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Copyright © Kalido 2008 1 Typical Business Model.

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1 Copyright © Kalido 2008 1 Typical Business Model

2 Copyright © Kalido 2008 2 Built in focus/ highlighting, zooming and navigation

3 Copyright © Kalido 2008 3 Easily Add or Remove References Transaction references can be selectively added or removed to remove distraction when in dialog with the business

4 Copyright © Kalido 2008 4 Model in English, not IT speak Zoom in on the Client Dimension. Grey outline represents Dimension, Light blue represents a class and dark blue represents super type (inheritance). Arrows describe viable paths for business to analyze the information in BI environment.

5 Copyright © Kalido 2008 5 Modeling Uses No Toolbars or Drop-down Menus Drag Mouse left to right to create a new class Define in business terms, not technical ones Relate Reseller to Reseller Type quickly and easily

6 Copyright © Kalido 2008 6 Easily Create and Integrate Transaction Data Create new reseller sales transaction node, dragging mouse right to left Simply draw lines between transactions and entities to create information flow Easily compare different sales types, i.e. reseller sales vs gross sales

7 Copyright © Kalido 2008 7 Multi-level User Interface Speeds Model Design System does not interrupt modeling session with the business because of invalid modeling constructs Tabular view for rapid editing of multiple objects, further increasing the level of productivity of architects and designers who manage the model Integrated ability to generate off-line printouts for distribution to stakeholders

8 Copyright © Kalido 2008 8 Example printout displayed in web browser Easy Export of Key Information for Collaboration Auto generated detailed documentation of all components of the model and rule applied within it.

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