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Capital Planning & Investment Control in The Federal Government.

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1 Capital Planning & Investment Control in The Federal Government

2 Agenda Introduction The Environmental Factors The CPIC Process The History of CPIC Impact Microsoft’s CPIC Solution

3 Introduction: CPIC Definition Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC) – A process to structure budget formulation and execution, and to ensure that investments consistently support the strategic goals of the Agency. [OMB]

4 And in plain English? WE -- Have a finite amount of money Must focus on agency mission, strategic goals, performance & outcomes Make strategic decisions about fiscal investments Must get the biggest “bang for the buck” Deliver on our commitment

5 The History of CPIC: Legislative Acts from 1990 to 2002

6 “Too often, today's project and service organizations are motivated by fear. They fear being out of line with the business. They fear disastrous cancellations and cost and schedule overruns. They fear ignorance of quality and the subsequent delivery of buggy, off-target applications. They fear over commitment, leading to schedule and quality problems.” - Daniel Stang, Gartner Group, 2005 The Fear Factors

7 Overcoming the Fear Factors Microsoft’s CPIC Solution provides: A central location for all projects and related information allowing for simplified tracking of IT Investments and their progress Real time insight throughout the entire project lifecycle including access to real time data concerning the health and direction of projects Earlier visibility into schedule, cost and organizational goal deviations at the point when corrective action can be taken

8 The CPIC Process: Select, Control & Evaluate Process & Timeline

9 The CPIC Process: Select, Control & Evaluate Roles & Responsibilities

10 Project Manager No single point of entry for data Limited access support for Telework Unknown allocations and current burn rates Investment Manager Duplicate data collection and reporting No fingertip access to data Detailed investment data inaccessible Portfolio Manager Incomplete Investment Inventory Inaccessible investment data Inefficient OMB budget submission process What is impacting you?

11 Microsoft’s CPIC Solution Provides CPIC Central – Greater Visibility & Insight CPIC Investment Workspaces – Improved Collaboration CPIC Portfolios – Complete Portfolio Modeling & Prioritization CPIC Project – Better Project Tracking & Monitoring OMB 300 Automation – Increased Efficiency & Reduction in Double Keying

12 CPIC Central: Visibility & Insight

13 CPIC Investment Workspace: Collaboration & Investment Lifecycle

14 CPIC Portfolio Center: Optimization & Modeling

15 CPIC Project Center: Tracking & Status



18 Item Submission Workflow

19 Portfolio Publish Workflow

20 OMB 300 Workflow

21 Stage 1 – Creating investment awareness Stage 2 – Building the investment foundation Stage 3 – Developing a complete investment portfolio Stage 4 – Improving the investment process Stage 5 – Leveraging IT for strategic outcomes The Microsoft CPIC Solution Scales as the Organization Matures

22 CollaborationInventory My Stage 1 CPIC Solution Project Tracking My Stage 2 CPIC Solution CPIC Solution Scaling Scenarios:

23 Microsoft Capital Planning & Investment Control: Maximizes the value of your Microsoft Investment while Solving the CPIC Challenge!



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