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Grants Center of Excellence (CoE) HHS Administration for Children & Families July 28, 2007.

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1 Grants Center of Excellence (CoE) HHS Administration for Children & Families July 28, 2007

2 2 Presentation Background and Service Offerings COE Partnership Structure COE 2007 Focus and Pilots

3 3 Background & Service Offerings

4 Web-accessible Discretionary Module 2007 Grants Center of Excellence CoE Evolution SOA features for pending actions, status & notification Funds planning with “caps” Standards Development l PPR l Sub-grantee Information Pilots l FFR l FM to GM FFATA Ready

5 5 CoE Partners Partners Award ¼ Trillion Dollars in Grants Annually - Administration for Native Americans- Office of Head Start - Admin. for Children Youth & Families- Office of Community Services - Admin. for Developmental Disabilities- Office of Refugee Resettlement - Office of Child Support Enforcement - Administration on Aging 2004 - Office of Family Assistance 2000 - Indian Health Service 2005- Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services 2005 -Office of Public Health & Science 2006 -USDA Food Safety & Inspection Service 2006 -Health Resources & Services Admin. 2007 - Treasury Community Development Financial Institutions 2007 -Denali Commission 2007 -Veteran’s Administration (potential) -Social Security Administration (potential) - Environmental Protection Agency (potential) ________________________

6 6 CoE Capabilities Leader –One of Three OMB Selected GMLOB Consortia –Special authority from OMB to enhance grants systems meet your business need Primary Capability –Support Full Range of Grant Types –Support Grant Business Processes –Support Grant Financial Management Practices Experience –Migrated Over 50 Stovepipe Systems as of FY 2000 –Began providing grants processing services to additional Agencies in 2004 Cost effective –Full suite of business services already developed –Unique economies of scale

7 7 CoE Services Comprehensive Life Cycle Processing Including continuous process improvement to all 14 GMLoB grant award processes –Information system services –Discretionary Grants and Cooperative Agreements Competitive and non-competitive Research grants –Entitlement Grants –Formula Grants –Block Grants

8 8 CoE Grant Types DiscretionaryMandatory – Formula – Block & Cooperative Agreements Entitlements Service Training Demonstration Research Other System support for all types of grant activities:

9 9 Grants Management Process Flow Program planning Announce & Publish Find & Apply Authenticate & Intake Status update Review & Decide Certify & Generate Process status Fulfill award Notify (Electronic) Track reporting Electronic file Record site visits Automatic date due Audits & Adjustments Grantor & Grantee Reconcile funds Debt collection offset Account for property Archive file PREAWARDPOST-AWARDCLOSEOUT AWARD Shared Service Functions Retrieve from Push toNotify/Update System Views External SystemsExternal systemsTrackStatus & Reports CoE Grant Process Extranet On-line Data Collection FIND & APPLY Interfaces Discretionary Mandatory Entitlement Program Announcement Other External System Interfaces Secure Sign In Accounting/ Payment Interfaces Enterprise- Wide Reporting

10 10 CoE Services (cont.) On-Line Data Collection (OLDC) system for post award reporting saves partners thousands of hours Integrated Funds Control –Commitment accounting –Execution of funding obligations within available funds –Audit tracking Disaster Recovery and Continuity of Operations in place at Secondary Sites.

11 11 Additional CoE Benefits Reducing IT reporting and justification for Grants Management Systems –OMB Exhibit 300 –Continuity-of-Operations Plans (COOP) Compliance and automated interfaces with Compliance with OMB Presidential Management Initiatives

12 12 CoE Technical Environment  Has an up-to-date Security Plan Complies with OMB and NIST security policies  Maintains Continuity of Operations-COOP Tests regularly on established backup site  Concluded recent audits with success A-123 internal controls audit Chief Financial Officer financial controls audit

13 13 Grants Center of Excellence Partnership Structure

14 14 CoE Partnership Culture of partnership Proven experience supporting agencies with many processes similar to yours Currently partner with 9 Agencies serving over 80 programs with thousands of internal users & external clients Partners may elect to be managing partners by providing a full time person to the project management team. This provides daily direct influence on all change management and business services. Enhancements –Continuous process improvement –Partner specific requests

15 15 CoE Costs The development costs of the current mature system have already been paid –Extensive operational capability for the 14 GMLoB award processes already developed –Often no additional development required to provide a partner with all required services New functionality Development Costs –Development supporting the 14 GMLoB grant processes is shared among the agencies –Unique agency requirements can be accommodated at market prices O&M Costs are proportionately shared based upon each partner’s number of grant actions

16 16 Driving Costs Down a critical component in future cost reductions

17 17 Grants Center of Excellence 2007 Focus and Pilots

18 18 2007 Consortia Lead Focus Standards for Reporting & Interfaces − Performance Progress Report (SF-PPR + 6 optional attachments) − Financial Status Report (FFR) − FM to GM Interfaces − Sub-grantee Information Pilots − FFR (CoE & HHS Payment Mgt. System; NSF Research System) − FM to GM Interfaces (CoE) − Sub-grantee Information Collection (NSF pilot) − Research Reporting (NSF Research Reporting, NIH Invention Reporting) FFATA (Federal Financial Accountability & Transparency Act) − Data collection identified and ready for 2008 − Sub-grantee information readiness for 2009

19 19 CoE Consortia Lead Pilots Apply Accounting Uniform Financial Management System (UFMS) Payment Payment Management System (PMS) Departmental Reporting Congressional Liaison Office (CLO) & HHS Departmental Reporting System (TAGGS) Find FMLoB – GMLoB Interfaces FFR Pilot PPR Pilot

20 20 GrantSolutions.Gov 2007 Overview On-Line Data Collection (OLDC) (forms data management) Services (interface protocols) FIND & APPLY; Notification & information reports; Funds control ; Payment Program Announcement (summary & full announcement) GATES Client-server (Pre-award) (Award management) (Post-award) MANDATORY GRANT PROGRAMS (HHS only in 2007) EXTRANET to grantees E-mail Notification Routing & Status EXTRANET to grantees Grantee Report Results E-authentication Discretionary Award Module (Pre-award, Award & Post-award Management) EXTRANET to grantees (OPHS only in 2007) Secure Sign In Accounting & Payment systems External Reporting HHS, Congress Govt-wide Client-server External system Web

21 21 “Thank You!” Grants Center of Excellence Team

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