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TECH 50800 Project Bank Card Procurement Process Measure Phase Date: Oct 29, 2014 Dave Shoffner.

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2 TECH 50800 Project Bank Card Procurement Process Measure Phase Date: Oct 29, 2014 Dave Shoffner

3 Brief Review of Project Charter (Problem and Goal Statement) Problem: The issue or problem is the amount of time required for the purchase of an item via the BC process. The time between identification of a need and the purchase of the item or service and the time spent on preparation of the purchase constitute the issue. The function of BC procurements is done by a person known as a BC Holder. This duty is collateral or secondary from their primary assignment. The impacts or “pain” of the issue are: 1) Consumes time from the stakeholders: Requestors, BC Holders and Approving Officials/Reviewers 2) Lowers morale because the process is time consuming and perceived as arduous 3) Lowers productivity because research is slowed or stopped when waiting for needed items and time is spent on a collateral duty, not primary duties. Goal: Reduce the amount of time from identification of need to purchase and time spent on preparation for items being acquired using the BC process so staff will have more time to work on primary duties and research activities will be delayed less. The time reduction goal is one day fewer from the identification to purchase interval and 5 minutes from the preparation of the purchase. The project is estimated to take 11 weeks.

4 Brief Review of Project Charter (Project Scope) The process being reviewed begins when a researcher identifies a need for an item and ends when the BC holder has a completed PR and may place the order. Within the scope of this process are the steps of definitizing the item to be purchased, finding an appropriate vendor, assignment of funding, obtainment of review approvals, and final approval. Receipt of the item, record of verification, and cost allocation are not within the process being reviewed. There are no funds available to the project and the mandated computer systems will be utilized.

5 Brief Review of Project Charter (Stakeholder List) Principle Stakeholders Champion Requestor Person with need for item to be purchased BC Holder Person who makes the purchase Approving Official Approves the purchase BC Program Analyst Manages the BC Program & Holders Secondary Stakeholders IT Department Health & Safety Property Budget HR (training)

6 SIPOC SuppliersInputsPROCESSOutputsCustomers RequestorPurchase Request (PR)Receive/Generate PRComplete PRRequestor BC HolderEmail Find Vendor if No RecommendationBC Holder Approving OfficialPhone CallRoute for Approval BC Program Analyst Vendor RecommendationRoute for Reviews FCO IT DepartmentCriteria/GuidelinesRoute for Funding Health & SafetyInformationPlace Order Property Budget HR (training) Vendor

7 Voice of the Customer Analysis (SWOT) – No changes from previous Strengths Auto routing system - select who needs to review and system auto cycles through them Info buttons built into the form Prompts if certain types of purchases are entered Web-Based: easily accessible from remote work locations (work from home) and approving officials in different geo areas Electronic purchase log for BC holders One system for getting approvals Ability to enter own request, not required to send to another person Has all fields necessary for processing requests Integrated well with financial data system Weaknesses Must manually select approving official and reviewers even if usually the same Funding code numbers are not sequential; more difficult to do searchers Pressing back arrow will "lock the PR and it is no longer accessible; must start over the entire process After each order function, cannot move directly to the next, goes back to home screen Some requests come with incomplete info, requiring time to "fill the gaps" (ex: justification for a special piece of equipment) Does not automatically move to an alternate approving official if the one selected is out of the office Opportunities Program allow users to set defaults Feedback from users to webdesigners Auto forward to alternate reviewer when promary is out of office Generate spending reports Live links imbedded in system for mandatory sources, search engines List of most commonly used vendors Tickler reminders at each level if action has not been taken Response goals or timeframes for approving officials/reviewers (ex: 2 days or 24 hours) Threats No mechanism or capacity to do web changes (no contract vehicle, funds, etc.) System may change in the future; less efficient version, not user friendly, no info or built-in prompts

8 CTQ Tree(s) (Timeliness)

9 CTQ Tree (Timeliness)

10 Process Map

11 Process Observation Worksheet Process Obeservation Worksheet Step -->12,3 4,56 7 8 910 Number Date Need Identified Time for Market Research (min) Date (if different than previous) Time to Generate Request (min) Review Time by DD or BC Date (if different than previous) BC Holder Review Time (min)Purchase Code # approvals req'd Date Pre- Approvals Complete Approving Official Review Time (min) Date (if different than previous) FCO Funding Time (min) Date PR Complete Total Time Spent on Processing (min) Elapsed Time (day) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

12 Checksheet The Process Observation Worksheet is a better way of collecting the data needed because it records times and durations for individual process steps. Since the Checksheet is used for collecting qualitative process output data such as compliance and adherence data, it will not be used.

13 Spaghetti Diagram Process is electronic and does not require movement to different locations to collect parts and assemble. Spaghetti Diagram not being done for the process.

14 Schedule Week of Task22-Sep29-Sep6-Oct13-Oct20-Oct27-Oct3-Nov10-Nov17-Nov24-Nov1-DecMilestones 1234567891011 DEFINE xx x x Project Charter MEASURE x x x x x Measurement Data ANALYZE x x x x ID: Barriers & Time Consuming Steps IMPROVE x x x Steps & ideas to reduce time CONTROL xx Methods & Training

15 Data Collection The data being sought is two fold to encompass the two time items desired to be reduced (overall time-days and processing time-min) Because there is an existing bankcard system, the team is trying to use a business objects tool to extract or mine data that will minimize the time required for data collection (overall time). The following two slides show some of the data retrieved. The difficult part of using this data is to ensure it is consistent with the data being sought by the Process Observation Worksheet and all the parameters are represented. The processing time in minutes is not available in the bank card system and will have to be collected.

16 Database Mined Data


18 Next Steps Next the team will: – Finalize CTQ trees – Determine the Key PIV’s – Verify the Observation Worksheet will provide the data sought – Analysis of data collected

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