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Dave Ector COSMIC PM for OSD 4 November 10

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1 Dave Ector COSMIC PM for OSD 4 November 10
COSMIC 2 Update Dave Ector COSMIC PM for OSD 4 November 10


3 Requirements GNSSRO Level 1 Requirements Documents (L1RD) status
L1RD Completed and signed 5 May 2010 L1RD assessment underway Initial budget/partnerships for COSMIC-2 do not fully support all L1RD requirements C-2 was designed to be a replication of C-1 – except X2 satellites (12) All at 72 degrees 2 northern tracking stations with current latency (around 60 min average) L1RD requires 2 inclinations – 72 degrees and 24 degrees L1RD requires 45 min average latency Partnering with the AF for SSAEM sensors – 2 secondary payloads on 6 satellites AF purchase of rockets will close budget shortfall – allow us to meet all L1RD threshold requirements

4 COSMIC 2 Schedule

5 JPL TriG Schedule

6 Acquisition Environment
Solid support from NESDIS Very strong support from Weather Service Historically solid support from OMB New start – clearly at risk in this political environment Being sold as a VERY low hanging fruit – very large forecasting impacts for a small price – compared to other satellite programs Why not do this commercially? Is the #1 question from OMB and congress. International and government partnership leverage is one of our major selling points – we have outside contributions up to double the NOAA investment ($200+M)

7 COSMIC 2 Current Activity
Mission Definition Review – successfully completed in August TriG Payload SRR complete in August PDR planned for November Antenna design kicked off for COSMIC-2 Procurement strategy in draft Air Force is proceeding with partnership Payloads contracts work Discussions with STP for the Minotaur 4 – received ‘11 funding AF provided draft MOA under review at NOAA NSPO is moving forward quickly on spacecraft procurement RFI released in May 5 RFIs under review Plans to release RFP for 12 spacecraft by January NOAA working ground planning Discussions with KSAT on ground station options Working with UCAR on proposal to “operationalize” CDAAC processing software to install at NSOF

8 PM Summary COSMIC 2 is on schedule even with a 3-6 month CR
NASA started the NRE for the payload in April Internal planning money has help us get our international agreements complete JPL is working risk mitigation activities for the NOAA paylaod Taiwan is on track to award spacecraft contracts USAF partnership is imminent – comes with 2 launch vehicles Letter of intent from the AF Reviewing AF draft MOA Well coordinated L1RD is complete Pushed the limits of the original budget which was based on COSMIC 1 Can meet threshold requirements of L1RD now that the AF has joined the team by allocating LV money to ground stations – without requesting additional money

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