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United Country 2009 National Convention. Welcome Training Opportunities –Realtors Land Institute –Commercial –Marketing 2009 –Strategic Partner Program.

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1 United Country 2009 National Convention

2 Welcome Training Opportunities –Realtors Land Institute –Commercial –Marketing 2009 –Strategic Partner Program –EMS –Auction Services –Secrets of the Top Offices and Agents –Technology –Training –Conservation Easements –Mapping and Property Navigation Card Game Visit Sponsors

3 3 First Neighbor Partners

4 4 Marketing Partners

5 It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new. But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful. There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.

6 Agenda 2008 Accomplishments, Challenges and Performance Winning In Today's Market Auction Review Keynote Speaker – Destiny and Winning Key 2009 Initiatives

7 Ancillary Services Business Consulting Training Technology Brand Vendor Management National Marketing Networking 2008 Key Strategic Initiatives

8 2008 Key Accomplishments Increased Advertising 14% Launched New Intranet New Auction Office Websites New REO / Foreclosure Site and Presentation Numerous SEO Projects Executed New Strategic Partnerships –John Deere –WildBlue –InfoUSA –Colliers Enhanced Post Card Program Enhanced Branded Franchisee Health Care

9 2008 Key Accomplishments Branded Home Warranty Launch Branded Company Store Launch Branded Home Mortgage Launch Branded Land Finance Launch Premier, Waterfront / Coastal and Mountain Magalogs Launched Added Auction Section to All Catalogs Agent Recruiting Presentation Launched New Listing Presentation Launched Enhanced Referral Program Launched

10 2008 Key Accomplishments Achieved Top 95 of Entrepreneur Top Franchises Achieved Top 25 Low Cost Franchises Fastest Growing Franchise –Over 80 New Offices Joined Our Family Added New Traditional / Auction Integration Training EMS Helped Deliver Over 60 Large Projects –Hired Sara Murrary Achieved Significant Increase in National PR Enhanced Unitedland – Design, Content and Online Launched E-Newsletter Numerous National, Regional and Local PR Events

11 Peak Performance Rollout Multi-Picture Upload Tool 8% Web Traffic Increase New Specialty Websites – Premier, Lakefront Strategic Partner Intranet Sites – John Deere Investment in Home Office Tech Infrastructure to Increase Capacity, Security and Redundancy Enhanced Real Time Easier Searching of the Confidentials Over 150 Local Technology Training Sessions New Technology Training Webinars 2008 Key Accomplishments

12 2008 Challenges News Media Economy Housing Credit Office Attrition Home Office Continued Investment Mode Donna Retired Personal Challenges of Many Family Members

13 Sales Volume= $ 2 Billion Units Sold=14,000 Current Office Count= 661 New Offices= 80 Total 2008 Listings=70,000 Website Visitors (Avg/Month) = 917,000 Record Current Buyer Database= 300,000 Total Buyer Inquiries= 80,000 2008 Performance

14 Key Findings: Only 1% of sellers choose the agent base on commissions! 30% of all buyers purchased in United Country markets 6% of homes sold in foreclosure. 5% were short sales. 87% of buyers used the Internet in their search. 85% of sellers use an agent. UC Conclusions You Deserve Higher Commissions UC Markets are Large 90% of Homes Are Not Distressed Sales Sellers Need You. 2008 NAR Research August 2008, NAR questionnaire of 10,053 home buyers and sellers who transacted between July 2007-June 2008.

15 Winning In Today’s Market Belief and Attitude Behavior Results

16 A smart team or agent can succeed in any market Cross has been an agent for seven years; his team leaders have been in the business 28 years. In a market dominated by gloomy news, he and they continue to thrive-and they look to double the business they did in 2008. They have the right attitude and the right tools to make their local knowledge pay off for them. Even in a market awash in bad news, they continue to be the real story: A team that ignores doom and gloom and uses their knowledge and experience to succeed. The tools are available to all, but it’s on you to bring the attitude that you can succeed. RISMedia © 2/9/09 2009 Mike Parker Winning In Today’s Market Attitude

17 Winning In Today’s Market 2/10/09 Hi Janet, I just wanted to be a little bird and let you know that today we have reached a milestone. As of today we have the most active listings we have ever had. We have a total of 200 active listings on the market at this time. Yes, 200 properties under contract and on the market from just our office. As you know we are celebrating the completion of our 4th year in business (and as a UC affiliate). We, like other small offices, have had growing pains and housing market aches. But we continue to stay positive and the 200 active listings we have belong to us and not our competition. And we live by the motto, sales follow listings, so this is indeed a great day for United Country in Waupaca. If you have a minute, you might want to give Joe Udoni and Scott Salan a call in the next few days to recognize one of our measurable successes. Thanks. Roberta J. Spanbauer, Office Manager United Country - Udoni & Salan Realty Group Listings

