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Ilan Mashiach ● Marketing Communication. Welcome to my visual CV, a visual tour through my work as a Marketing Communication Professional. Lean back and.

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1 Ilan Mashiach ● Marketing Communication

2 Welcome to my visual CV, a visual tour through my work as a Marketing Communication Professional. Lean back and enjoy. Ilan

3 Armed with my two proficiencies, marketing and visual communications, I can offer the unique combination of a strategic outlook along with hands-on tactical performance and out-of-the box solutions. Name: Occupation: Experience: Education: Hobby: Ilan Mashiach MarCom Manager in Hi-Tech companies SharpLight Technologies (2009- current) ITS Telecom (2006-09) Gilat Satellite Networks (1998-06) Business school, marketing & advertising, Kirya Hakademit Ono (graduate with Excellency) Visual Communication, Betzalel Academy Long distance running (Marathons) MyBio

4 A 360° of Marketing Communication activity intended to increase sales and promote company messages. Enhancing the brand Creating sales tools Generating leads Delivering messages Corporate identity Product design Stationary Brochures Presentations Sales clips Trade shows PPC Social media Newsletters E-casts Webinars MarComSupport

5 Setting up a strategic marketing communication plan Communication plan

6 Building a MarCom plan Experience in developing a strategic MarCom framework to achieve the sales and marketing goals. This plan should utilize the right mix of communication channels to meet at each and any point of customer’s interaction. Researching Goal settingMessaging Evaluating AdvocateValueAdoptConvertDevelopInitiate AcquisitionRetention Customer lifecycle Lead engagement Customer engagement

7 Developing the right tools Customer lifecycle attributed content ContentInterestLearnEvaluateProposeAdopt Emails/PPC/Web ●● Datasheets ● Case studies ●● White papers ●● Analyst reports ●●● Demo/pilots ●● F2F meetings ●● Newsletters ● Promotions ●● Social media ●●● A proven record in creating array of sales tools that follows the customer lifecycle behavior and provides the right answer at each and every stage.

8 Developing fresh corporate look that fits the marketing strategy Brand identity

9 New brand identity Initiating and leading a new brand identity process at Gilat Satellite Networks. The visual language depicted Gilat as a solid and reliable market leader with visionary and innovative spirit. Design by: Neo group- Philippe Bulakya

10 New brand identity Leading the process of creating ITS Telecom a new brand identity. Emerging to the global market, the goal was to build an exciting and dynamic visual brand that will inspire potential partners. Design by: Jason & Jason

11 Designing and producing array of sales tools Collateral

12 Brochures ApplicationsCase studiesData sheets Industries Regional Corporate Planning and producing an array of more than 50 brochures divided into 3 main market segments. Each segment goes from the broad view about the market to the specific product that serves it.

13 Catalogs Company profileCase studiesData sheetsFact sheets Catalogs Catalog (detailed) Creating from scratch catalogs that support and facilitate the selling and ordering process. Also, a set of quick facts brochures, case studies and at-a- glance leaflets provides more selling points to the distributing channels.

14 Presentations Creating compelling presentations that consist of simply telling the story clearly, visually and briefly. The presentations use concise messages, unique graphics, Flash animations or videos, anything that assists in conveying the message.

15 Building and monitoring a lead generation program Lead generation

16 Lead generation process Initiating & managing a lead generation program that includes Google PPC campaign, landing pages, establishing Linkedin groups, periodic e-casts and gathering leads in trade shows. All leads were nurtured, updated and monitored in a shared Excel document.

17 Adding marketing and brand touch to products & interfaces Product design

18 Initiating and leading a product design process which reflects product’s main virtues. family design goal was to emphasize the pioneering idea of stacking various satellite modems under one hub and one network. a cellular-based voice and data router design goal was to reflect an contemporary and iconic look that reflects its uniqueness. Product design Wireless Office Communicator Product Family Satellite modems for voice, data, Internet and more All-in-one voice and data office appliance

19 Product logos Wireless Office Communicator Designing product logos that provide an eye catching identification of the product. The logo is supposed to hint at the product’s main premise or main attribute.

20 Software GUIs Designing screen splashes and software GUIs adhering to the corporate look and contributing to the user experience by offering simple and efficient interaction. Splash screens Software GUI Splash screens

21 Adding marketing and brand touch to new product & interfaces Newsletters & e-casts

22 e-cast Newsletter Gilat Newsletter ITS Telecom Producing periodical newsletters and e-casts with industry info, product announcements and sales campaigns. This activity was designed to retain top-of-mind awareness and generate new leads.

23 Animations Producing promotional and technical animations that creates a refreshing new way to deliver messages or simplify complicated technical explanations. Trade show clipTechnical animation Sales teaserMetaphoric animation

24 Scheduling and producing a global exposure Trade shows

25 Planning and executing trade shows and conferences plan around the globe in order to enhance brand, launch new products and acquire new customers. Exhibitions Booth design Folder bag Conceptual theme Corporate tie

26 Back-drops & posters Creating set of posters, rollups and backdrops for trade shows, conference and speaking slots. The posters are also used as a promotional tool on the distributor premises to acquire larger visibility.

27 Print adverts Creation of print adverts in industry magazines before trade shows, during a product launch campaign or as a tool to attract new customers.

28 Thanks for glancing at my visual CV. I’m sure there is a lot more to cover, call me and I’ll be glad to provide more info. Ilan Mashiach MarCom professional 054-209 2841 | to be continued

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