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Corporate Communications Partners in Transformation.

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1 Corporate Communications Partners in Transformation

2 2 FY 2007 Accomplishments Home page updates

3 3 FY 2007 Accomplishments Markets section –Aerospace & Defense –Self-Service Automation Services section –Lean section update –D&E update

4 4 FY 2007 Accomplishments Sales Support: White Papers & Articles Presentations –Medical, Industrial, SSA, Communications and Networking –FinePitch Technologies –Sales Training White Papers –RoHS Medical –Product Stewardship Articles –from ARC Speech –Marty Neese – Lean Six Sigma

5 5 FY 2007 Accomplishments Creative Ads Posters Banners Corporate and Photo Guidelines Giveaways

6 6 Web –Registration –Tracking URLs –SEO Webinar Tradeshows Literature consumption The Impact: Metrics

7 7 The Impact: Web Metrics Web SEO Period: May 2007 Onwards Keyword Listings reduce total landed cost 12 medical device outsourcing 11 product life extension 8 configure to order 7 product launch 6 Search Engine Listings MSN 16 Yahoo Web Results 9 Netscape 9 Google 9 AOL Web Sites 9

8 8 Website collateral downloads since July 2006 CollateralAccessed AMS Overview224 SPS Overview182 D&E Overview166 AMS Retail Technical Services161 Supply Chain Overview150 Automotive101 Medical Overview89 Consumer87 Computing83 Networking and Telecom82 SPS Shop floor80 AMS Asset Recovery80 Industrial - Kiosk74 SPS Suppliers68 AMS Same Unit68 CollateralAccessed SPS Quality67 Industrial66 Customer Case Study - Ericsson65 AMS Service Parts65 White Paper - Medical64 AMS Like Unit61 AMS Fulfillment61 SCS Delivery Chain60 Medical Eng60 AMS Channel Returns60 AMS Exchange57 Medical Supply Base54 SCS Demand Chain51 Greening - White Paper50

9 9 OEMs – 75% Targets: 43% Other OEMs: 32% The Impact: Medical Webinar 2007 Targeted primarily US attendees in this event (~ 90%) Total requests: 353 Accepted: 234 Attended: 133 Primary “Tall Tree” accounts: –108 of registered (31%) –57 of actual attendees (43%) Some registrants indicated that there were dozens of people in a conference room – behind a single webinar registration OEMs – 75% Targets: 43% Other OEMs: 32%

10 10 Messaging Support for key messages –BTO/CTO –RoHS –Lean/Green Initiative

11 11 Mexico India Regional Reports Purpose: Establish regional and industry background for a strong regional Solectron narrative. Mexico India China Eastern Europe China Eastern Europe

12 Thank You

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