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Hand &Wrist Care and Prevention of athletic injuries Chapter 12 Ms. K.

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1 Hand &Wrist Care and Prevention of athletic injuries Chapter 12 Ms. K

2 WRIST & HAND ANATOMY  Fingers named by #1-5 starting at the thumb  Joints named after the bones that come together  Muscles:  Wrist extensors are posterior on the forearm  Wrist flexors are anterior on the forearm

3 WRIST & HAND ANATOMY  Ligaments:  Every finger has 2 collateral ligaments  Radial/lateral collateral ligament  Ulnar/Medial collateral ligament  Triangular fibrocartilage complex

4 Anatomical Snuff Box  The boundaries  The posterior border of the snuffbox is the tendon of the extensor pollicis longus.posteriortendon extensor pollicis longus  The anterior border are the extensor pollicis brevis and the abductor pollicis longus. [1]anterior extensor pollicis brevis abductor pollicis longus [1]  The proximal border is formed by the styloid process of the radiusproximalstyloid process radius  The floor of the snuffbox varies depending on the position of the wrist, but both the trapezium and primarily the scaphoid can be palpated. trapezium scaphoid

5 TFCC  The Triangular fibrocartilage complex (TFCC) is formed by:  Triangular fibrocartilage discus (TFC)  Radioulnar ligaments (RUL’s)  Ulnocarpal ligaments (UCL’s).

6 DeQuervain’s Tendonitis  Tendonitis of the abductor pollicus longus and extensor pollicus brevis (muscles that move that thumb)  AKA as “Trigger Finger”  MOI: Repetitive motion (radial deviation) of the wrist  Signs/Symptoms:  Pn with abduction  Swelling  Crepitus  Treatment:  RICE  NSAIDS  Strengthening of hand muscles

7 Mallet Finger  MOI: Hit at the tip of the finger  Extensor tendon tears from bone  Signs/Symptoms:  Finger is in flexion  Cannot straighten finger because tendon is unattached  Management:  Pain  Swelling  Splint in extension  Surgery to reattach

8 Jersey Finger  Flexor tendon tears away from fingertip  MOI: DIP jt is in flexion and is suddenly forced to extend (i.e. grabbing a jersey)  Signs/Symptoms:  Pain  Swelling  DIP jt is unable to flex  Management:  Splint  Ice  Surgery

9 Wrist Sprain  MOI:  FOOSH  Excessive radial/ulnar deviation  Signs/Symptoms  Pain  Decreased ROM  Decreased grip strength  Swelling  Laxity  Management:  RICE  Splint  Rehab to strengthen hand muscles

10 Ganglion Cyst  Occurs when the sheath covering the muscles becomes filled with fluid  A.K.A. “Bible’s cyst”  Signs/Symptoms:  Bubble develops on wrist  Painful at times  Management:  Ice with compression  If persistent, needs to be drained by physician

11 Gamekeeper’s Thumb  MOI: Injury to medial collateral ligament of thumb due to forced abduction  (i.e. catching a basketball)  Signs/Symptoms:  Pain  Swelling  Loss of ROM  Management:  Ice  Splint  Xray to r/o fx

12 Interphalangeal Collateral Ligament Sprain  MOI: Joint is stressed beyond normal limits  I.e. finger hits a ball, land with fingers extended or curled  Signs/Symptoms:  Pain  Swollen  Ecchymosis  Loss of ROM  Management:  XRAY to r/o fx  Ice in ice cup  Splint

13 Dislocation of Interphalangeal or Metacarpophalangeal Joints  MOI: Bones of joint are forced in opposite directions  Signs/Symptoms:  Obvious deformity  Pain, Swelling  Ecchymosis  Loss of ROM  Management:  Refer to physician for reduction

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