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2 [NEED TITLE][NEED TITLE] Fiber Spinner Knit Cut & Sew RetailerConsumer Traditional Retailer Supply Chain

3 [NEED TITLE][NEED TITLE] Quality Experience Integrity Quantity


5 Hong Kong June 28, 2007 Presenter: Dr. Julia Sloan Sloan International Cultural Diversity Awareness Session Goldman Sachs Tokyo

6 “The Knot” Tension at the Intersection of 4 Cultures American Culture Japanese Culture Female Culture Goldman Culture

7 Remember The next step doesn’t have to be up Step over–Step around–(Step out)

8 Game Plan Draft StopStart Acting like a “girl”Behaving like a working woman Being an imposter (a “she-man”)Being the real, authentic you Being invisibleBecoming visible Asking permissionBegging forgiveness Waiting to be toldTaking action Diminishing perksEnlarging perks (Size matters!) Understanding the consequencesBeing credible and accountable


10 Executive Summary Vincent J. Puma—Founding Member and President Mr. Puma started his career in the securities business in 1992 after finance studying at Baruch College and New York University. He worked at Gruntal & Co. as a broker trainee before joining Josephthal Securities in 1994, where he became an account executive and worked with senior management. In 1995, Mr. Puma joined Roan Capital Partners, L.P., where he was a partner and chief operating officer. In such capacity. Mr. Puma was directly responsible for growing the firm from 5 to over 150 employees and raising hundreds of millions in client capital. Mr. Puma is also a director and partner of Network Agency Inc., a New York based insurance company, and co-founder of the general partner and the investment manager. Mr. Puma is founder of the Carlo Foundation, a registered 510(c)(3) organization and a principal of Capital Growth Financial, LLC a NASD registered broker dealer. Mr. Puma currently serves as a board member of Association of Retarded Citizens and Meridian Health, Jersey Shore University Medical Center. Kevin Nugent—Member and Head Portfolio Manager Mr. Nugent has over 23 years in commodities trading and asset management. He has held senior positions at Smith Barney, UBS and Prudential Securities where he developed low risk market strategies by using a proprietary technical model and statistical analysis. He also has extensive experience in developing various hedging strategies for commercial and institutional clients. He is also the creator of the strategy deployed by Hudson Trading Partners I, L.P. Randy Hansen—General Partner Mr. Hansen is 56 years old. He received a BS in Business from Northwestern State University in South Dakota in 1970, he then worked for the First Nation Bank until 1974. Upon leaving the First Nation where he was a trust officer responsible for investing and overseeing one hundred million dollars and thousands of acres of land, he then entered the agriculture industry and began running the business aspect of several farms and continues that profession today. Over the past 30 years, Mr. Hansen has built and managed apartments. He has also built and managed a small restaurant chain and a video lottery company. Mr. Hansen has over 30 years experience in managing and trading stocks, bonds, commodities and option funds. He is also co-founder of the general partner.

11 WESTERN CAPITAL, LLC Western Capital, LPI

12 Loan Characteristics / Borrower Motivation Western Capital will pursue corporate loans and real-estate flavored loans Hard money collateralized loans will have the following characteristics Senior secured/first-lien depending on structure 2-5 year maturities – preference to stay short in this environment 12-15% unlevered yields, before penalties Cautious approach to loan-to-value calculations 50% loan-to-value on land 65% loan-to-value on income properties, depending on circumstances Significant default penalties Interdisciplinary approach to structure, documentation and covenants where possible e.g., morph “hard money” loans into structurally senior corporate loans; take warrants Collateral types Western Capital will maintain a flexible approach with respect to acceptable collateral Construction loans and raw land collateral will be avoided Corporate loans will be analyzed on the merits of the business “Extended balance sheet “collateral Small corporate loans will be made on the basis of traditional credit and enterprise analysis Borrower Profile Typical “hard money” borrower in target space is a credit- or time-impaired borrower with high asset quality Timing Documentation Credit worthiness / bureaucratic appeal Lack of seasoning WESTERN CAPITAL, LLC12

13 Introduction WESTERN CAPITAL, LLC13 Sourcing Credit Review Investment Analysis Servicing Monitoring Team Process Local Presence Network

14 Western Capital Structure (Preliminary) WESTERN CAPITAL, LLC14 Western Capital, LLC DBA Western Financial Greenspun Corp Principals Strategic Fund Investor Western Capital, LPI Western Financial Servicing FSI National Lenders Services SoCal Co.LV Co. Western Las Vegas Jeff Fine/ Greenspuns Fund Loans Mgmt. Agreement Master Servicing Agreement JV Subservicing Agreement 100%

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