lose control of my financial operations.” 1

4 History What began in 1996 as: 220 employees and 0 customers A simple concept that we could provide common administrative services to other government entities wherever they were located. Very simple goals of: – Hiring and retaining employees in local community – Lowering costs to customers thru reduced overhead – Lowering costs to the Federal Government through a competitive environment with a focus on standardization – Allowing customers to focus on their mission 4

5 Evolution In 2015 we have evolved into: An organization of over 1300 employees Providing services in five business lines – Financial management – 41 customers – Procurement – 40 customers – Travel – 49 customers – Human resources – 28 customers – IT services – 20 customers Annual revenue in excess of $250 million Currently implementing our first Cabinet Level agency – HUD 5

6 Evolution (cont.) Financial Management: 12 consecutive years of clean SSAE16 (formerly SAS70) audit and 247 clean financial statement customer audits One of only four financial management Federal Shared Service Providers servicing a diverse customer base 6 Appropriated No year Trust Revolving Special Borrowing Receipt Account Diversity Organizational Diversity Independent Government corp. Inspector Generals Departmental Bureaus Grants Loans Pensions Foreign Manufacturing, Non-federal Investments Employee Benefits Transactional Diversity

7 7 Integrated Oracle Federal Financials Platform

8 8 System and personnel scalability Ability to scale up quickly Shared costs of infrastructure offers considerable savings during technology upgrades Cost-effective modernizations Knowledgeable, well-trained staff in all areas of support Experienced well-trained staff Systems, processes and procedures that all support outstanding audit history Audit Opinion Track Record Benefits of Shared Services

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