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Why Choose APS? Diarmuid Daltún, Head of SaaS and Integration, 1&1 Internet AG Ed Anuff, EVP & GM Movable Type, Six Apart Soeren von Varchmin, Vice President.

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1 Why Choose APS? Diarmuid Daltún, Head of SaaS and Integration, 1&1 Internet AG Ed Anuff, EVP & GM Movable Type, Six Apart Soeren von Varchmin, Vice President SaaS, Parallels

2 Parallels – Optimized Computing TM 2 Agenda Introduction Movable Type 1 & 1 Closing QA

3 Parallels – Optimized Computing TM 3 APS Introduction APS standard is a set of specifications that covers provisioning, management & and integration of cloud-based services and applications. APS is an open standard, all specifications/docs are free Key Benefits –Providers: Central Location for Valuable Apps to offer Customers –ISVs: Low cost of Entry to a Huge Distribution Channel

4 Parallels – Optimized Computing TM 4 Agenda Introduction Movable Type 1 & 1 Closing QA

5 Parallels – Optimized Computing TM 5 Six Apart Ltd. GROW REVENUE WITH MOVABLE TYPE

6 Parallels – Optimized Computing TM 6 Movable Type: Flagship of the Six Apart Family

7 Parallels – Optimized Computing TM 7 The Movable Type Advantage All-in-one solution Scalable Proven Supported

8 Parallels – Optimized Computing TM 8 Movable Type: The Most Complete Solution

9 Parallels – Optimized Computing TM 9 The Entire SaaS Ecosystem Benefits with APS SaaS Services Addresses previous challenges with hosting Develops the small/medium business market Enter new markets: small/medium businesses Value-add service increases differentiation & revenue APS allows easy integration with existing infrastructure Get a turnkey application experience Access the latest version of Movable Type in a high quality environment SaaS Clients

10 Parallels – Optimized Computing TM 10 Movable Type is APS Packaged & Ready For Hosting Packages for both shared and virtual private server hosting Ready to use with Parallels Plesk Panel and Parallels Automation SaaS Module Tested and supported configurations Designed for maximum price/performance scalability

11 Parallels – Optimized Computing TM 11 Capture New Revenue with Movable Type Differentiate with a value-added service to grow revenue –Generate more revenue per user –Increase customer retention Movable Type is ready for hosting –Packaged as APS, easily plugs into your existing infrastructure –Designed for maximum scalability The Movable Type SaaS market is untapped –Six Apart doesn’t offer a SaaS version –Movable Type is a Top 10 APS download

12 Parallels – Optimized Computing TM 12 Thank You Ed Anuff EVP & GM, Movable Type

13 Parallels – Optimized Computing TM 13 Agenda Introduction Movable Type 1 & 1 Closing QA

14 Parallels – Optimized Computing TM 14 Diarmuid Daltún – Head of SaaS and Integration 1&1 Internet AG

15 Parallels – Optimized Computing TM 15 Product business with 5 strong brands BrandPositioning / ProductTarget group Consumers Discerning private users, SOHOs and SMEs Mail, messaging, communication Information Management, Webhosting, Internet Access The German internet portal ISPs in Germany Webhosting products as white label ISPs in UK Webhosting products as white label Countries DE, US DE DE, UK, USA, FR, AT, ES and Intl. DE UK, US

16 Parallels – Optimized Computing TM 16 1&1: Webhosting Facts and Figures Source: own calculations Customer ContractsMarket Position Germany / Austria1.69 million1 UK0.93 million1 France0.20 million3 USA0.72 million5 Spain0.03 million5 Global3.57 million1

17 Parallels – Optimized Computing TM 17 SaaS @ 1&1 Dedicated Resources: –Product Managers –Software Developers –Quality Managers –Business Development –Contract Management –System-Administration –Support Since January 2007 dedicated Software as a Service Department in Hosting Division....we take SaaS seriously!