18 233 (34%) of UC Offices Grew GCI in 2008 Mature offices* that had a positive increase in GCI had an average increase of 21% in listing and averaged a 39% increase in GCI! 75% of Offices that Grew GCI More Than 25%, Increased Listings from 07 to 08 82% of Offices that Increased Listings by More Than 30% Grew GCI in 08 79% of Offices That Decreased Listings, Also Decreased GCI in 08. * Mature Offices = Over 2 Years with UC Increases GCI by Increasing Listings Listings

19 Confidentials 2/12/09 Jack, I would like to share some of my thoughts on the specialty lead program. I came into this business with 34 years experience and have worked lead systems of one sort or another my entire career. I think I can say that I know a little bit about leads. In my opinion the "specialty confidentials" and your lead system in general is probably one of the best I have ever used. To date I have ordered 8 specialty batches and have received approximately 1200+ buyer leads. Here is an example of the kind or results I have gotten. I ordered a batch for Farm/Pastureland/Ranch/Acreage, 90 acres. I received back a total of 171 buyer names with 160 e-mail addresses. Using your system I sent a mass e-mail to the 160 and found that about 30 of them were invalid e-mail addresses. Of the remaining 130, I got 12 responses of which 6 wanted photos, plats, and other property information. I now have 2 very serious buyers that I would have never found otherwise. The whole process to get this done was less than an hour in actual work time. (By the way, of the balance of the original 12 responses a couple of the ones not interested in my property told me what the were interested in.) I have also been able to leverage these results. The last two listings I have gotten were a direct result of showing the client the results of using this system. Keep those leads coming and hopefully I will keep the sales rolling in. Thank you, Bill Powell, Smith Mountain Lake Virginia Office Winning In Today’s Market

20 From: Bill Perkins Sent: Sunday, February 15, 2009 To: Kevin Oldham Kevin, Drove to Black River Falls, WI via a gentleman seeing the kiosk.......granted a 3 hour drive but engaged with our Black River Falls UC Office Kim Guenther........spent two hours viewing the properties and long of the short with Kim's knowledge of the area, and traditional listing skills we signed a 120 day listing contract which will flip to an Auction contract at the end of that period if the properties are not sold....... $300,000 in listings give er take some change........not huge money but very fare in Kim's region for sure........... Kim competes with at least 5 RE companies that I know of just in her downtown area on the same street, the gentleman went to 4 and before he saw Kim's UC office he had made his mind up to go with someone else because they all seemed the same........ I believe he saved the best for last as he was very reserved when we arrived and didn't even want to talk about another traditional listing the time we were walking out he knew UC was what he needed and went from a 90 contract to 120 all on his own..........the team work between Kim & I was smooth and tight.......if they don't have any action in approx. 90 days we will re engage with the seller to start the Auction Marketing Oh ya very important, Kim's competition is one that keeps commissions low, usually around 5-6%. We signed the listing at 7% for Kim and the seller didn't even flinch!! Win Win story I would say.........Not a multi million dollar deal but for sure I feel these are the deals that fuel the machine!!!! Sincerely, Bill Perkins CAI, GPPA, REALTOR, AUCTIONEER Winning In Today’s Market Commissions and Teamwork

21 Winning In Today’s Market Belief and Attitude Behavior Results


23 UCAS 2008 Review 30 New Auction Offices, 85 Total Auction Offices Initiated a Series of National Multi-Property Auctions Enhanced United Power! Auction Training UCAS executive staff assisted numerous offices with in-person and telephonic client presentations Expanded auction resources and content on the Intranet Significant Public Relations successes promoting auctions and our affiliates EMS provides extensive marketing for special auction projects

24 UCAS 2008 Review United Country Auctioneers attend REO Conference and NAR Convention Attended the DU National Convention. UCAS will conduct the DU Auction this year in Denver, CO UCAS conducts the National FFA Alumni Auction in Indianapolis (2 nd Consecutive Record!) UCAS attends Tractor Supply Convention in Nashville Alvin Beadles joins UCAS management team

25 United Country and the NAA NAA Recognizes UCAS as Industry Leader “Waiting for the Hammer to Fall” sponsored by UCAS UCAS Tells Our Story Through “Auctioneer” Magazine UCAS represented on NAA Long Range Planning Committee UCAS representatives attend NAA Economic Symposium UCAS exhibits and sponsors Country Music Hall of Fame event at the NAA Convention Scott Musser installed as NAA President Elect Shawn Terrel and Randy Burdette elected NAA Board Brad Wooley elected NALLOA President

