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Research Admin Buzz Tuesday, June 11.

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1 Research Admin Buzz Tuesday, June 11

2 Research Integrity Assurance
Mary Beran Research Admin Buzz meeting

3 Include Doc ID or project number in all emails please!
Export Review Updates Include Doc ID or project number in all s please!


5 EC Review Prior to Submission
Proposals with any of the following need an export review (note: review must be completed before sending to foreign sponsor): Foreign Sponsor Proprietary or Export-Controlled information to be disclosed or transferred to a foreign entity by GT during proposal stage Proposals with Foreign Sub Recipient Monitoring

6 What to submit for review:
Export Control Review PI/PD Certification for Sponsored Programs OSP Routing Sheet Proposal or Statement of Work (SOW) Draft is ok – it does not need to be the final version as long as the content is there. Proposals will NOT be submitted to a Foreign Sponsor without an Export Review.

7 click on Forms & Procedures

8 EC Review at time of Award
Any award from (including subs): DOD, NASA, or DOE; Any award with international collaborations, international research locations, international shipping, or international deliverables; Any award involving a Foreign Military or Government; Any Terms or Conditions limiting access or dissemination (publication) including: Distribution Statements B-X, ITAR, FOUO, CUI, FOUO, SBU, Publication Restriction (including ; ; DARPA-G-9000; SPAWAR-C-327); Foreign National Notification, Approval or Restriction (including ; ); ITAR/Export Controlled Data (including ; ); Directed Security Requirements (including ; ); or Classified projects

9 OSP CO will request Export Form
Export Control Review PI/PD Certification for Sponsored Programs TCP Security Questionnaire for PI to Complete Funds will NOT be released until Export Review (and TCP if required) is complete.

10 click on Forms & Procedures

11 TCP Generally Required
What projects need a TCP? Clause/Restriction TCP Generally Required Publication Restriction X Publication Approval ( or others) Publication Review (less than 60 days) Foreign National Restriction/Approval Foreign National (or all personnel) Prior Notification EAR Restricted Technology Export Controlled/ITAR ( , ) SBU: Sensitive but Unclassified ( or others) FOUO – For Official Use Only, OUO – Official Use Only NASA Funded project GTRI project (Export Controlled under classified and unclassified projects) GTRI Master TCP*

12 Hosting Foreign Visitors & Guest

13 Questions

14 Grants and Contracts Accounting
Sandy Mason Research Admin Buzz meeting

15 G&C Updates Fiscal Year-End Expenditure Review
Timely posting of allowable costs to sponsored projects Use online administrative tools to transfer transactions (Pcard online JE, Electronic Cost Transfers, SPD) prior to FY13 close Awards in Exception status (over-budget, past-term) should be cleared or documented Utilize Open Encumbrance Report to review subcontract encumbrances that are unbilled or underbilled Meet announced deadlines to ensure timely processing

16 G&C Updates Fiscal Year-End Cost Sharing
Allowable expenses should be posted to separately-budgeted companion cost share projects as incurred during the award performance period Verifiable from the recipient’s records Are not paid by the Federal government, unless authorized Necessary and reasonable Allowable Provided for in the approved budget when required Prior year documentation and certification require additional approvals and are problematic from a billing/reporting perspective

17 G&C Updates ARRA Reporting – Quarter ending 6/30/13
PI Quarterly Update Deliverables Timely submission by stated OSP deadlines – The reports must be filed by the Federal deadline of 7/10/13 OMB Guidance – Acceleration of Unspent Funds Federal Agencies have been directed to take steps to complete ARRA projects by 9/30/13 NSF – NSF CAREER awards have received waivers to expend funds beyond 9/30/13 GT Subawards under ARRA prime – have waivers been granted and documented?

