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Maritime Transportation Security Act (MTSA) Towing Vessels.

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1 Maritime Transportation Security Act (MTSA) Towing Vessels

2 Lesson Objectives EXAMINE Vessel Security Plan. EXAMINE Alternative Security Program. NAME the MARSEC levels. VERIFY vessel is exercising security measures. EXAMINE Declarations of Security.

3 References  33 CFR Part 101 (General)  33 CFR Part 104 (Vessels)  ISPS Code (International)  NVIC 04-03 (Changes 1 – 3)  Homeport

4 Applicability 33 CFR 104.105 Barge subject to 46 CFR subchapter D Barge subject to 46 CFR subchapter O Barge that transports CDC (Certain Dangerous Cargo) Barge subject to 46 CFR subchapter I engaged on an international voyage Towing vessel greater than eight meters in length engaged in towing a barge(s) subject to 33 CFR 104

5 Applicability Exceptions 46 CFR 104.105 (11) A towing vessel that: Temporarily assists another vessel Shifts a barge(s) at a facility or within a fleeting facility Assists a tow through a lock Provides emergency assistance

6 During the Exam Complete items on exam form Check for required records Talk to VSO/crew Observe

7 Compliance Documentation 33 CFR 104.120 Should be able to produce: If Vessel Security Plan(VSP) has been approved: Approved VSP/revisions/amendments MSC approval letter IF VSP under review: VSP submitted for approval MSC letter indicating the plan is under review

8 Waivers 33 CFR 104.130 O/O can request a waiver if a security requirement is unnecessary Reviewed/granted by Commandant (CG-54) If a waiver has been granted: Examine waiver letter and verify that any condition(s) are implemented Examine the waiver approval letter from CG-54 for any equivalencies Identify whether equivalencies are noted in the plan amendments

9 Alternative Security Programs (ASP) 33 CFR 101.125 Approved ASPs: American Gaming Association American Waterways Operators Passenger Vessel Association Can be use if: It is appropriate to that class of vessel The vessel is not subject to SOLAS 74 It is implemented in it’s entirety

10 Company Security Officer (CSO) Must maintain a TWIC Designated by the company to and responsible for: Keeping vessel appraised of potential threats Developing, maintaining and enforcing company security policies/procedures Ensure personnel receive adequate security training Ensure comms/cooperation between vessel/vessel and vessel/facility interfaces Ensure TWIC program implementation Can be a collateral duty

11 Vessel Security Officer (VSO) Must maintain a TWIC Can be the Master or other crewmember Person onboard the vessel responsible for: Security of the vessel Implementation of the security plan Working with the CSO to maintain adequate security Can be a collateral duty

12 Company / Vessel Personnel With Security Duties Must maintain a TWIC Have a minimal level of knowledge from formal or on the job training: Current security threats Requirements for different MARSEC levels, etc.

13 Other Vessel Personnel Must maintain a TWIC if they require unescorted access to secure areas on the vessel Have a minimal level of knowledge from formal or on the job training: Requirements for different MARSEC levels, etc. See 46 CFR 104.225

14 Sensitive Security Information (SSI) What is it: Any information obtained or developed in carrying out security requirements that would be detrimental to the security of transportation if that information was disclosed. Examples: Vessel security plan Maritime Security Directives issued by the USCG

15 Drills and Exercises 33 CFR 104.230 Test proficiency of crew and effectiveness of VSP Drills (test individual elements): Every 3 months or W/in one week if crew does not have prior participation Can be held w/ non-security drills Exercises (full test of security program): Once a year and no more than 18 months between Must test comms/notifications, coordination, resource availability, response

16 MARSEC Security Levels 33 CFR 101.200 MARSEC Level 1: Minimum risk / security measures MARSEC Level 2: Heightened risk / security measures. MARSEC Level 3: Incident is probable or imminent Maximum security measures

17 MARSEC Directives 33 CFR 101.405 A response to a threat assessment or specific threat Sets mandatory measures Only issued by Commandant or designee Sensitive Security Information Affected O/O must be comply within specified time

18 Declaration of Security (DoS) 33 CFR 104.255 Needed for vessel/vessel or vessel/facility interfaces if carrying CDCs in bulk on manned vessels An agreement addressing security needs and procedures Valid for: 90 days for MARSEC 1 30 days for MARSEC 2 Single interface for MARSEC 3

19 U.S. Coast Guard Questions

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