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SUPPORTED BY WESTERN AUSTRALIAN LOCAL GOVERNMENTS Better Beginnings Campaign Launch BBHQ Presentation 28 March 2012 “BBHQ Presentation 28 March 2012” by.

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1 SUPPORTED BY WESTERN AUSTRALIAN LOCAL GOVERNMENTS Better Beginnings Campaign Launch BBHQ Presentation 28 March 2012 “BBHQ Presentation 28 March 2012” by Better Beginnings is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution- NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Australia License. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at BeginningsCreative Commons Attribution- NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Australia License


3 Better Beginnings – In Brief The program commenced with a Birth-3 year program and now reaches children up to age 9 as well as adults Since 2005 over 150,000 WA families have received reading packs In 2012 and beyond the program will reach over 60,000 families pa

4 Is the program making a difference? In the Community In 2009 85% of mothers read to their children after receiving a BB pack while only 14% did prior In 2009 62% of mothers said their confidence in sharing books had increased. This figure rose to 88% in 2010 In 2009 79% said BB had influenced their beliefs about the importance of reading In 2009 23% of parents had library membership for their child. This figure increased to 65% in 2010 In 2009 the average number of books suitable for children in the home was 49. In 2010 this figure was 125 Source: Edith Cowan University independent longitudinal study (regional & metro)

5 How we touch WA households What parents are saying “If I didn’t get the pack, he might not even own a book” “I always knew reading to my kids was important, but this has opened my eyes to how important and how much”

6 Evaluating past marketing activities In reviewing marketing activities undertaken from 2005-2011 the following issues were identified: The Better Beginnings brand is not linked consistently across all programs and collateral The brand is not strongly linked to the program or with the State Library (better known for the Yellow Bag) The program has broadened from the original focus on child literacy to include adults Clarity between the adult and children’s programs with regards to branding Resources and funding is highly competitive at the local government and public library level Inconsistent and varying levels of support from partners and other stakeholders of the Better Beginnings program.

7 The Objectives of Future Marketing 1.Increase awareness of the Better Beginnings program at a community level 2.Increase perception on the value of the program 3.Strengthen the linkage between Better Beginnings, the State Library and its sponsors 4.Ensure sustainability through support and funding.

8 Three Key Priorities of Future Marketing Branding: Build brand consistency across all collateral, increase brand awareness of Better Beginnings and its association with literacy and in turn libraries Consolidation: Define and build a suite of collateral and templates as resources for all stakeholders Campaign: Build awareness of the Better Beginnings program and its key messages.

9 Revised Branding Capitalise on the butterfly as our key character ‘Reading Helps Kids Fly’ depicting the journey of life Linking – Reading with literacy – Literacy with libraries – Better Beginnings to the State Library – WA

10 Brand Consolidation – Online Website Central point in the communications mix Share the BB messages Key resource centre Connect parents and children with local libraries Provide tools to encourage children to read.

11 Brand Consolidation – Collateral Build a strong platform for excellence in delivery: Provide local libraries, health centres, educators and local governments with the tools to both promote and deliver on the program. Collateral Fact and information sheets Media kit Presentation templates Signage (banners, vehicle, building) Giveaways (capes, bibs, bookmarks, t-shirts) Promotional (posters, face painting templates)

12 Education - Signage Portable Banners for events & libraries Cultural Centre Signage

13 Building Awareness - Signage BBHQ window signage

14 Having fun! Interactive Collateral Bags Capes Wings Bibs Face painting Lapel pins

15 Integrated Marketing Campaign Carnivale 15/4– to launch the BB program & messages Public Relations – to raise the profile of BB within the media & position BB as the ‘go to’ source for comment on childhood literacy Website – information, resources, schedule of events, interactive games & activities Social media – engaging parents in the BB program & sharing the message through social networks Advertising – sharing the message and directing parents to online & to library resources Signage – highlighting key literacy messages & directing people to the State Library

16 Drawing attention to the Message – Carnivale The official launch of the Better Beginnings website A FREE family event targeting 4,000 attendees Program of entertainment for kids of all ages with a focus on literacy based activities Showcasing what the State Library of WA has to offer families

17 Engaging in the Message – Social Media Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. Database communications and interactive competitions.

18 Building Awareness - Advertising Online advertising – generating traffic to website & CarnivaleKids in Perth – Advertising & Editorial

19 Reaching Further Ongoing social media engagement to build the social network around BB Promote the BB website via all advertising, program collateral and events as an online resource for parents Television and radio advertising to promote program & literacy messages as well as to direct parents to libraries, with a focus on regional areas A state wide competition to run region by region to increase community awareness of the program and resources available Strategy to reach dads through social media (LinkedIn) and appropriate press

20 Help Us Spread the Better Beginnings Message Reading Helps Kids Fly

21 Questions?

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