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Saving & Transacting = EMPOWERMENT! Ready? Set…..GO!

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1 Saving & Transacting = EMPOWERMENT! Ready? Set…..GO!

2 Alternatives Biz Path

3 Dream into Reality? Alternatives services include: Money Wise Intro to Entrepreneurship Financial Counseling ASK: What are things small business owners need to know? KNOW: Everything costs more and takes longer than expected. REALIZE: REALITY. Pros & Cons Empowerment Organizing Goal Setting


5 “Your Focus Needs More Focus” Alternatives can help you: Getting Down to Business 9-week course Business Consulting & Coaching Research the functional areas of business: Marketing – What, who, when, why, where, how Finance – Personal finance, building credit Management – Legal structure, insurance, licensing, etc. Operations – Your trade, service, good, etc. What can I do to make this work?

6 “Take it Off” v=LbSua-YQEIs FIRST DETERMINE: Legal Structure – Sole proprietor, partnership, LLC., S Corp., etc. business/choose-your-business-stru Marketing – Can you answer the central marketing questions about your biz idea? Management – What kinds of insurance/licenses/etc. do you need? Business Plan – Do you want to organize for yourself, or do you need a biz plan? Consulting – Do you need additional guidance getting started? Finance – What kind of financing do you need to begin? ID sources…

7 Leslie’s Laws: Everything will take longer and cost more than you expect. Your sales will be lower than you anticipate. You will underestimate how essential and how challenging marketing is. It is NEVER true that you have “no competition.” “Everyone” is NOT your market. “Word of mouth” is NOT a marketing strategy.

8 BEGIN NOW to establish: The “5 c’s of Credit” Capital is the money you personally have invested in the business and is an indication of how much you have at risk should the business fail. Character is the general impression you make on the prospective lender or investor. Capacity the ability to repay. Collateral, or guarantees, are additional forms of security you can provide. Conditions describe the intended purpose for funding. Open that Business Account - you will need: DBA Paperwork – County Clerk’s Office EIN #/ Corporate Documents (if filed as a corporation)

9 Business Plan Business Tax Returns 3 years Personal Tax Returns 3 years Business Balance Sheet YTD Income Statement Current Balance Sheet Profit & Loss Projections Detailed list of Collateral Personal Financial Statement Signed Leases Corporate Authorization to Borrow Corporate Organizational Documents Partnership Agreements Signed 4506 T if needed 3 Months Business Bank Statements 3 Months Merchant Service Statements If you need it, go get that loan for a start-up (or business expansion) - Be prepared and ready for your lender or investor! YOU WILL NEED:


11 “Everything is Kungfu =T10ycFr770g

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