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Helping TRIO Survive: How To Strengthen Your Program In The Midst of Budget Cuts September 27, 2013 3:00 PM.

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1 Helping TRIO Survive: How To Strengthen Your Program In The Midst of Budget Cuts September 27, 2013 3:00 PM

2 Panelist Name: Trent Ball Title: Associate Dean of Students/TRIO Academic Support Centers Senior Consultant: LEAD Training & Consulting Institution: Southeast Missouri State University Email:

3 Panelist Name: Valdis Zalite Title: Director, TRIO/Student Support Services and Academic Support Centers Senior Consultant: LEAD Training & Consulting Institution: Southeast Missouri State University Email:

4 Overview  TRIO programs are vital to the access, collegiate success and degree attainment of first-generation, low-income students, adult clients, veterans and students with disabilities.  TRIO programs and services have consistently assisted the population we serve and have over 2 million alumni across the country. TRIO often serves as the model for programs focused on retention and completion, now is the time to strengthen the activities and work of TRIO.  TRIO programs are currently experiencing budget cuts and reductions that are directly impacting our ability to seek the support and resources that training and professional development opportunities provide.  This webinar series is designed to offer TRIO staff a venue to acquire critical training and information related to program improvement, credibility and sustainability.

5 Agenda Introductions Burning Questions/Opening Comments Presentation Question and Answer Session

6 Getting to Know You Which of the following statements best describes your TRIO program(s)? (Please indicate by selecting the corresponding number) 1 – Interested in submitting a proposal for a TRIO program 2 – First time grantee 3 – Established program for 5+ years 4 – Established program for 10+ years 5 – Established program for 15+ years

7 Reflection Question “What is the most challenging part of your TRIO program?” Please take a moment to think about this and share your thoughts with your colleagues. We will have time to discuss this at the end of the webinar.

8 Overview of TRIO Webinar Series Upcoming Webinars for Fall 2013 October 8, 2013 at 3:00 PM:  Trent Ball and Valdis Zalite TRIO & GEAR UP: An Explanation Of Current Federal Guidelines, Regulations & Fiscal Policies November 19, 2013 at 3:00 PM:  Guido Gellis External Evaluations for TRIO Programs: Preparation, Processes & Procedures December 10, 2013 at 3:00 PM:  Dr. Pinkey Stewart Successfully Managing TRIO Programs: Strategies to Address Federal Compliance, Academic Issues & Future Challenges

9 October 8, 2013 - Abstract TRIO and GEAR UP: An Explanation Of Current Federal Guidelines, Regulations & Fiscal Policies “What do the regs say? Who is EDGAR? OMB says this, but my program officer said that! The staff and administrators in TRIO and GEAR UP programs have the distinct challenge of having to adhere to federal guidelines, legislation, regulation, OMB circulars and the rules and regulations from their institution or organization. This webinar is designed to assist members of the TRIO and GEAR UP community navigate the many levels of adherence and responsibilities while also devising ways to make sure that all “I’s are dotted and “T’s’ are crossed. Key issues such as priority of authority, legislation versus regulations and “which circular do I follow” will be addressed and the participants will be given the opportunity to share any “trade secrets” they have established in working within the boundaries of the many layers of accountability that we follow in serving as administrators of TRIO and GEAR UP programs.

10 October 8, 2013 – Learning Objectives 1) Participants will review the three critical compliance areas – TRIO and GEAR UP legislation, federal regulations and the Office of Budget and Management Circular (OMB Circular). 2) Participants will be provided a brief overview of the key changes in the legislation and regulations after the reauthorization of the Higher Education Act in 2008. 3) Participants will be encouraged to examine their current compliance practices and to discuss their institution’s or organization’s approach to key areas such as time and effort, documenting drawdowns and budget reconciliation. 4) The final seminar topic will be highlighting the importance of the participants’ developing and sustaining their relationship with the Department of Education and their assigned program specialist.

