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TechCXO Partners’ Meeting August 24, 2012. Kent Elmer Welcome Opening Remarks.

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1 TechCXO Partners’ Meeting August 24, 2012

2 Kent Elmer Welcome Opening Remarks

3 Kent remarks here Welcome and Opening Remarks

4 Partner Development

5 CFO – Xx CSO – Xx Partner Development

6 Kent Elmer Business Update

7 Significant financial highlight details here 2012 Year to Date Financial Highlights

8 Operating model TechCXO Unified Operating Model Update

9 August 2012 Marketing Business Development

10 1.Outbound integrated marketing 2.Market and Partner Development 3.Website enhancements Marketing Update

11 -Weekly communication data insight -New Client List -New Partner List -Social Media Outbound Integrated Marketing

12 Experience > Freedom The best executive jobs are no longer full-time gigs – HBR. See exec jobs with profound freedom at TechCXO Experience > Flexibility Board Meeting @9 and at the kids’ bus stop at 3? Yes. Exec jobs with total flexibility at TechCXO. Experience > End of Eternal Meetings Do the work you were born to do. Enjoy total autonomy with executive jobs at TechCXO. Experience > Independence Independence equals fun. Challenge without back-office headaches at TechCXO. Experience > An Elite Career Elite means freedom, autonomy, influence and the ability to be compensated commensurately at TechCXO TechCXO Recruitment Ads: Linked to Landing Pages Market and Partner Development

13 New Partner Directory Search by Name, Vertical, Specialty, Practice Area or Office VCard Web Site Enhancements

14 Site Traffic + Scores Increased Twitter, Blogging and LinkedIn activity Inbound traffic from email marketing and new content NEED TechCXO Partner & Marketing committee support via ReTweets, LinkedIn discussion, Linkbacks… HubSpot Site Ranking Improved from 48 to 66 Web Site Enhancements

15 1.BD Support & Collateral and Vertical Response 3.Pipeline and Forecast Management Business Development Update

16 + Outlook integration Individual training available for ALL Partners Business Development

17 Productized solutions New collateral Hotter proposal materials Resource: password: collateral Business Development

18 Systematic Outbound nurture marketing Vertical Response integrated with Individual, service line, POD or firm- wide campaigns Campaign metrics and measurements Business Development

19 Plan and Execute a Three Tiered Events Strategy Venture/Private Equity Local Technology and Industry Associations – TAG, CED, others Banks, CPA firms Business Development

20 Client and Pipeline Management Populate with accounts, contacts and sales opportunities Embrace as a document repository for client contract, billing and work product examples Business Development

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