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1 From a Commodity to an Expert Master your IT business and your life.

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1 1 From a Commodity to an Expert Master your IT business and your life

2 2 Presentation outline » Chris Martin GFI MAX – MSP Consultant » Brad Kendall

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4 4 Why I specialized » I had / have limited resources □ Limited Time □ Limited Money □ Limited access to employees » Enjoyment □ I don’t like troubleshooting insurance CRM systems □ I do like designing TV matrices » I gain a depth of knowledge, not a range of knowledge » I can charge a premium for expert advice » Marketing = referrals. Clients talk to other people in their industry a lot more than in other industries

5 5 Why I specialized » Automation really pays □ Templates speed up quotes and support requests □ Automating tasks save time and money □ I can invest time in automating tasks because they are mostly the same for all my clients » Contacts □ A single industry allows me to grow meaningful partnerships with similar companies □ Everybody knows everybody

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7 7 What I benefited from specializing » I work a lot less » I get to spend time on other things » I have get more respect from clients » I do interesting things » I make more money » I get more work done with less employees

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9 9 How I Specialized » I chose one niche market » I made sure I knew my stuff » I met other experts » I join associations relevant to my niche » I shared my knowledge

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11 11 How the Building Blocks can help you get started » A series of discrete, pre-packaged services that the customer can easily grasp the value of » That you can sell easily » That generate recurring profits for you » Bind that customer to you » Learn about their systems » Begin changing the nature of the relationship » And migrate them to full Managed Services

12 12 What’s a Building Block? » All the information, tools and collateral needed to sell and implement a set of Managed Services » You can use to: □ Attract new customers or strengthen relationships with existing customers □ Easily sell a profitable service □ Ease customers from break-fix to Managed Services » With NO major changes to your company □ And no expensive training

13 13 Building Blocks Program – Do it your way! Server & NetworkWorkstationEmail Server & network management Workstation management Email archiving Email hosting Delivery verification Real-time server & network monitoring Proactive workstation maintenance Email Continuity Daily Server Health Check Real-time workstation monitoring Anti-virus & anti-spam Daily Server Safety Check Daily Workstation Health Check Email infrastructure monitoring Lucrative but complex Lower value but simple

14 14 What’s contained in each Building Block? Example: Server Blocks – all you need to price and sell Server & Network Management Real-time Server & Network Monitoring Daily Server Health Check Daily Server Safety Check Each Building Block contains: Information about the service, context in which it sits in Building Blocks Financials (pricing & profit) calculators Promotional material (flyers, letters, web site text, etc.), value proposition, marketing and sales strategy Implementation documents (contracts, SLAs) Implementation considerations: Integration, billing, scaling, etc.

15 15 All the self-branded information and material you need Sample flyer

16 16 Sample website copy

17 17 Sample sales letters and telephone scripts

18 18 Pricing calculators, sample contracts, statements of work...

19 19 GFI MAX Building Blocks summary » All the info and collateral. » To easily sell straightforward services that the customer grasps. » That bind the customer to you. » That truffle hunt and brings more incidents to the surface. » That you can make good recurring revenues and profits. » That require no changes to your business system. No training and travel and time. » That can be used to attract new customers with a straightforward service. » That start the progression to full Managed Services. GFI MAX and Building Blocks are… easy!

20 20 Thank you » You get the full system » Set up in less than 10 minutes! » No commitment » No hard sell » Or contact us for more information:

21 21 MSP Business Management » Real-world tips and resources » Videos, webinar recordings, whitepapers, e-books, and more » Blog articles discussing the latest topics and techniques Helping you to: » Grow your IT support company » Run your company more profitably » Deliver fast IT support and increase uptime » Minimize threats to your business

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