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SAFE HANDS Angiospermic diversity Herbs- Shrubs- Trees- Trailers- Creepers- Twinners- Lianas- Epiphytes- Habit.

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2 SAFE HANDS Angiospermic diversity Herbs- Shrubs- Trees- Trailers- Creepers- Twinners- Lianas- Epiphytes- Habit

3 SAFE HANDS Habita t Terrestrial- Mesophytes- adapted to neither very wet nor dry condition. Xerophytes- Dry habitat. Psammophytes- adapted to sandy soil. Lithophytes – Growing on rocks. Halophytes- Salty soil. Hydrophytes- Aquatic




7 Conical Fleshy roots FusiformNapiform

8 SAFE HANDS Nodulated rootsPneumatophores Leguminous plants Rhizophora

9 SAFE HANDS FLESHY ADVENTITIOUS ROOTS MoniliformNodulose Momordica(Bitter gourd), Indian spinach Curcuma amada (mangoginger) Curcuma domestica (termeric)

10 SAFE HANDS FLESHY ADVENTITIOUS ROOTS FasciculatedPalmate root Asparagus, Dehlia Orchis

11 SAFE HANDS For mechanical support Prop rootsStilt roots Ficus benghalensis (banyan) Cephalis

12 SAFE HANDS For mechanical support Climbing roots Piper betel (Pan) Balancing roots Eichhornia, Pistia

13 SAFE HANDS For Vital function Parasitic roots Cuscuta - Haustoria Mycorrhial roots Pinus- Ecto & Endo Epiphytic roots Orchid-Vanda – Str. Floating roots Saalvinia - Balance

14 SAFE HANDS Reproductive roots Functions of roots – Secondary functions- Storage.- carrot, radish, beet, turnip. Mechanical support- prop, buttress, stilt. Climbing- Betel. Nitrogen fixation.- Leguminous plant. Aeration – Pneumatophores. Relese oxygen- rice. Photosynthesis- Trapa, Tinosopora

15 SAFE HANDS Buds – (According to nature) Vegitativ e -Cabbage Floral Cauliflower Mixed Malus Buds – (According to positions) Terminal/ Apical Lateral

16 SAFE HANDS Lateral buds AxillaryAccessory Lateral to axillary Extra axillary On node but outside leaf base Adventitious Not on node but other parts Foliar on leaf. Radical on root. Cauline on stem

17 SAFE HANDS Other types Epiphyllous – found on margin leaf Bryophyllum, Kalanchoe Supplimentary – found at axil of leaves. Collateral – found side by side of axil. Superposed- axillary accessory but one above other Dormant – axillary but rudimentary. Deciduous – axillary but fall down.

18 SAFE HANDS Branching of stem Unbranched. -Caudex- Coconut Branched Racemose-Monopodial Lateral branches acropetal- Cycas female Cymose- sympodial Terminal bud stop growth Cycas –male MonochasialDichasialPolychasial

19 SAFE HANDS Forms of stem Strong Excurrent, Deliquescent, Caudex, Culm Scape Weak Reduced In radish Trailers Procumbent- Lie flat- oxalis Decumbent – branches vertical Creepers- Cyanodon Diffuse- protrate- Euphorbia Climbers TwinersLianes Hiptage climbers Dextrose-clockwiseSinistrose-anticlockwise Tendril pea Root Beetal Hook Artabotys Thorn Rose Adhesive Ivy Leaf Pitcher

20 SAFE HANDS Modification of stem UndergroundAerial Sub aerial Underground Non green, for perennation, store food, vegetative propagation, Not root Stem tuber Potato Rhizome Root stock-oblique Eg. – Alocasia Straggling – Horizontal Termeric Corm Gladiolus Bulb Tunicated Scaly

21 SAFE HANDS Aerial modification Aerial Stem tendril – On the basis of origin Axillary- Passiflora. Extra axillary- Cucurbita Apical bud tendril- opposite to leaves – Vitis vinifera. Stem tip – Gouniana. Floral bud tendrils- Antigonon Phylloclades – Opuntia, Euphorbia - Photosynthetic Cladodes- Asparagus Thorn- Citrus plants Bulbil Diascorea Pseudobulb- Bulbophyllum. PricklesRose

22 SAFE HANDS Sub aerial modification Runner Above ground Cynodon Stolons- Undergrund Jasmin, Strawberry Sucker Mentha Offset Pistia, Echhornia

23 SAFE HANDS Nature of stem Herb Annual Biennial Perennials Ephemerals Shrub Tree

24 SAFE HANDS Functions of stem Primary function- Gives laves, flowers, & fruits. Conduction of water and minerals. Adds new cell for growth Secondary function- Storage of food. Photosynthetic like phylloclade Succulents for storage of water Climbing Prickles for protection. Vegetative propagation

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