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Agenda Background – LRP 2008-2016 Long Range Facilities Plan 2013-2017 Planning Survey and Process Enrollment Projections Academic Program Needs ASF to.

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2 Agenda Background – LRP 2008-2016 Long Range Facilities Plan 2013-2017 Planning Survey and Process Enrollment Projections Academic Program Needs ASF to FTE Projections Summary Long Range Facilities Plan Questions, Considerations and Comments Campus Detail Classroom Utilization Swing Space Needed CPCC and County Timeline

3 LRP Planning Process used in 2007 NCCCS Planning Process CCBenefits Data Listening Forums Enrollment Projections Program Outlook Survey

4 CPCC 10-Year Enrollment Projections in 2006

5 Future High Growth Programs Identified AA, AS and AFA Degree Programs (General Education Courses) Developmental/Remediation Courses Basic Skills Programs Health Care and Sciences Programs Information Technology Programs Geospatial Program Manufacturing & Engineering Technologies Construction and Trades Green Industry Education and Teacher Training New and Expanded Continuing Education Programs Library Resources

6 Summary of 10-Year Plan in 2008 PROJECT NEW GSF REHAB GSFAMOUNTTOTAL 2008 Basic Skills Literacy Center60,000$18.9 mil 2009 Levine Campus Phase 3 Advanced Tech Center Rehab Ballantyne Center (included in PLCMC) Cato Campus Phase 3 120,000 50,000 63,690 $43.2 mil $16.2 mil $17.5 mil $76.9 mil 2011 Kratt Replacement Hagemeyer LRC Rehab 100,000 110,493 $35.1 mil $26.4 mil $61.5 mil 2013 North Campus Phase 4 Central Campus @ Charlottetowne 60,000 100,000 $28.5 mil $38.0 mil $66.5 mil 2015 Central Campus @ Central High Future Northwest Campus 100,000 $41.1 mil $82.2 mil 2017 Central Campus @ Quad100,000$37.0 mil 10-Year Total790,000174,183$343 mil Note: Based on current construction cost estimates shown in current dollars with estimated inflation of 7% in 2008; 8% in 2009-11; 4% thereafter.

7 Completed Construction Projects PROJECTCOMPLETION DATE 3D Visual Arts, CATNovember 2009 Culinary Arts BuildingNovember 2009 Student Deck IJanuary 2010 Health CareersApril 2010 Faculty DeckJune 2010 Student Deck 3August 2010 Cato Foodservice, BookstoreJanuary 2012

8 Construction Projects -WIP PROJECTCOMPLETION DATE Harper Addition & RenovationMay, June, July 2012 CAT Scene ShopJuly 2012 Taylor Hall ExpansionJuly 2012 Central High Renovation ESSDecember 2012 Education CenterDecember 2012 Central Energy PlantSpring 2013 New Classroom BuildingNovember 2013 Citizens Renovation, Data CenterDecember 2013

9 33 high priority requests were voted on by members of Facilities Partners The Academic Programs survey section resulted in 55 requests for new or renovated space Academic Program Planning Survey Results in 2012 Top Academic Programs Indicating Maximum Growth Potential Sciences General Education Basic Skills Nursing Education Paralegal Technology Library Resources EMS and EMT Culinary Arts Re-Careering Center Career and College Promise Arts and Communication Dental Assisting The 55 requests were prioritized by the Academic Deans and the VP, Learning Unit January 2012: Online Survey was developed by the Office of Planning and Research

10 Top 5 Program Growth Requirements Program Projected Increase in FTE (Difference) Projected Increase in # of Sections Needed Space Requirements by Program Area (# of class rooms, computer labs, other labs, offices) Projected Increase in ASF based on standards in State of NC Comprehensive Planning Program (2010) Projected increase in GSF Needed Sciences166.0443 14 Science Labs 2 Computer Labs 8 Offices 4 Cubicles 29.080 48,467 General Education272.66119 23 Classrooms 10 Computer Labs 3 Science Labs 2 Art Labs 6 Offices 6 Cubicles 40,019 66,698 Basic Skills122.961025 12 Classrooms 2 Computer Labs 3 Offices 3 Cubicles 12,790 21,317 Nursing37.7710 10 Classrooms/Labs 2 Simulation Labs 2 Computer Labs 14 Offices 26,160 43,600 Paralegal Tech.37.7317 4 Classrooms 4 Computer Labs 2 Offices 3 Cubicles 8,900 14,833 TOTALS637.161214 116,949 194,915

11 Updated 5-Year Enrollment Projections 35 percent FTE growth 12 percent FTE growth

12 Updated List of Projects 2012

13 Questions, Considerations, Comments All prices are based on FY 2012 costs. Additional land is a critical needs. The acquisition of land at existing campuses is addressed. Building of a new campus is not addressed. Utilization of space at each campus should be a factor in project prioritization. Should the expansion or moving of major programs (i.e. health, trades, etc.) be considered? Planning for swing space during facility renovation or demolishing must be included.

14 Actual ASF vs. County Goal of 90% ASF

15 Swing Space Needed Renovation of Giles Hendrick Automotive Expansion Terrell Renovation and Expansion Basic Skills Literacy Center Cato Parking Adv. Technology Center Renovation & Expansion Kratt Replacement Hagemeyer LRC Renovation

16 CPCC and County Timeline June 11, 2012 – Cabinet review of plan June 11, 2012 – Draft of plan to Mecklenburg County staff June 13, 2012 – F&F Committee reviews the plan July 11, 2012 – Full Board reviews plan June 30, 2012 – CCBAC orientation process July – August 2012 – agencies present plans and needs to CCBAC September – December 2012 – CCBAC reviews, applies criteria, ranks and prioritizes plans. January 2013 – CCBAC recommendation to County Manager.

17 CPCC Campus Locations Cato Campus 8120 Grier Road Charlotte, NC 28215 704.330.4801 Harper Campus 315 West Hebron Street, Charlotte, NC 28273 704.330.4400 Merancas Campus (formerly North) 11930 Verhoeff Drive Huntersville, NC 28078 704.330.4101 Levine Campus 2800 Campus Ridge Road Matthews, NC 28105 704.330.4200 Harris Campus 3210 CPCC Harris Campus Drive Charlotte, NC 28215 704.330.4601 Central Campus 1201 Elizabeth Avenue Charlotte, NC 28235 704.330.2722

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