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ACF INTEROPERABILITY INITIATIVE State Systems Interoperability and Integration Projects United States Department of Health and Human Services Administration.

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1 ACF INTEROPERABILITY INITIATIVE State Systems Interoperability and Integration Projects United States Department of Health and Human Services Administration for Children and Families

2 Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) Division of State and Tribal Systems (DSTS) 2 ACF Interoperability Initiative Project Organization

3 3 Background: The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Partnership Fund for Program Integrity Innovation: The Partnership Fund for Program Integrity Innovation (the Partnership Fund) at OMB supports pilot projects to streamline administration processes and strengthen program integrity in federal assistance programs. These pilots help to advance methods to improve administrative efficiency, service delivery, and program integrity in federal government and the States to advance the priorities of promoting innovation and federal-state cooperation. The Partnership Fund awarded funds to HHS/ACF for the State Systems Interoperability and Integration Project grants. HHS/ACF, through OCSE, handled the award and ongoing monitoring of the grants. State Systems Interoperability and Integration Project Grants

4 4 Seven (7) Key Initiatives: 1)Establish and operate a Project Management Office (PMO) 2)Publish grants announcements, evaluate state proposals, and select the affordable care act (ACA) planning projects and award and monitor seven state systems interoperability and integration project grants 3)Establish and operate the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) Human Services Domain 4)Establish and operate a NIEM sub-group to provide coordination with CMS/CCIIO and their health services domain and other ACA-related work 5)Research, define and publish the National Human Services Interoperability Architecture (NHSIA) 6)Develop and publish a series of Interoperability Toolkits 7)Develop and publish a Confidentiality Toolkit ACF Human Services Interoperability Initiative Project

5 Partnership Fund Innovation Grants The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) granted ACF $8,000,000 in funds to provide to state human service agencies as grants. A total of 7 grants were awarded in October 2012 – grants ranged from $975,000 to $1,125,000. Funding was intended for projects that make an impact on interoperability between health and human services systems across a broad range of sharable programmatic functions. ACF Kick-Off Meeting – November 2012 Status of Interoperability Initiative Project Federal Perspectives and Expectations Federal Technical Assistance Planning Overview of Federal Technical Resources ACF Quarterly Visits – January 2013 to July 2013 Interoperability Initiative Project Review Noted Current Challenges and Potential Resolutions Shared Valuable Best Practices and Lessons Learned Reviewed Final Draft Report Requirements (15 Final Report Elements) 5 State Systems Interoperability Initiative Project Grants Recap

6 Partnership Fund Innovation Grants ACF All Grantees Webinars – April 2013 to June 2013 Project Discussions on Specific Topics Project Status Updates Shared Current Challenges and Lessons Learned Collaborative Forum – August 6, 2013 Presentations from Illinois and Maryland with Q&A Other S2I2 Grants Projects – In Process All Grants Officially Close on September 30, 2013 All Grantees Have Requested No-Cost Extensions S2I2 Grants Project Website ( Grants Project Volume – Available in Spring 2014 6 State Systems Interoperability Initiative Project Grants Recap

7 PurposeApproach To conduct research, promote awareness of interoperability benefits, and create a Systems Interoperability and Integration Plan. To create a community of practice for data sharing and develop a Governance Model for Data Sharing.  Study Team will conduct background research to identify current information management landscape and investigate new data sharing opportunities.  Convene Conferences to collaboratively develop the Systems Interoperability and Integration Plan and Governance Model for Data Sharing.  Prepare an Organizational Change Roadmap for Data Sharing to document a reusable change management process that can be used by other states. 7 S 2 I 2 Project Grants California Colorado PurposeApproach To build the data sharing infrastructure required to support and sustain this collaboration: "integrating systems and improving services".  Project will explore and plan for improved interoperability and integration.  Analyze new systems, technologies and approaches to connect across systems by leveraging existing state agency integration efforts.

8 PurposeApproach To research successful governance models which support interoperability and integration efforts.  Illinois intends to take a consolidated enterprise approach.  Established Framework Project provides the groundwork for tackling a critical and very complicated element of a successful interoperability project –developing a shared governance process. 8 S 2 I 2 Project Grants Illinois Indiana PurposeApproach To automate and improve the State’s Vital Records information, collection, and data- sharing of the birth/death registry information.  The project will develop the vital records system Indiana Vital Events Registry (IVER) that will allow for a more robust system with greater control for changes and enhancements.

9 PurposeApproach To facilitate development of planning documents to define interoperability and to examine the impact of interoperability on client outcomes at the practice level.  DHR proposes the planning of interoperability components and deliverables in three areas: Technology, Data Exchange and Governance Standards and The Practice of Integrating Health and Human Services.  Key deliverable – Social Return on Investment Calculator 9 S 2 I 2 Project Grants Maryland New York PurposeApproach To support the future design, development and implementation (DDI) of a New York State Children’s Passport (CP),  Project will work with the NYS Department of Health to plan an approach to establishing an interoperable, bi-directional information sharing capability.  OCFS will analyze three (3) options/alternatives to determine the optimal approach to developing a CP for its foster care population.

10 PurposeApproach To build a roadmap to improve both the quality and efficiency of operations.  This project will codify and execute infrastructure/data governance, web service governance, and business process governance models to meet the needs of the enterprise. 10 S 2 I 2 Project Grants Oklahoma

11 11 Governance Define interoperability and examine the impacts MD Explore and improve interoperability CO OK Research successful governance model IL Develop a shared governance process. Explore and plan interoperability CA Explore InteroperabilityProjects at a Small Scope Develop a Child’s Support Passport (CP) online reporting portal. NY Consolidate the Dept. of Health’s applications in one web-based solution IN A Comparison of Grant Projects S 2 I 2 Project Grants

12 Minimum Final Report Elements: 1. Outcomes 2. Exploration Questions 3. Options Considered 4. Options’ Impacts and Goals A. Reduce errors and improve program integrity. B. Improve administrative efficiency. C. Improve administrative efficiency. 5. Options’ Cost Benefit 6. Options’ Enterprise Architecture and/or Modules 7. Exploration Answers 8. End Result 9. Breadth 10. Human Services Program and Initiatives 11. Information Technology Initiatives 12. Health Intersection 13. Stakeholders 14. Privacy and Confidentiality Framework 15. Benefits to Other States 12 S 2 I 2 Project Grants

13 Continuing Federal Technical Resources  ACF Interoperability Initiatives website is at: priorities/interoperability priorities/interoperability  Have a question? Write us at our ACF Interoperability Initiatives email inbox at:  S 2 I 2 Project information, updates, and deliverables can be found at: 13 In Closing

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