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Elbow: Anatomy.

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1 Elbow: Anatomy

2 Bony Anatomy Radius Ulna Humerus – 2 condyles Lateral – capitulum
Articulates with the radius Medial – trochlea Articulates with humerous

3 Ligaments Ulnar collateral Radial collateral Annular
Medial epicondyle to ulnar trochlear notch Strong anterior band, weaker transverse & middle Gives medial support Radial collateral Lateral epicondyle to side of annular ligament Does not attach to radius Gives lateral support Annular Holds radius to ulna and humerus Allows rotation of radius (supination and flexion) Gives lateral support

4 Muscles Flexion Extension Pronation Supination
Biceps brachii, brachial, brachioradialis Extension Triceps brachii Pronation Pronator quadratus, pronator teres Supination Biceps brachii, supinator muscle

5 Muscles Biceps brachii Brachialis Brachioradialis Triceps brachii
Insertion Tuberosity of the radius Movement Flexes elbow, supinates forearm Brachialis Coronoid process of ulna Flexes elbow Brachioradialis Insertion Styloid process of the raidus Movement Flexes elbow Triceps brachii Olecranon process of ulna Extension

6 Muscles Supinator Pronator teres Anconeus Insertion Movement Insertion
Proximal end of the lateral surface of the shaft of the radius Movement Supinates the elbow Pronator teres Middle of the lateral surface of the shaft of the radius Pronates elbow Anconeus Insertion Lateral surface of the olecranon process of the ulna Movement Extends elbow

7 Joints Humeroradial Radioulnar Humeroulnar
Articulation of lateral distal humerus and proximal radius Radioulnar Articulation between radial notich of the proximal lateral aspect of ulna, the radial head and capitulum of distal humerus Important in supination andpronation Humeroulnar Articulation between distal humerus medially and proximal ulna

8 Nerves Median Radial Ulnar Musclocutaneous
Passes deep in the cubital fossa medial to the biceps and brachialis Radial Lateral to biceps and brachialis Ulnar Courses posteriorly in groove between the medial epicondyle and olecranon process Musclocutaneous Passes through cubital fossa, supplies the anterior forearm and thenar muscles





13 Elbow Anatomy MISC Medial & lat. Condyles with the olecranon process form a straight line when arm is straight Forms a triangle when arm is bent Posterolateral triangle – radial head, lat. Condyle, olecronon process Good place for aspiration

14 Elbow Anatomy Carrying angle ROM 5-15 degrees female 5-10 degrees male
This angle will increase in athletes that have participated in throwing sports for a long time, or the angle could increase if there is a fx ROM Flexion – 145 degrees Extension – 0 / -5 degrees Pronation & supination – 90 degrees

15 Pronation and Supination
Flexion and Extension Pronation and Supination

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