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A service of APPLIED Applications, LLC. To navigate within this presentation, please use the forward and back arrows on your keyboard or the left click.

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1 a service of APPLIED Applications, LLC

2 To navigate within this presentation, please use the forward and back arrows on your keyboard or the left click of your mouse. As you navigate forward, the next page you will see displays the Table of Contents for this presentation. You may use your mouse button to click on any of the content items to go directly to a specific section. You may return to the Table of Contents page at any time by clicking on the link located at the upper right corner as displayed. To exit at any time during this presentation, press the ESC key on your keyboard.

3 I.Getting You Connected II.Marketing Your Business III.Promoting Your Products & Services IV.Expanding Your Sales Opportunities V.Inside TeamRepDIRECT VI.Getting Started Table of Contents

4 Three Services in One Simple-to-Use Program TeamRepDIRECT gets you connected! Integrated into one comprehensive package or used as separate components, TeamRepDIRECT provides the service you need when you need it. Getting You Connected

5 marketing your business marketing your business Dynamic Website Management Marketing Marketing Your Business

6 What’s Your Internet Strategy? How’s your company website? Do you have one? Does it keep pace with your business? Is it an integral part of your company’s sales strategy? It should be. TeamRepDIRECT TeamRepDIRECT’s Looking for a place to start but not sure where you’re going? TeamRepDIRECT can help. With TeamRepDIRECT’s component services, you define what best fits your specific needs and configure each component to best fit your business. Marketing Your Business

7 Establishing Your Web Presence Establishing a web presence is more that merely having a website, it’s about traction. Providing a clear purpose, function and benefit, not just for the visitor, but for yourself. If it’s not setting the pace, it still needs to keep pace with your business if it’s to be of value to you. TeamRepDIRECT’sWebsite Manager TeamRepDIRECT’s Website Manager is designed with the small business owner in mind who desires to have a web presence, but with minimal requirements of time and resources. Marketing Your Business TeamRepDIRECT’sWebsite Manager TeamRepDIRECT’s Website Manager is Simple, Practical, Functional and Efficient

8 You’re In Control TeamRepDIRECT’sWebsite Manager With TeamRepDIRECT’s Website Manager, you’ll have your own company website up and running in a matter of minutes, without any programming or website experience required. Nothing to learn and no other cost to maintain – you control the content. Preconfigured template pages provide information and functionality that include the following: WelcomeNews & Announcements About UsOur Services Current SpecialsWeb Catalogs Store InfoTerms of Use/Privacy Policy Website Manager Easy to use, the Website Manager lets you edit and preview each page as you go. When you’re satisfied with your content, simply publish your website and you’re set to go. Need to make a change, no problem, make your changes within the program and update your site with a single click of a mouse – anytime and as often as necessary. Marketing Your Business

9 Selling On Your Site Marketing Your Business TeamRepDIRECT Don’t just market through your website, sell through it! TeamRepDIRECT is designed to integrate the Online Retail Flyer and Custom Web Catalogs right into your company website to provide a seamless, easy-to-use e-commerce package. Featured products from the Online Retail Flyer can be displayed right within the pages on your site, enabling you to promote your store items and even sell them online if you desire. Custom Web Catalogs that are used to service specific accounts are accessible right from within your website, enabling you to traffic all of your customers to one single point of sales.

10 promoting your products & services promoting your products & services Online Retail Flyer Promotion Promoting Your Products & Services

11 Promote Your Products Promote special products and deals to your customers and help drive them into your store for special events and sales. An easy-to-use wizard guides your through the process of creating and updating your retail flyer. TeamRepDIRECT’sOnline Retail Flyer TeamRepDIRECT Use it to introduce new products or to feature current sales – at any time and in a moments notice. TeamRepDIRECT’s Online Retail Flyer is intended to work in conjunction with the other service components of TeamRepDIRECT as well as on its own. TeamRepDIRECT’sOnline Retail Flyer TeamRepDIRECT’s Online Retail Flyer provides a quick, efficient, effective and cost- savings way to promote your products. Promoting Your Products & Services

