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National Laboratory Directors Council (NLDC)

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1 National Laboratory Directors Council (NLDC)
Marty Conger February 8, 2012

2 NLDC is made up of the Lab Directors from each of the DOE National Labs

3 The National Laboratory Directors Council (NLDC)
VISION: Collaborate with DOE on strategic issues and concerns of broad interest Provide a forum for discussing matters that impact effective and efficient mission execution STRUCTURE: Executive Committee represents all Lab Directors Thom Mason (ORNL), Chair Paul Alivisatos (LBNL) Paul Hommert (SNL) Eric Isaacs (ANL) Rosio Alvarez (LBNL), Coordinator Standing Working Groups – each with a structure and appropriate links to DOE: Chief Research Officers (CRO) Chief Operations Officers (COO) Chief Information Officers (CIO) Chief Financial Officers (CFO) General Counsels (GC) Communication Officers (CCO)

4 NLDC Meetings and Activities
NLDC Executive Committee meets quarterly with Secretary of Energy Identify, discuss and resolve issues on behalf of the NLDC At least once a year a face to face meeting with all lab directors Other interactions as needed (interim NLDC meetings, Working Group tag ups, ad hoc calls with all Lab Directors, etc.) Past and continuing issues (old issues never really die…) Nuclear energy – clarifying the technological roadmap Branding the Labs as a national, strategic asset Cost of Doing Business ARRA Specific issues currently warranting NLDC attention: Reform Initiative (Safety, Security, Cyber, Integrated Management System) Programmatic initiatives/mission enablers (i.e., ARPA-E, Hubs) Work for Others (WFO) Working with Industry Industry Forums (two held) Tech Transfer including Agreements for Commercializing Technology (ACT) Non-Federal WFO Sustianability Contractor Assurance (CAS) OMB dislike of M&O contracts

5 Burdensome Policies A successful process initiated by NLDC
Over 100 onerous areas of opportunity identified – culled down to top 20 via NLDC community vote Initially a challenge by the Secretary - strong support & visibility Significant outcomes: Salary approvals (minimized & allow 10% contractor discretion) Buy American Act threshold raised from $100k to $500k Ability to accept vendor T&Cs up to $100k Class approval of Davis Bacon determinations Capitalization threshold raised from $50k to $500k More participative process for Acquisition Letters (AL) AL guidance that reasonable error rates are an allowable cost Eliminated DOE approvals on foreign travel - data reporting only Launched Integrated Management System (IMS) effort

6 Burdensome Policies, cont.
Work in Progress Front loading of OMB quarterly apportionments Lab participation as a partner in response to federal RFPs Improvements to funds distribution (reduce 6-8 week process to a matter of days)


8 Topics Discussed by NLCRO Group
Mission: S&T strategy and operational aspects that could impact R&D Chair: Steve Ashby (PNNL) Specific issues have included: Future of the National Labs – transition paper Energy White Paper Workforce Development issues Nanosafety – a model for developing directives collaboratively Specific Issues currently are: International Strategy Relationship with DHS and how science and the Labs can support their mission S&T basis for cross-cutting programs Foreign Visits and Assignments Accelerator Safety Order

9 Topics Discussed by NLCOO Group
Mission: General Operational Issues Chair: Mike Schlender (PNNL) Typically the interface to groups such as EFCOG (link to broader DOE complex) as the overlap in interest is strongest Chair serves on Directives Review Board (DRB) Specific issues currently are: Safety and Security Reform (what vs. how) Relying on the Contractor Assurance System (less DOE oversight) Project Management Sustianability Infrastructure Investments Implementing the Integrated Management System Other DOE Orders (ConOps, Radiation Protection of the Environment and Public, Aviation Safety)

10 Topics Discussed by NLCIO Group
Mission: Cybersecurity and IT issues Chair: Tom Harper (LANL) Specific issues currently are: Cyber Security Reform Implement risk-based approach Engage beyond DOE on high value use of information to enhance missions (e.g., with NIST) Enhance collaboration capabilities and create communities of interest Improve collaboration infrastructure of NLCIO Council as first step Foster multi-lab evaluation, development and test deployment of new and innovative information technology to support mission, efficient operation and secure environments Cloud usage Evaluation of various technologies

11 Topics Discussed by NLCFO Group
Mission: All things Financial Chair: Marty Conger (PNNL) Routine interactions with DOE CFO Accomplishments: Pension and Benefit metrics (visibility of cost issue and outliers) Institutional Cost Reporting replacing Functional Cost Consistent funding model for Safeguards and Security GPP/IGPP threshold raised to $10M Conference management order revisions (joint with CROs) Resolved total time reporting not required for EVMS certification Streamlined Alternative Financing guide/process (joint with COOs, GC and OECM) Specific issues currently are: Pensions and Benefits Developing and Implementing ACT Cost of Doing Business OMB Quarterly apportionment

12 Topics Discussed by NLGC Group
Mission: Cross-cutting group that evaluates any issues with a legal aspect Chair: Nicole Porter (ORNL) Interfacing directly and routinely with DOE GC Specific issues currently are: Contractor liability for legal cost New Part 719 shifts more risk to contractors Streamlining workforce restructuring approvals ACT Implementation Liability and indemnification under ACT Contracting processes

13 Topics Discussed by NLCCO Group
Mission: Develop, enhance and communicate a unified image and branding for the National Labs Chair: Matt Howard (ANL) Newest working group, recently stood up Accomplishments: Produced the publication “50 Breakthroughs from America’s National Labs” Specific issues currently are: Messaging to OMB and Congress on value of the National Labs and M&O model Relationship managemnt with OSTP Other areas under development

14 Other NLDC Interactions and Activities
Field Management Council Representatives from DOE Complex on Federal side Overlap in interests (reform, contracting, delegation of authority, etc.) Mike Weis (PNSO) is the Chair Operations Management Council (OMC) Chaired by Deputy Secretary Poneman Decision-making on a number of operational issues Energy Facilities Contractors Group (EFCOG) Discussions routinely with their Executive Committee Secretary’s office to set agendas and handle issues “off-line”

15 So… Are we making any progress?
Lots of Evidence Routine Interactions with HQ Reform of Safety Directives Safeguards and Security Summit (April 14) Pension and Benefits Individual Directives Slow and Steady….. But don’t forget, the tortoise does win! Maintain a steady presence Consistent, transparent, collaborative, etc.

16 What’s Next Implement ACT Address OMB Concerns Alternative Financing
Three year pilot program Address OMB Concerns Develop comprehensive information to address lingering OMB and other external stakeholder concerns about the value and effectiveness of the National Labs and the M&O model Alternative Financing Work with the Secretary to develop acceptable parameters and structure for lease/financing options to acquire Lab facilities Work OMB concurrence Safety Culture Promote the role of the Labs in transforming safety in Laboratory environments Quadrennial Technology Review (QTR) Address the programmatic structural implications of this report and how does this impact budgets, etc.  

17 Questions?

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