18 G&C Updates Subrecipient Monitoring
Continues to receive emphasis from Federal agencies Roles and Responsibilities detailed in OSP policy – Assess risk Correlation between programmatic progress and financial progress Cost Sharing documentation, if applicable G&C Accounting can provide assistance

19 Office of Sponsored Programs
Michelle Powell Research Admin Buzz meeting

20 Research Portal

21 Research Portal

22 Research Portal

23 Office of Sponsored Programs
Candice Ferguson Research Admin Buzz meeting

24 Staff Changes Old New Bob Simpkins, Assoc Dir.
Dennis Farmer, Div. Manager- DOD Janis Goddard, Div. Manager- Other Federal Roberta Burke- CO, Industry under Gov. Prime Dana Simpson, Int. Assoc Dir Roberta Burke, Div. Manager- DOD Lakita Brooks, Div. Manager- Other Federal Teri Hansen- CO, Industry under Gov. Prime

25 OSP Vacancies NSF (College of Computing) and DHHS (including NIH)
See Lakita Brooks Dept of Agriculture (USDA) See Chris D’Urbano Dept of Interior See Serelia Woods Dept of Labor See Angie Steltzer

26 Transitioning Faculty
**Notice to Departments** Please notify the CO for faculty members that are leaving the institution permanently or will be absent from campus from greater than 90 days.

27 Ad Hoc Reporting Changes
Issue: Selecting “AGING” Results would include “PACKAGING” Resolved: Results now show “AGING”, “AGING _________”

28 Deliverables: Final Reports

29 Deliverables: DOE Finals
Click to Certify

30 Deliverables: RCR Click to Certify

31 RCR Policy Reminder Applies to ungrads, grads, and postdocs 2 parts
CITI Online Training (done within 90 days of appointment) In-person Training (done within 1 year of appointment) RCR Training Plan at time of proposal 3rd Page of the Routing Sheet Annual Certification by PI

32 RCR Policy Reminder NIH NSF
D43, D71, F05, F30-34, F37-38, K01-02, K05, K07-08, K12, K18, K22-26, K30, K99/R00, KL1-L2, R25, R36, T15, T32, T34-37, T90/R90, TL1, TU2, U2R 8 hours of in-person training Retraining every 3 years All awards proposed after January 2010 4 hours of in-person training

33 RCR Policy Reminder RCR/Ethics Flag in T/Cs RCR Deliverable
The policy currently applies to NSF and NIH, be on the lookout for other sponsors Non-compliance will result in moving charges for student assistants and postdocs from projects

34 RCR Training Dates OSP RCR Workshop (all sessions will be held in the IBB Seminar Room 1128): - Mentoring and Collaborative Research: July 11th, 11:00 – 12:00 - Authorship:  July 11th, 12:00 – 1:00 - Human Subjects Research:  July 12th, 11:00 – 12:00 -  Research Misconduct:  July 12th, 12:00 – 1:00

35 Importing Subawards in Cayuse
.cayuse or .pdf ( RR Fed/Non-Fed Budget) in Cayuse 424 folder

36 Importing Subawards in Cayuse
RR Subaward Budget Attachment (check box) Import Subaward Brown Bag: Tuesday, June 18 from 12-1pm.

37 Proposed Circular Changes
Comments to Proposed Changes to be distributed on the RAB listserv Highlights .108 OMB Responsibilities OMB establish specific criteria for agencies to use in requesting exemptions and provide a mechanism for commenting on and resolving issues related to such exemptions (i.e. reporting requirements, F&A rate establishment, and audit standards)

38 Proposed Circular Changes
Highlights .501(c) Subrecipient Management Additional subrecipient monitoring of institutions that are subject to direct monitoring is burdensome and expensive Pass-through entities be allowed to rely on A-133 audits of subs and only monitor in cases when specific findings and questioned costs on subaward/contract issued by prime awardee Rely on corrective action plans being monitored by subs A-133 auditor

39 Proposed Circular Changes
Highlights .612(d) Treatment of Administrative and Clerical Salaries Make it clear that the costs of the administrative and clerical salaries should be identified with the project activity (as opposed to being a F&A charge) Should not be prohibited from rebudgeting in accordance with Federal awarding agency’s guidelines

40 Wide Area Workflow (WAWF)
DOD Contracts Monthly Reporting by PI Developing training materials to be made available online

41 Contractor Manpower Reporting System Depts need to register within system OSP has instructions for accessing the system Developing training materials to be made available online

42 Sequestration Updates

43 Research Admin Buzz Thank you for coming

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