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1KEY BI With DB2. Knowledge is difficult to define.

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1 1KEY BI With DB2

2 Knowledge is difficult to define

3 What is Business Intelligence? Business intelligence is a broad category of applications and technologies for gathering, providing access to, and analyzing data for the purpose of helping enterprise users make better business decisions. In Short Business Intelligence is a Decision supporting application for DecisionMakers.

4 The technology required to turn raw data into information to support decision- making within corporations and business processes. September, 1996, Gartner Group BI turns data into information for managers and executives and in general, people making decisions in a company. What is Business Intelligence?

5 Business Intelligence is everywhere Business Intelligence Retail Out-merchandising the competition  Sales patterns  Campaign management  Market basket analysis  Customer valuation  Analytical CRM Manufacturing Optimizing the supply chain  Process intelligence  Order lifecycle  Inventory analysis  Supplier compliance  Distribution analysis Telecom Acquiring and retaining customers  Call behavior analysis  Churn analysis  Service usage analysis  Promotion effectiveness  Analytical CRM ALL industries Performance  P&L analysis  Fraud detection  Performance analysis  Value chain analysis  Segmentation analysis  Compliance Government Keeping citizens safe  National security  Regulatory investigation  Fraud detection  Crime analysis  Healthcare fraud

6 Strategic Tactical Operational Analyst Executive Call Centre User Line of Business Latency – measured in weeks/months Audience – 3 to 4% or 10s to 100s Source – marts and cubes Latency – measured in days/hours Audience – 5 to 10% or 100s to 1000s Source – data warehouse and enterprise applications Latency – measured in seconds/minutes Audience – 30 to 40% or 1000s to 10,000s Source – ODS and Enterprise applications Traditional Monitor DashboardProcess Business Intelligence is everywhere

7 The VP of sales wants to know –How stocked is the channel pipeline with inventory –How well each of the product family promotions have done for the past six months –How each dept has contributed in aggregate to the revenue targets. –Which products have sold via promotion over the past month Strategic Business Intelligence Queries

8 –How well each executive is doing –How much time each is spending on the leads to generate as against the lead closed. –What the revenue targets are for each executive and the entire team and how many executives are needed right now, later today, and tomorrow. The sales Manager needs to know… Business FocusTime FrameData Manage tactical initiatives to achieve strategic goals Days to MonthsAggregated Tactical Business Intelligence Queries

9 –Which of the available 5 sales plans this specific customer is most likely to purchase, based on their recent historical activity, customer value, demographics, and the tendency of people in the same demographic –to buy or not — all in 15 seconds. Operational Business Intelligence Queries Business FocusTime FrameData Manage and optimize daily business operations Hours, minutes, seconds “Right time” Real- time/near real-time An Executive (on the phone) needs to know…

10 Ready-made 1KEY solutions are available to suit your business needs! Project Management - Put all data in one easy-to-access place & get control of your projects and workflow. Sales & Customer Management - Quickly access, manage and update sales info and processes from anywhere. IT Management - Synch IT, management and customers for quicker software development cycle. Healthcare IT Management - IT work and project tracking, asset and provisioning tracking, documentation management and more Marketing Management - Manage collateral, customer references, programs and resources more efficiently. Professional Services - Improve project delivery with visibility into client project status and information. Legal - Control functions from multi-party litigation to Time & Billing more effectively. HR & Back Office Management - Manage your hiring process, track purchase requests and collaborate on info easier. Build Your Own - Tailor your solution to meet your team’s information and sharing needs.

11 Why do we need 1KEY BI when we have an ERP? Companies that had previously relied on ERP or Excel spreadsheets for reporting indicated that using 1KEY BI enabled them to reduce personnel time associated with reporting by 50 to 90 percent. Why 1KEY ?

12 Because your business involves transaction based Software products, your organization reflects the gap in information which creates a gap in your decisions


14 Organization with rich data but poor MIS reporting

15 Organization with 1KEY BI Tool

16 Why 1KEY ? Data retrieved from different source can viewed, controlled & analyzed in proper manner with all exporting &emailing features Using 1KEY.

17 1KEY is easy to use and deploy 1KEY’s scalability and extensibility to generate reports with multiple back-ends like DB2, SQL Server, ORACLE, VFP, Access, Excel, etc. Key Features of 1KEY 1KEY has comprehensive user module which can dynamically work on horizontal & vertical hierarchical module Using 1KEY, user can create tabular reports, pivot reports, charts with periodical data as well as user defined parameters

18 Key Features of 1KEY 1Key also support various format for emailing 1Key’s enrich query builder supports designing Queries. 1Key can be used with other external application for generating complex reports. 1Key has unique feature called style condition which help’s you for the graphical representation of your data 1Key also supports for the Formula Column’s in your reports It has sorting, filtering, grouping, various summaries, Drill Down

19 Business Case 1 : A garment manufacturer company manufacturing 20,000 Shirts a day, having 200+ dealers, had a legacy database in FoxPro 2.6 with almost year wise data containing 100+ tables and historical data of past 8 years. Problem Line : Managing orders booked, pending & delivered status with clients, items, design, style. Solution given : The dimensional report created for them mentioning party wise, state wise, agent wise summaries.



22 Case Studies : FMCG company dealing in health & toiletry products Problem Line : Key Performance Indicator on Ageing. Solution given : Ageing Analysis given on basis of 30 / 60 / 90 days.


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