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Technology Innovation, opportunities for Iraq’s Banking sector Mohammad Harb, Misys Iraq Finance Conference 2012 © MISYS 2012.

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1 Technology Innovation, opportunities for Iraq’s Banking sector Mohammad Harb, Misys Iraq Finance Conference 2012 © MISYS 2012

2 Misys – Who we are The world’s broadest portfolio of trusted and reliable software products for the banks and financial institutions. Vista Equity Partners a leading private equity firm focused on investing in software and its enablers. The newly-launched new Misys with 1,800 customers in 120 countries. Impressive track record of recognition and industry accolades with 62 awards in the last three years alone Exceptional management team, led by Bret Bolin, CEO. Unmatched local presence and continuity of service worldwide. Investment in local partners such as B plan in Iraq. Slide 2 © MISYS 2012

3 No.1 independent Financial Services software provider The most complete suite of capital markets and banking solutions Scale and capacity to serve customers across all geographies and all market segments Approx. 1,800 customers in 120 countries Supported from 66 offices around the world in 49 countries More than 100 partners across the globe Over 30 years of experience delivering powerful and proven Capital Markets and Banking solutions Deep pool of highly-skilled domain experts 47 of the world’s top 50 banks 15 of the top 25 syndicated loan book runners More than 60 buy-side firms © MISYS 2012

4 The Industry’s Most Comprehensive Solution * BF Universal Banking, BF Equation, BF Midas, BF Shared Applications © MISYS 2012 The Industry’s Most Comprehensive Solution ExchangesE-tradingTelephone Brokers Liquidity Venues Single Dealer Platforms EMSOMS Trade Matching Product Structuring Order Book Trade Capture Position Keeping Pricing Trade Processing ConfirmationsAccountingPayments Trading Risk Trading P& L ATM e-banking Call Centre Branches Mobile Web Kiosk Customer Acquisition Interest Calculation Wealth Management Lending & Deposits Fees and Charges Party Model Treasury Islamic Banking “Know your Customer” & anti-money laundering Banking Risk (limits & delinquency) Collateral Management Market Risk Credit Risk Liquidity Risk Settlement RiskALM Management Analytics & CRM Documents/LegalPaymentsGeneral Ledger Sales & Distribution Channels Operations (system of record) Enterprise Intelligence Finance & Cash Management TRADING BOOK BUSINESS BANKING BOOK BUSINESS Misys Presence Misys Expansion Non Misys Market Data Management Static Data Management Data Vendors Trade Services © MISYS 2012 BankFusion*Payment Manager Global Collateral Management Front Office Dashboard Banking Risk (limits & delinquency) BankFusion* Misys Global Risk BF Teller, BF Mobile Portal: Trade, Cash & Personal Finance, LoanIQ Trader Desktop Summit / Kondor+ e-trading Summit / Sophis Kondor+ / Opics Plus BankFusion* LoanIQ Opics TI Plus

5 Dominating the Market Core Banking Market ShareCapital Markets Market Share Source: Data from IBS Intelligence Sales League Table - 2012 © MISYS 2012

6 Iraqi economic outlook Iraq has boosted oil production to 3 million barrels a day with the help of international oil companies. That's up from the 2.5 million barrels before the 2003 U.S.-led invasion. The government expects to expand capability to 10 million barrels a day in six years, which would put it at the top of world oil producers [USA Today]. The IMF forecasts Iraq's economy will grow 11.1% this year to about $144 billion Last year, Iraq attracted $55.67 billion in foreign investment and other commercial activity, a 40% increase from the previous year [ Dunia Frontier Consultants] The real estate business is expected to expand rapidly as Iraq's government attempts to close an acute housing shortage. Iraq estimates it needs to build more than 800,000 homes or apartments. © MISYS 2012

7 Iraq demographics Slide 7 © MISYS 2012 Age Groups 0 - 14 Years15 - 64 Years65 and above 38%58.9%3.1% MaleFemaleMaleFemaleMaleFemale 19.35%18.68%29.86%29.04%1.43%1.64% ** Source: CIA World Factbook as of July 26, 2012 Real GDP growth 20052006200720082009201020112012 * -0.7%6.2%1.5%9.5%4.2%0.8%9.9%11.1% * Estimated ** Source: Global Finance

8 So what? Need for a modern banking environment Support TCM requirements for such a booming economy with excess funds in the near future Support the banking requirements of Gen Y Risk management Slide 8 © MISYS 2012

9 Misys in Iraq Misys have been working in Iraq since 2006. The clients we are currently working with are:  Trade Bank of Iraq - (Equation Core, EBA, TI)  Commercial Bank of Iraq – (Equation Core, Opics)  Rafidain Bank – (Bank Master, BFUB ) The future Partnering with Bplan for Misys is providing our customers with comprehensive, innovative and unrivalled solutions that meet their growing and changing requirements in more efficient, cost effective and faster way. Together we create winning solutions with our partners to enable our customers to differentiate themselves and drive competitive advantage. PLEASE COME AND TALK TO ONE OF OUR EXPERTS HERE TODAY © MISYS 2012 Commitment InnovationDevelopment

10 Thank you Mohammad Harb, Misys Iraq Finance Conference 2012 © MISYS 2012

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