26 Colliers International United Country launches a strategic partnership with Colliers International Hosted 3 Webinars throughout the Colliers system $800 Million in Potential Commercial Properties YTD

27 Technology Enhancements New Auction Websites Launched Multi-picture Upload Completed Created a Personal Property Bulk Upload Tool Building Bi-Directional Feed of Auction Listings Through Partnership with AuctionServices.COM Dan Duffy Joins Proxibid Advisory Board

28 United Country Sponsored Benefit Auctions

29 Presentations to National Lenders

30 First UCAS Auction Symposium Focusing on Best Practices for the Integrated Model 70 United Country Attendees

31 Texas Auction Academy TAA Trains 27 UC Affiliates from New York to California and our Management Team

32 Since the NAA began tracking the industry in 2003, gross receipts from real estate auctions have increased each year. In 2008; Residential real estate auctions increased 1.1% Land and agricultural real estate grew 0.5%. Commercial real estate dipped 1.4% last year. 2008 Auction Performance

33 1,700 Auctions recorded since 2007. $253,000,000 in sales price since 2007. UC Auction Sales $ +40% in 2008 Auction Units + 75% Personal Property grows from $3M in 2007 to over $21M in 2008 2008 Auction Performance


35 2009…New Game, New Rules Play to Win!

36 Built To Last Successful Habits of Visionary Co.s Preserve The Core Stimulate Progress Invest in Existing Competitive Advantage And Support Core Values and Purpose Strategically Relevant Initiatives And / Or B.H.A.G.s

37 Preserve The Core – Values and Guiding Principles Excellence We believe that excellence is consistently surpassing expectations and that excellence results in competitive advantage… we seek to deliver excellence in all we do Integrity We treat each other and our partners fairly and expect the same in return Community Service We believe that we have a duty to be a positive contributor to the people and institutions that are the fabric of the communities we serve Higher Purpose We believe in God and conduct ourselves in a manner consistent with this belief Positive We believe that a positive mental attitude when addressing opportunities and challenges is the foundation for all successful endeavors Family We understand the importance of a strong, supportive family and respect the sanctity of the families that our part of our team Fiscal Responsibility We understand that without a healthy financial foundation we can not sow the seeds that will ensure long-term success See Things Differently We believe that the future holds great opportunities for leaders who are willing to leverage fresh perspectives, adapt to changing conditions and incorporate new learning into how they pursue opportunities

38 Ancillary Services Business Consulting Training Technology Brand Vendor Management National Marketing Networking 2009 Key Strategic Initiatives Specialty Groups Referral Program International Blended Model SEO Next Generation

39 Specialized Industry Codes (SIC) Strategy This is where B-to-B conversations take place…but clients can not differentiate between service providers… So what is the opportunity and how do we capture it? Drive the conversation to where the client wants it.

40 Specialty Group Strategy Launch Goal – Extreme Differentiation Packaging Shared Credentials and Resources Initial Practice Groups: –Recreational Real Estate –Timberland –Commercial –Lakefront –Farm & Ranch Rolling Launch You Drive Library

41 Property Type Focused Dedicated Group Sites Comprehensive Collateral Case Studies Specialty Group Management and Subject Matter Experts - Community Buyer Lists New “SEO”ed Web Sites Targeted Discussion Boards Specialty Group - Intranet

42 New Specialty Web Sites

43 Specialty Group – Listing Collateral


45 Referral Program We Need Your Help to Strengthen Our Organization Win – Win – Win…

46 International Expansion Target Markets with Strategic Alignment The “Man Made Diamond” Approach Master vs. Organic Provides Resources for Investments Service Clients Brand Promise – “Find Your Freedom”

47 Blended Method of Marketing

48 SEO / Technology Positions

49 Your Responsibility Remember to Empty Your Glass…Make Room For New Learning and Thinking Be Engaged…Attend Break Outs Be Present Be Open Be Positive and Constructive…We Want Feedback Refer an Office Have Too Much Fun…Life Is Short!

50 Belief Results Behavior


52 DRIVE! Take Control of your Real Estate Destiny and Create a Winning Mindset Personal marketing in this Challenging Market and your potential and win in 2009! “Think outside the box” in order to achieve more than you ever dreamed possible. Effect positive change in the real estate industry How to use personal brochures and direct mail, as well as the powerful tools of the Internet, e-mail farming and television Don Hobbs

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