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Think Again! If you think your Pet has all it needs...

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1 Think Again! If you think your Pet has all it needs...

2 Our Pets depend on us for their well- being. They Depend on us to provide all the nutrition to keep them energetic and healthy.

3 Over 65% of households own one or more pets. The Pet Care Industry is one of the largest. Billions of dollars are spent each year keeping them well-loved. The health benefits to pet owners outweigh any other supplements or nutritional foods…

4 Pet owners, on average, have lower cholesterol and lower blood pressure. People who own pets typically visit the doctor less often and use less medication. Pet owners recover more quickly from illness. Pet owners deal better with stressful situations.

5 As your pet doesn’t compromise on YOU! So please don’t compromise on your pet.

6 the world’s first oxygen product and most essential nutrient for pets. Tested on humans first this product is now available for pets. INTRODUCING OXYRICH PET & VET 100% naturally made Drug free non-toxic pH balanced Each batch tested Research available Oxyrich Pet & Vet is full tested and has ongoing research available to confirm its efficacy.

7 Oxygen is the most needed compound. Every cell in your pet needs oxygen as its acts as a vehicle to carry important ingredients throughout the animal’s body. OXYRICH PET & VET keeps oxygen levels topped up. Animals suffer the same symptoms as humans – poor diet, lack of exercise, acidity, toxins & pollutants through processed foods & environment, stress and general ageing. OXYRICH PET & VET gives pets the optimum chance to : feed nutrients to the body, improve the skin’s condition, Keep energetic & at their peak.

8 OXYRICH PET & VET is simple for your pet to take. Each bottle comes with its own pipette for easy use. And they don’t run away from the taste…

9 E N E R G Y P E A C E O F M I N D n u t ri ti o n fi t n e s s Think OXYGEN AND… Think OXYGEN AND…

10 GIVE OXYRICH PET & VET GIVE OXYRICH PET & VET And Give Our Loving Pets the Optimum Chance for a Long and healthy Life... RRP ONLY $29.95

11 An exceptional Promotional Launch is planned for the coming months, one that will involve thousands of pet owners… So be a part of this great promotion and product and Become a Distributor or Retailer Today!

12 Contact Karen R. Levin on or phone: 0418 977 322 or Ebba Gillard on 1800-247-322 For Information about the Promotion, Product Pricing and Collateral information:

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