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I-Teams Stewarding America’s Data Assets A Briefing for New Hampshire November 7, 2002 FGDC/Council for Excellence in Government.

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1 I-Teams Stewarding America’s Data Assets A Briefing for New Hampshire November 7, 2002 FGDC/Council for Excellence in Government

2 An Essential Need “In importance, information resources were second only to the courage of first responders and to mature leadership.” Al Leidner NYC Geospatial Coordinator

3 Core Challenges n Avoid Swamping By Data Tsunami n Access Data Immediately When Needed n Assure Data Accuracy, Timeliness, Quality n Budget Shortfalls n Adapt Culture to Tech Changes n Herd Cats

4 What Do We Need? n Geographic Information that Anyone, Anywhere Can Readily Access, Plug In and Use For Any Legitimate Purpose With Confidence That Is Current, Accurate and Nationally Consistent

5 Three Parts to the Solution n Infrastructure n Process - Collaboration and Coordination n Products


7 Population Growth Washington, DC - Baltimore Issues Affecting Nations, Communities & Citizens - Happen in Places Emergency Response Wild Fire Management

8 Spatial Data Infrastructures Regional/Multi-National National Global State, local Source: Henry Tom

9 Other Thematic Data Elevation Geodetic Control Imagery Boundaries Surface Waters Transportation Land Ownership Framework/Core Data Access, Sharing, Interoperability and Relationships to Build Once, Use Many Times Soils Economic Biological Landcover Demographic Flood Zones Source KY Office of Geographic Information

10 Develop Data Coordination Strategy n Local data needed for daily business operations is the same data needed by other jurisdictions and levels of government, as well as for HS and to protect CI n Mission-critical national initiatives need the same data n Unprecedented opportunity for collaboration to align roles, responsibilities, and resources n Yet, enormous challenge

11 Cities Geographic Network Data for Homeland Security States CountiesSpecial DistrictsOthers FEMADOJNIMADOEMany Others USDA Risk Assessment Mitigation Response Preparedness Recovery Other Non-Traditional Command & Control States DIANSADOIFAAFBI/INSCIADoD DoS

12 The I-Team Initiative n A Joint Project n OMB n FGDC n The Council for Excellence in Government n NSGIC n OGC n NACo, ICMA and other strategic partners n Derived from The OMB Information Initiative n Addresses Institutional & Financial Barriers n Opportunity to Engage in and Strengthen the Process of Intergovernmental Coordination

13 I-Teams Federal Partners Team Financing Solutions Team I-Team Implementation Strategy Technology Advisory Group FGDC and OMB

14 WHAT IS THE I-TEAM PROCESS? n A Collaborative Process that Effectively and Efficiently Organizes the Way We Produce and Steward A Portion of America’s Data Assets n Brand Name to Help Build Awareness

15 WHAT IS AN I-TEAM ? n Locally Formed, Interdependent n Inclusive, Voluntary, Open n State, Local, Federal, Tribal, Academic, Private Sector n Expanded from Existing Collaborations

16 What Do I-Teams Do? n Address Institutional Barriers n Identify most effective ways to collect, maintain and distribute Data n Determine business needs, inventory data assets, identify gaps, estimate investment cost n Designate data stewards n Develop Enterprise Plans (I-Plans) for Data Production and Publication by the Most Appropriate Partner at Accuracy and Scale Needed by Local Jurisdictions n Plans Used by OMB, Agencies, OHS

17 I-Team Role Essential and Continuing n Aid State/local participation in Geospatial One- Stop n Work with OGC on Cutting Edge of Technology (Semantic Translators and Exchange Schemas, Web Services) n Help OMB and Agencies in Budget Process n Enable Role, Responsibility, Resource Alignment n Provide, Steward, and Export America’s Data Assets


19 Why Do States Become I-Teams ? They are already engaged in the process It is a way to address driving issues like HS The Plan and the Process provide Credibility within Executive and Legislative Branches It highlights the Role of Data as Strategic Assets It holds the promise of increased financing through resource alignment and coordination Strength in unity and numbers

20 Leverage For All Partners I-Team Leadership Financial Solutions Team Financial Solutions Team I-Team Technical Advisory Group Technical Advisory Group Federal Partners Federal Partners Common Financial Issues Common Technical Issues Common Institutional Issues Common Institutional Issues I-Team

21 Part of An Integrated Strategy Process Institutional Data Institutional Political Technical Financial 3R Alignment America’s Data

22 Overcoming Barriers n InstitutionalI-Teams Coordination on Driving National Issues n TechnicalGeospatial One-Stop OGC Interoperability n PoliticalExecutive/Legislative Branch Awareness n FinancialCost/Benefit, ROI Resource Alignment Multi-Agency Budgets

23 How It All Fits Together n Producers, users steward America’s data assets n NSDI - the infrastructure n Geospatial One-Stop - a Presidential initiative to accelerate completion of the infrastructure n I-Teams - a process to help produce and steward data n The National Map, Census Modernization, FEMA NFIP, HSIP - Programs that can use I- Teams to produce products to fulfill essential national missions and foster coordination n The products are available through and become part of the infrastructure to use for HS, EMS..

24 OMB Geospatial Information Initiative

25 Coordination n I-Team Plan Information Submitted to OMB and Federal Agencies n I-Teams Mobilized to Support National Missions, and Missions Focus Coordination n Homeland Security n The National Map n Census TIGER Modernization n FEMA NFIP and Disaster Mitigation n HSIP n Interagency Geospatial Preparedness

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