12 Staying Current Online Retail Flyer The Online Retail Flyer provides a dynamic means to promote your store items online as well as in print. Want to have a “Special of the Day” but can’t afford to promote it – not anymore. Changing the content of your flyer takes only a minute and even less time to update it. A great alternative to obsolete flyers and expensive promotions. TeamRepDIRECT’s With TeamRepDIRECT’s integrated contact management, contacts can be automatically generated making it easy to get the word out for your next promotion.. Promoting Your Products & Services

13 E-Commerce Enabled Online Retail Flyer TeamRepDIRECT No matter whether you want to promote or sell, your Online Retail Flyer lets you do both. No special requirements, no added work. Just drag and drop the items you wish to include and select your pricing and TeamRepDIRECT will do the rest. TeamRepDIRECT’sOnline Retail Flyer Whether you manage your own website, outsource it or even if you’re linked to an e- commerce affiliate… TeamRepDIRECT’s Online Retail Flyer can supplement your site to highlight targeted sales events and specials. Promoting Your Products & Services

14 expanding your sales opportunities Expanding Your Sales Opportunities Account Specific Web Catalogs Sales

15 TeamRepDIRECT TeamRepDIRECT While TeamRepDIRECT provides an efficient and effective means to market and promote your team business, the primary and most significant benefit of using TeamRepDIRECT is right where the rubber hits the road… SALES! TeamRepDIRECT There’s no better way to expand you sales opportunities than by dramatically expanding your access to consumers. And direct access to individual consumers within each and every team account is where TeamRepDIRECT truly stands alone. More Access Means More Sales Expanding Your Sales Opportunities

16 Custom Web Catalogs Custom Web Catalogs Custom Web Catalogs are just the ticket to maximize the efforts of your sales reps and significantly expand your sales opportunities. Targeted and focused, Custom Web Catalogs enable you to service every account with the products your want to sell, when you need to sell them, and at the pricing specific to the account. Catalogs that are meaningful to them and profitable to you – available even when you aren’t. Each catalog offer fully-functional e-commerce and is accessible on the Internet. Additionally, each catalog created includes an automatically generated printable version of the catalog as well as the respective order form. Account Specific Catalogs Expanding Your Sales Opportunities

17 TeamRepDIRECTCustom Web Catalogs With the TeamRepDIRECT catalog wizard, building and maintaining Custom Web Catalogs is easy. Within minutes you can create a custom catalog that will enable you to access, communicate, sell and service the individual consumer. Custom Web Catalogs And what’s more, modifying the contents of a catalog can be done at any time which means each catalog is current and never obsolete. With Custom Web Catalogs, the benefits are numerous and the opportunities limitless. Catalogs That Save You Time & Make You Money TeamRepDIRECT’sCustom Web Catalogs TeamRepDIRECT’s Custom Web Catalogs offer an additional means to sell and service your accounts. Whether unlocking new sales or supplementing existing sales, Web Catalogs can be customized to serve distinctively different purposes depending on your need. Expanding Your Sales Opportunities The Right Catalog For The Job Team Specific CatalogsCommercial Account Catalogs Booster Club Catalogs Surplus Product Catalogs

18 assessing the opportunity Expanding Your Sales Opportunities The Individual & Player Purchase

19 Today’s Team Business Rooted in tradition or simply stuck in it, today’s team business remains fundamentally much the same as it has for years. Primarily based on “team” concept: team needs it, dealer provides it, school pays for it Providing essential team goods and services to schools and other institutions is generally the “bread & butter” Nature of business is challenging & time consuming (custom items, fragmented communication, last minute) Team rep’s role typically focused on meeting with coaches, getting the single order, providing the service Individual player business, if any, serviced primarily through coach, team/parent meetings, and/or retail Expanding Your Sales Opportunities

