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NanoEthicsBank Launch

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1 NanoEthicsBank Launch
May 1, 2007

2 NEB’s Position in NSF-Funded CNS
Ethics Component, Center for Nanotechnology and Society (CNS) CNS is a center made up of 4 units, two larger, two smaller, each with a lead institution Larger unit leaders: Arizona State University and University Of California, Santa Barbara Smaller unit leaders: Harvard and the University of South Carolina IIT is in the unit led by Harvard

3 The CNS, Harvard, and IIT This unit features among its projects NanoConnection to Society, an information portal to facilitate communication and research related to the development of nanotechnology The NanoEthics Bank is is one of the data base components of NanoConnection is designed as an international resource is a local resource for students, faculty, and researchers The NEB gives international visibility to IIT for its role in responsible development of nanotechnology

4 The NanoEthicsBank is a resource for researchers, scholars, students, and the general public who are interested in the social and ethical implications of nanotechnology. It includes: normative documents, such as guidelines for safety in the workplace descriptive materials, such as analysis of the U.S. government’s capacity for oversight and studies of the media coverage of nanotechnology.

5 Nanotechnology “Nanotechnology is the understanding and control of matter at dimensions of roughly 1 to 100 nanometers, where unique phenomena enable novel applications. Encompassing nanoscale science, engineering and technology, nanotechnology involves imaging, measuring, modeling, and manipulating matter at this length scale.” A nanometer is 1 billionth of a meter. National Nanotechnology Initiative Web site (accessed 4/11/2007)

6 Nanotechnology + Ethics
“Over time, nanotechnology should benefit every industrial sector and health care field. It should also help the environment through more efficient use of resources and better methods of pollution control. Nanotech does, however, pose new challenges to risk governance as well. Internationally, more needs to be done to collect the scientific information needed to resolve the ambiguities and to install the proper regulatory oversight. Helping the public to perceive nanotech soberly in a big picture that retains human values and quality of life will also be essential for this powerful new discipline to live up to its astonishing potential.” - Mihail Roco. ”Nanotechnology’s Future” Scientific American 295:2 August, pp. 39.

7 Nanotechnology + Ethics = NEB
Nanotechnology should be understood in a broad sense, one that includes not only scientific developments but also its wider social context. To enable this understanding the NEB has three main goals: to advance the knowledge and understanding of the nano area from a multidisciplinary perspective that includes the social sciences, humanities, as well as engineering and scientific disciplines to investigate institutions involved in nano developments and institutions that contribute to the oversight of developments relating to the environment and health to document efforts to engage members of the public in information systems and venues that allow two way conversation, public participation, and a measure of public input.

8 Opportunities to Inform and Engage
The NEB seeks to fulfill these goals by being a source for information and offering opportunities for interchange between members of the technical community, business leaders, ethicists, social scientists, students, teachers, researchers in the STS field, activist groups, and members of the general public.

9 Development of the NEB September 2005-March 2006 – Development of a bibliography of materials to be included in the NEB April 2006-October 2006: Test I of the NEB, a pilot covering the precautionary principle November 2006-February 2007 –Test II, bibliography entries added to NEB with annotations, new material added daily March 2007-April 2007 – Expanding search capacities, help functions added, web portal re-designed. May 2007-Future - launch of the NEB for IIT, modifying Test II according to user feedback Anurag – explain how database designed.

10 How can the NanoEthicsBank help me with my research or grant proposal?
Materials help put nanotechnology in a larger, societal perspective. Scope of the NEB includes the following categories: National and international initiatives to build an oversight framework, including regulation for nanotechnology. perception and acceptance of nanotechnology, media coverage, efforts of public engagement by governments, academic institutions, and industry Development of best practices for industry and businesses dealing in nanoparticles. Ethical development of nanotechnology: military use, privacy, bioethics and nanomedicine

11 Types of material in database
“Nano Risk Framework Draft” DuPont and the Environmental Defense Fund. February 26, 2007. Draft of a framework for industries and companies to deal with risk management for nanotechnology BASF. “Code of Conduct for Nanotechnology” Approved 2004. Code of Ethics developed by large international chemical company describing their commitment to the safe and responsible development and use of nanotechnology.