11 November 19, 2013 Webinar Presenter H. Guido Gellis: 7+ years of experience providing External Evaluations for TRIO programs He has presented on External Evaluations at numerous state and regional level conferences Mr. Gellis served as an SSS Director for 15 years which included Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwa Community College (tribal college), Western Oregon University, and most recently at Northern New Mexico College. He spent 35 years in higher education administration including counseling, career planning and placement, teaching, off-campus degree program marketing and recruitment, trade and technical school director, Adult Basic Education administrator, and interim Dean of Students. He was DOE Program Officer Maxine Gibson’s “trouble-shooter” in New Mexico for five years until her retirement and continues to provide External Evaluations as a consultant.

12 Abstract Are you a New Director, a new staff member, or your institution just got a new grant, and you do not know the ‘regs’ or how your program is should operate? Are you running into roadblocks with your administration, supervisor, staff, business office, everyone? Are you afraid you might be getting a “site visit” from DOE and don’t know how to prepare? Are you tired of doing things the same old way and want experienced “fresh eyes” to look your program over and make recommendations? Does your institution insist you hire an external evaluator to ensure your program meets institutional and Federal standards or does your grant state you will hire an evaluator? Should you call a Director you know, search for a consultant, or call your state, regional, or national association? Learn practical tools and get realistic answers to operating your TRIO project through preparing for an External Evaluation.

13 Participants will be able to understand External Evaluations and identify why they need it; when they need it; who should provide it; and how to prepare for it? Participants will identify all the processes and procedures an External Evaluation covers Participants will learn all the departments and personnel involved in an External Evaluation Participants will learn the difference between a federal audit/site visit and an External Evaluation Participants will learn how long an External Evaluation takes and how to prepare for it Learning Objectives

14 December 10, 2013 Webinar Presenter Dr. Pinkey Stewart: A counseling psychologist, consultant, professional development trainer and employee engagement expert Over the last 20 years, has provided customized trainings and seminars to higher education institutions, professional associations, and nonprofit organizations at the local, state and national level. Has designed leadership training for the Illinois Association of Educational Opportunity Program Personnel’s Management Training Institute and the Emerging Leaders Institute of the Mid-America Association of Educational Opportunity Program Personnel. Has written articles on a variety of topics and was the founder and editor-in- chief of SuccessZone: Guide to Successful Living e-newsletter. Currently hosts an Expert Page on and two blogs dedicated to leadership and career development.

15 Abstract TRIO project administrators are faced with a rapidly growing list of concerns that affect the successful operation of their respective projects. The large volume of information TRIO professionals are expected to know can often be overwhelming, or create "gray areas" in relation to questions on specific administrative issues. A thorough understanding of federal regulations, the shifting educational climate, and institutional challenges are essential to the successful operation of TRIO projects. In addition, TRIO leaders can utilize their knowledge to directly impact institutional effectiveness in order to increase the viability and sustainability of their projects. This interactive webinar will focus on developing TRIO savvy leaders who will be able to utilize their knowledge and skills to administer projects that are federally compliant, respond to current academic issues, and address future challenges.

16 Learning Objectives Learn the three essential responsibilities of a TRIO project administrator Review the TRIO Governing Documents Discuss the importance of developing an internal system for continuous improvement Explore ways to use program knowledge to drive institutional effectiveness Share their most important concerns regarding TRIO program governance

17 Polling Question The following presentations are possible webinars for Spring of 2014. Using your chat function, please indicate which webinar(s) you would be interested in attending? A) Transition Planning: Assisting Your TRIO Students in Assessing Their “Dream College” B) Navigating the TRIO Pipeline: From Student Support Services to The McNair Scholars Program C) Developing the “Collegiate Mindset” D) Helping Dollars Make Sense: Financial Literacy Basics E) Let’s Talk About Summer Research: McNair Scholars Program F) Critically Assessing Your Grant: Readers’ Comments

18 And Now It’s Your Turn! This is your opportunity to share any questions, concerns or suggestions!

19 Thank You for Attending We appreciate your attendance. If you have any questions that did not get answered, please feel free to contact either of us by e-mail or phone using the following information: Trent Ball Phone: (573) 986-6134 Valdis Zalite Phone: (573) 651-2512

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