20 The Growing Trend As market opportunities in the sporting goods industry continue to expand, the dividing line between team sales and the individual player purchase continues to narrow. Retailers, E-tailers and Catalogers already servicing the individual consumer are steadily targeting “traditional” team business adding more competition to an already thin market segment. Continual cut-backs in school and athletic program budgets have not only affected “what is being sold” but, more importantly, “who is doing the buying”, only compounding what has become a growing problem for team dealers. As more and more of the purchasing dollars shift away from the institution, more and more purchasing dollars are shifting toward the individual consumer - the players and parents. As player purchases have steadily grown, creative “player purchase” solutions have not, leaving the team’s “end-user” business largely under-serviced by most team dealers. Expanding Your Sales Opportunities

21 Team Sales (Player Purchase) Institutional Sales (School P.O.)  Fixed Target / Fewer Orders  Very Competitive  Lower Margins  Shrinking  Moving Target / Individual Orders  Hard to Reach  Higher Margins  Growing $ 2 Bil* $6-8 Bil* The Bigger Picture *AAPPS market estimates (in whsl $) Established relationships, added value and direct service provide team dealers a distinct advantage in each segment of the team market, but the majority of team business remains institutional. Expanding Your Sales Opportunities

22 IF… ~ $2 Billion* (wholesale) sold to schools @ 25% margin equates to $667 Million Profit AND… ~ $6 Billion* sold to team’s players @ 35% margin equates to $3.2 Billion Profit THEN… Player-Purchase Profits amount to 4- 5X that of Institutional Profits *AAPPS market estimates (in whsl $) Opportunity or Not? Considering the dollar size and average margins of institutional sales and player purchase sales, there’s no question of which offers the greatest profit opportunity, yet much of the player purchase has been left on the table by team dealers because it’s been too difficult to access and too costly to service. Expanding Your Sales Opportunities

23 Other Retail Catalog Team Dealer Products Team Member Needs Limited Access Coach in Middle Time Constraints Logistics One of the biggest challenges facing every team dealer is the “bottleneck” of the team sale. Team dealers are currently only able to effectively service a small portion of the team’s player needs. The result - missed team dealer revenue opportunity because players go elsewhere to buy. Problem #1 Expanding Your Sales Opportunities

24 Those team dealers that have managed to gain access to the individual player purchases typically face an equal challenge in managing the individual micro-orders and chasing the individual payments. The result – more time and less money to the team dealer. Team Member Orders Sales Orders Problem #2 Expanding Your Sales Opportunities

25 Team Dealer Products Team Member Needs TeamRepDIRECT addresses the issue of “getting access” by creating a direct communication, sales and service pipeline to the consumer, eliminating the “bottleneck” and enabling the team dealer to more effectively and efficiently meet the needs of teams, and most importantly, the players. This “DIRECT Access” results in team dealers having initial and ongoing access to every player, increased sales, and improved service to the entire team. Team Dealer Products Team Member Needs The Direct Access Solution Expanding Your Sales Opportunities

26 Team Members Orders Sales Order TeamRepDIRECT addresses the issue of “having access” by enabling and automating individual player purchase orders into a single team order the team dealer to more effectively and efficiently meet the needs of teams, and most importantly, the players. This “Order Consolidation” results in team dealers having the ability to manage and service player purchases in much the same traditional way team sales orders are handled. The result – reduced costs of sales, more margin of profit, and more money made. The Direct Access Solution Expanding Your Sales Opportunities

27 Direct Relationship with Coaches (accessibility, loyalty) Ability to Better Assess Team Needs (you know “Team”) Team Dealer Pricing (better team values vs. retail pricing) Ongoing Service to Team (commitment to servicing team’s needs) “First Pickins” (access to players before they go elsewhere to buy) Leveraging the Team Dealer Advantage TeamRepDIRECT helps team dealers to leverage their advantages over major retailers and catalogers by effectively addressing their traditional challenges and opening the door to new and significant profit opportunities. Expanding Your Sales Opportunities