12 Types of material in database
Kahan, Dan M., Paul Slovic, Donald Braman, John Gastil, and Geoffrey L. Cohen. “Affect, Values, and Nanotechnology Risk Perceptions: An Experimental Investigation” From Social Sciences Network Web Library. March 7, 2007. Survey exploring how members of the public form judgments on the possible risks of nanotechnology National Institute for Safety and Health. “Progress Toward Safe Nanotechnology in the Workplace” February 2007. Report outlines advances made by NIOSH in researching the health and safety implications of engineered nanoparticles, and outlines areas where further research is needed. Toumey, Chris & Davis Baird. “Building Nanoliteracy in the University and Beyond” Nature Biotechnology June 2006 Describes programs at the University of South Carolina to promote interdisciplinary conversations about nanotechnology.

13 Who defines what is nanotechnology?
Scientists Eric K. Drexler. Engines of Creation, 1986 Richard Smalley. “Of Chemistry, Love, and Nanobots” Scientific American, September 2001 Political Leaders H.R. 766 ; 108th Congress, 1st session (2003)  ” To provide for a National Nanotechnology Research and Development Program , and for other purposes” Media Feder, Barnaby. “Technology: a look at the dark side” New York Times May 17, 2006 Standards-setting Organizations American National Standards Institute “ANSI-NSP priority recommendations related to nanotechnology standardization needs” November 14, 2004.

14 Audience of the NEB Scientists Engineers Business leaders
Policy makers Scholars & Researchers Students General Public All stakeholders

15 What are environmental groups and NGO’s saying about nanotechnology?
The ETC group, an NGO, recently sponsored a contest calling for individuals to design a warning label for nanotechnology. “Nano Risk Framework Draft” DuPont and the Environmental Defense Fund. February 26, 2007.

16 Selection of materials for the NEB
NEB represents the many sides of the nanotechnology debate. Friends of the Earth. “Nanomaterials, sunscreens, and cosmetics: Small ingredients, big risks” May 2006. Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association  “Comments of the CTFA regarding the scientific and legal issues associated with nanotechnology in personal care products” September 2006   Taylor, Michael. “Regulating Nanotechnology: Does the FDA have the tools it needs?” October 2006 Selection Committee to review materials in the NEB and make recommendations.

17 How does the media coverage influence the public’s perception of nanotechnology?
“Nanotech: Great New Scientific Industry operates at Incredibly Tiny Level” Patriot News. January 29, 2006 Weiss, Rick. “For Science, Nanotech Poses Big Unknowns”Washington Post. February 1, 2004. Lee, C., & Scheufele, D. A. (forthcoming). The influence of knowledge and deference toward scientific authority: A media effects model for public attitudes toward nanotechnology. Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly Friedman, Sharon M & Egolf, Brenda. “ Reporting the risks of nanotechnology in the media ” Presentation given for the Woodrow Wilson Center for Scholars’ Project on Emerging nanotechnologies. December 12, 2006.

18 Fixed Subject terms Fixed Subject terms
Public perception Media Coverage -Studies -in popular press -media frames Loosely based on the Library of Congress System Subject terms taken from the literature.

19 Which organizations are developing best practices for the handling of nanomaterials?
Studies: “Review of Safety Practices in the Nanotechnology Industry” International Council on Nanotechnology. October 18, 2006 Roco, Michail C. & Emily Litten “Survey on Nanotechnology Vol. B: The Role of Industry.” International Risk Governance Council Nanotechnology Working Group. April 2006. Efforts are being made to locate and obtain permission to include examples in the NEB, so far few are forthcoming

20 Boolean searching +military +technology
Find rows that contain both words military and technology. +military arms Find rows that contain the word “military”, but ranks rows higher if they also contain “arms”. +military -technology Find rows that contain the word “military” but not “technology”. +military ~technology Find rows that contain the word “military”, but if the row also contains the word “technology”, rates it lower than if row does not.

21 Boolean searching +military +(>technology <arms)
Find rows that contain the words “military” and “technology”, or “military” and “arms” (in any order), but ranks “military technology” higher than “military arms”.

22 Folksonomy – following in other researchers’ footsteps
A user generated tagging system Similar to what is used in social tagging systems such as de.lic.ious, flickr, and University of Pennsylvania Library’s PennTags. For example, “Magic Nano”

23 Questions NanoEthicsBank URL

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