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Contact Center Business for Sale Proposal By John W Boyd Actual current site.

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1 Contact Center Business for Sale Proposal By John W Boyd Actual current site.

2 Contents Introduction Call Center Site Support & Training Current Campaigns Annual Profit Loss Statements for Past 3 Years Projected Income Growth Projected ROI New Ownership

3 Introduction The Call Center Business in the Philippines is one of the fastest growing businesses in the country. Philippines has now overtaken India as the leading Call Center Hub of the world. This is mainly due to lower salaries while still offering a “good living” to employees and to the high level of English proficiency in this country. Most of the small and large companies that require call center services are looking to the Philippines as an effective way to service their clients. Philippines is "the fifth largest English-speaking population in the world; and warm, friendly people who hold American products and services in high regard.“1 We are expanding a world class call center that has it all. Fiber optic lines that are the fastest in its class, new in house designed soundproof custom made cubicles with new chairs, board rooms, offices, redundancy servers, sleeping quarters for the worker, training rooms, washrooms on every floor, kitchens, and plenty of parking spaces. Also included are assets worth a minimum of $99,159. Software, servers, furniture, and all the necessary equipment for operations of 80 work stations which can act as collateral under contract. Additionally the owner has outsourced several campaigns that we will be consolidated to the newly expanded call center when this is completed. There is a never ending demand for companies worldwide that are looking for call center services. The latest projection indicates the call center industry in the Philippines will grow steadily for the next 4-6 years. 2 1 2 newest-bright-spot.html newest-bright-spot.html

4 Contact Center Services Actual current site.

5 Call Center Site The business is operated in the Philippines but the owner, can also monitor the business via remote control from any part of the world, at any time of the day and night. The city also has many universities and therefore has an abundance of call center agent applicants.

6 Call Center Site The site consists of 2 units in a Hotel, for a total of 100 meters. This can be expanded to a 200 seat call center. The Hotel has plenty of parking, 24/7 security, 24/7 stand by generator, maintenance, and separate washrooms. Flooding is not a factor. Existing SiteExisting Site Expansion

7 Support & Training Full training and support will be provided for a period of not exceeding 2 months, if needed. Center web site was just completely revised and upgraded with many futures that can be used effectively to gain page rankings in a very short time. The owner is very familiar with the process of page ranking and will ensure that the center website will be in the top 2-3 pages in less than 3-6 months, as part of the purchase.

8 Current Campaigns The ongoing campaigns are as follows: Form Filling, employing 20 agents Tech Support, employing 20 agents Appointment setting with hourly pay, employing 10 agents Medical Alert, employing 10 agents Solar appointments setting, employing 5 agents Home improvement, employing 5 agents 2 New Campaigns Just Added!: Salaried sales employing 10 agents Commission based survey for the UK doing surveys. 12 agents to start Long term contract with virtually unlimited.

9 Current Annual Revenues The campaigns that we are currently running with long term contracts generate an income per year of: Back Office Form Filling: …………… $155,880 Chat Support: …………………………. $208,320 Tech Support: …………………………. $208,320 Appointment Setting:....…………….. $60,000 Medical Alert: ……………………...….. $156,240 Home Improvement:..……….……… $112,492 NEW UK Survey: ………………..…….. $179,712 NEW CAN Salaried Sales: …….….... $124,800 =========================================== Total = $1,205,764

10 Income Statement Summary 2011 Revenue:$549,902 Net Profit:$336,777

11 Income Statement Summary 2012 Revenue:$653,371 Net Profit:$226,982

12 Income Statement Summary 2013 Revenue:$617,586 Net Profit:$287,589

13 Growth Potential The call center at this time has a workforce of 20 direct call center agents and an additional 70 agents for campaigns that are currently outsourced to 3rd parties. When the call center is fully operational, this can be consolidated in the new call center. This will add $220,000+ to the net profit! Anticipated Revenues for 12 next months: $1,205,764+ Additional Campaigns from US, UK, Australia, and Canada will be targeted aggressively via Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, 2 On Staff Business Development Managers, Media Companies, and Other Marketing Channels. A target of 80 x 3 shifts on fixed hourly or salaried per seat basis will be reached with strategic planning and execution. Plus new proposed owner has experience in outsourcing and search engine optimization to seek new highly profitable clients even in UK and Australia.

14 New Expansion Space To be completed by Early April 2014. Giving space for an additional 70 seats at the existing site.

15 Projected ROI We are offering an attractive 40% over a 2 year term ($175,000 total pay off). Seeking $100,000 investment: $100,000 for down payment to current owner for transfer of ownership. Remaining $300,000 to be repaid to owner over 3 year term at only 5% interest. There will be 4,000 shares total valued at $1,000 each. 100 shares are available for purchase totaling $100,000 via Deed of Assignment. Within 2 years I would purchase the 100 shares for $140,000. This would be done every month such as $5,834 to purchase 4.17 shares per month ($1,400/ share). $250,000++/ year profit -$70,000 to investor -$105,000 to owner ------------------------- = $80,000++ Remaining

16 New Ownership Funds will be used as down payment to acquire ownership from the current owner who is retiring and will handing over the center 100% to John W Boyd. Owner is offering a low interest loan for the remainder of the low total purchase price of $400,000. Again, he is handing ownership over the center to a qualified individual New Ownership consists of John Boyd, Co-founder of Voice which has been profitable business since 2010 in call center consulting from new campaign acquisition, campaign set up and training, client interfacing, feasibility analysis, operations, and much more. John has worked at 2 call centers in the Philippines and understands first hand the agent side of operations as well. He also has a cultural understanding which can help bridge east and west. John Boyd will retain 100% ownership of the SEC Incorporated company which has no share holders and is solely privately owned by a husband wife couple.

17 Contact for More Info John Boyd Co-Founder Email: Skype: john_boyd (preferred contact) U.S.: 323-375-2179 x 816 If no answer and wish to leave a voicemail please call: 631-731-0930 LinkedIn Profile:

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