28 DIRECT Benefits With DIRECT Results Directly access and communicate with consumers – coach not required Increase the sales opportunity – more products to more consumers Extend the selling window – no longer limited to team meetings Automatically build and sort team contacts – includes individual team members Take online orders – dramatically reduce the “payment chase” Consolidate individual orders into single team orders – business the way you’re use to Dynamically maintain online and printed sales collateral – nothing is obsolete Save you time and make you money TeamRepDIRECT TeamRepDIRECT Developed specifically for this industry, TeamRepDIRECT provides an easy-to-use, flexible and affordable means to meet the varying needs of your business. As simple as click, drag & drop, TeamRepDIRECT offers team dealers a comprehensive and powerful sales solution that can: Expanding Your Sales Opportunities

29 *AAPPS market estimates (in whsl $) School PurchasePlayer Purchase Purchase BudgetPurchase Opportunity ~ $20-35K per yearin sales~ $50-80K* per year in sales ~ $5-9K profit~ $15-30K profit * Multiple Sports for Men and Women Footwear: ~ $15-30K Apparel: ~ $15-20K Equipment: ~ $15-20K Accessories: ~ $5-10K Booster club: ~ $10K+ Supplementing The Institutional Sale The supplemental sales opportunity from the player purchases across the teams of the many schools alone is substantial and unlike most retailers, E-tailers and catalog companies, team dealers are uniquely positioned to capture a sizable share of this business. Expanding Your Sales Opportunities

30 Assess Your Own Opportunity For today’s team dealer and team rep, efficiently supplementing the “institutional sale” can significantly impact the bottom line. For the Team Dealer: 100 Schools @ $50K = $5-8 million in Added Sales For the Team Rep: 20 Schools @ $50K = $1 million in Added Sales @ 10% commission = $100k in Added Income The player purchase opportunity across the schools many teams and a territory’s many schools is tremendous, benefiting the team dealer and team reps alike. Expanding Your Sales Opportunities

31 Inside TeamRepDIRECT Inside TeamRepDIRECT Inside TeamRepDIRECT

32 Website Manager Inside TeamRepDIRECT Building and maintaining your own professional website is easy. Add commerce to your website through the Online Retail Flyer and Custom Web Catalog services. Simply click on a tab for the website page you wish to edit and see your changes in the preview window. Add your company logo and other images as necessary. Select from any one of the preconfigured color schemes.

33 Master Price Book The basis for building custom team catalogs is the team dealer’s Master Price Book. The Master Price Book contains those items that will be included in a custom Web Catalog. New Master Price Book items can be created for any product, custom product or apparel quickly and easily, providing unlimited flexibility for the team dealer. Detailed product information and an item image can be added when creating a Master Price Book item. Each item typically contains the same type of information about the product as can be found in a manufacturer’s printed product catalog. Inside TeamRepDIRECT

34 Setup Master Price Book Create/Select Team Click, Drag & Drop Customize & Preview Flyer & Catalog Builder Creating your Retail Flyer and custom team catalogs that are tailored to the specific needs of each team account is as easy as 1 2 3 CREATECUSTOMIZEPUBLISH TeamRepDIRECT enables team dealers and team reps to create, customize, and publish team-specific fully functional custom Web Catalogs in minutes. Publish to Print & View Take Orders Inside TeamRepDIRECT

35 Online Retail Flyer The Online Retail Flyer can be used on its own or integrated into your TeamRepDIRECT created website. Additionally, it can be used within any existing website, adding online order and e-commerce capability in minutes. Inside TeamRepDIRECT Display individual product information and images for all of your promotional or sale needs. Flyer contents can be modified at any time, making a truly dynamic sales tools that never becomes obsolete.

36 Dynamic Sales Collateral Printed Catalog / Order FormOn-line Web Catalog Each published catalog is a fully functional e-commerce enabled Web Catalog that includes an automatically generated Printed Catalog and corresponding Order Form. Greet your targeted consumers, namely team players and their parents, with the selection of product and pricing specific to them. Want to change your product mix or need change a price, no problem. Modifying catalog content is a snap and updating your catalog is free, making every catalog a dynamic, up-to-date extension of your current sales efforts which means no more obsolete flyers or outdated sales collateral. Inside TeamRepDIRECT