18 Parallels – Optimized Computing TM 18 Once upon a Time @ 1&1….. Prior to APS at 1&1: –Open source software has always promised great results, but their installation and operation often required experienced skills. –Our customers (mostly non-technical users) would also benefit from such applications. The Original Wish –To offer SaaS as VAS (Value Added Services) to our customers. (offer them hosted solutions to better leverage their web space in order to improve customer satisfaction ). –To shield non-technical users from the need to get involved with complicated installations and maintenance of the open source tools –Deliver the open source tools ready to install and to apply within a few clicks. The Difficulty: -Constant effort required into adapting our platform to integrate the open source applications.

19 Parallels – Optimized Computing TM 19 Products live and die with their Integration Integration of Third-Party Applications into 1&1 Hosting Infrastructure App 1 Adapter Hosting Platform App 1 App 2 Typical SituationIdeal Situation Standard

20 Parallels – Optimized Computing TM 20 APS enables SaaS because APS arrived as the solution to: –easily integrate open source web building tools within the hosting environment. –and take advantage of the opportunity. ISVs, sticking to the APS standard, can easily deploy their SaaS applications to a potentially large customer base Hosters can offer new products faster and more flexible, at the same time realizing significant leveraging effects due to the saving of integration costs Customers benefit from APS-conform applications as these offer a standardized method for deployment and update

21 Parallels – Optimized Computing TM 21 Implementing APS @ 1&1 Development of the infrastructural system containing: App Repository Soap Machines Hosting Machines APS Controller Establish APS related Internal Processes Quality Assurance Application Choice Communication Update and Support Continuous Improvement

22 Parallels – Optimized Computing TM 22 APS @ 1&1

23 Parallels – Optimized Computing TM 23 APS @ 1&1: Click & Build  Planned for early 2009 Drupal Movable Type XoopsPostNuke  Communication and Content  Advertisement/Statistics Noah’s ClassifiedphpMyVisites  Organization and Sharing PHProjekt WebCalendarBrim  Learning/Information Joomla  Business and Management Mantis

24 Parallels – Optimized Computing TM 24 Facts and Figures ** USA: 20.372 Installations by Nov. 2008 * Germany: 88.400 Installations by Nov. 2008

25 Parallels – Optimized Computing TM 25 1&1 considers APS key for SaaS APS 1.0 - A Packaging Standard –Allows us to manage customer web-space applications throughout the entire product life-cycle –Makes Seamless Security and Regular Updates possible to multiple customer instances while preserving their data APS 2.0 - An Integration Standard – APS2 – the next major version of APS targeted for Fall of 2009 – APS Identity: single sign-on technology based on identity federation – APS Embedding: technology to support embedding management UI into UI of control of the hosting provider – APS Integration: technology to publish and discover resources – APS License format: a standardized envelope format for delivering and managing application licenses

26 Parallels – Optimized Computing TM 26 Agenda Introduction Movable Type 1 & 1 Closing QA

27 Parallels – Optimized Computing TM 27 Summary Progress since end of 2007 –19 Apps to over 200+…and Growing! –Just Published APS 1.1 Specification –Providers Supporting APS What to expect this year –Expansion of Website for more News, New Catalog, Industry Synergy –APS Logo Program in March ’09: download logos and web collateral –More Apps, but keeping an eye on Quality Vendors

28 Parallels – Optimized Computing TM 28 Summary Call To Action for Providers –Get Applications at APS Catalog and offer to your customers for sell-up and customer retention Call To Action for ISVs –Get Your Applications packaged and Certified and take advantage of the Service Provider Channel www.

29 APS Standard “10 for 10” Giveaway Enter to Win an iPod! Find the Top 10 APS Applications and Win! 10 iPod Shuffles to 10 Providers or ISVs Answers in “News” at Get Entry Forms at APS Lounge ** Only one entry per person

30 Parallels – Optimized Computing TM 30 Agenda Introduction Movable Type 1 & 1 Closing Q & A

31 Parallels – Optimized Computing TM 31 Q & A Questions? Ed Anuff; Diarmuid Daltún; Soeren von Varchmin;

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