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Administrative Toolkit OCM Brown Bag Workshop Suzanne Smith

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1 Administrative Toolkit OCM Brown Bag Workshop Suzanne Smith

2 Successful Branding A successful brand is much more than a logo or a color scheme. It also includes everything we say about ourselves, the images we use, even how we treat our faculty, staff, students, patients, alumni, friends and visitors. How we present ourselves and how we communicate to our audiences creates the public perception of our university. Our brand should be built upon, and directly reflect, the university’s mission, vision and values.

3 Our mission is to provide leadership and excellence in teaching, discovery, clinical care, and service as a student-centered comprehensive research university and academic health center with a wide range of programs from learning assistance through postdoctoral studies. GRU Mission

4 Collegiality Inclusivity Compassion Integrity Excellence Leadership Our Values

5 In many cases, YOU are the first and last point of contact with the organization YOU develop most, if not all, of our documents, presentations and handouts YOU are a decision maker – YOU decide if the information is branded correctly or incorrectly Why is your role so important?

6 YOU are a champion of our brand!

7 What is our identity? Former IdentityNew Identity Augusta State UniversityGeorgia Regents University Augusta Georgia Health Sciences UniversityGeorgia Regents University Augusta Georgia Health Sciences Health SystemGeorgia Regents Health System Georgia Health Sciences Medical CenterGeorgia Regents Medical Center Georgia Health Sciences Children’s Medical Center Children’s Hospital of Georgia Physicians Practice GroupGeorgia Regents Medical Associates Georgia Health Sciences Cancer CenterGeorgia Regents University Cancer Center

8 University Logos

9 Health System Logos

10 Athletic Logos

11 GRU/GRHS Brand Guidelines GReport PAWS – Employee Intranet GRU/GRHS Facebook/Twitter Accounts Office of Communications & Marketing (OCM) Helpful Tools

12 Brand Guidelines Download the complete set of brand guidelines at

13 GReport Check your email every Wednesday for the latest updates Sign up at Post your events at report-announcements

14 Click on Departments Click on Communications & Marketing Click on Templates PAWS (Portal and Web Services)

15 Power PointReport Covers Electronic LetterheadSign-In Sheets AgendasSpine Covers ItinerariesLetterhead Guides Meeting Minutes Fax Cover Sheets Shipping Labels Mailing Labels Templates available on PAWS

16 How do you get connected?

17 Media relations/Media training Marketing, branding and advertising Community relations Web communications Publications/Collateral Social media Editorial support Videography Photography Speakers’ Bureau Trademark licensing History and Museums OCM Support Services

18 Thank you! Questions?

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