37 Integrated Contact Management Regardless of the catalog application, having “DIRECT Access“ to the consumer is essential in maximizing the sales opportunities. As players or individuals from a team initially visit their team’s Web Catalog, contact information is automatically created and organized by team/account within an integrated address book. From that point forward, communicating, servicing sales and generating ongoing business with each customer is “direct”. Inside TeamRepDIRECT

38 Streamlined Order Processing Generating individual orders can increase sales, but it doesn’t necessarily increase profits. Having the ability to manage and process individual orders efficiently is one of the major benefits of TeamRepDIRECT. Automated consolidation of individual orders into a single team sales order streamlines the order process and allows for efficient integration into any existing sales or accounting system. No more stacks of individual orders to sort and tally. With TeamRepDIRECT you can view orders, contact customers, confirm orders, edit orders, check payments, process the orders and run reports with just a few clicks of the mouse. Detailed viewing and control of individual player purchases One-click order confirmation and customer communication Automated order consolidation of individual player orders Inside TeamRepDIRECT

39 Getting Started Section VI Getting Started

40 There’s No Better Time Than Now TeamRepDIRECT If saving time and making money are of interest to you than TeamRepDIRECT should be too and there’s never been a better time to start than now. If you feel that you’re too busy… you just very well could be the one with the most to gain. TeamRepDIRECT TeamRepDIRECT We’ve made the investment of time and money to get started with TeamRepDIRECT very minimal to you for one reason – we believe TeamRepDIRECT provides the most economical and effective solution available for team dealers to maximize their sales and profit potential and we’re willing to bank on it. TeamRepDIRECTTeamRepDIRECT TeamRepDIRECT We understand the fact that as one season goes, the next season perpetually comes and for most team dealers there’s very little down time. We also recognize the apprehension that exists when it comes to tackling something new and it’s to each of these that TeamRepDIRECT delivers. TeamRepDIRECT is simple to learn, easy to use and setting up TeamRepDIRECT for your team business can typically be done within the normal course of a business day. So if saving time and making money are important to you, there’s no better time than now. Getting Started

41 How To Begin TeamRepDIRECT TeamRepDIRECT TeamRepDIRECT Getting started has never been easier and to help make certain TeamRepDIRECT is right for you, you can demo TeamRepDIRECT at any time by simply downloading and installing TeamRepDIRECT right from our website. TeamRepDIRECT See for yourself how simple-to-use and incredibly effective TeamRepDIRECT can be with no risk or obligation whatsoever. TeamRepDIRECT TeamRepDIRECT When you’re ready to put TeamRepDIRECT to work for your team accounts, simply click on the “Get User License” button from the main menu of the program and obtain a TeamRepDIRECT User License right online… it’s that simple! Getting Started

42 Help and Support TeamRepDIRECT Just like your business, our business is based upon relationships and satisfied customers. We offer several means of support so you can get started very easily and learn how to use TeamRepDIRECT most effectively. Help Menus. Throughout the tool you have access to context sensitive and comprehensive “Help” menus to easily guide you on specific issues. E-Mail. We enjoy hearing from each of our licensed team dealer partners. It is your valuable feedback that helps us continue to make this tool work better and better for our team dealers. We believe in win-win relationships and it starts with providing you all the support you need. Website. Our website is designed to be a user resource guide to help keep you informed through announcements and enhancement updates, helpful tips, and other relevant application topics to maximize your opportunities with this powerful new tool. Telephone. We offer direct telephone support and over-the-phone walk- through training to guide you through the process of getting started. Extended support is also available at a nominal fee. Getting Started

43 TeamRepDIRECT TeamRepDIRECT Thank you for your time and interest in TeamRepDIRECT. We hope this presentation has provided a better understanding of what TeamRepDIRECT is about and how it can be of benefit to your business. If you have any questions or would like additional information, you can call us directly at (360) 428-6773 or email us at We would also encourage you to look around throughout our website as it contains up-to-date announcements, tips and information, including sales/costs calculators to help you assess your specific opportunity. Thank you again and we look forward to being of service to you. Thank You

44 a service of APPLIED Applications, LLC

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